Friday, December 19, 2008

time fly, i grow

today i start thinking, its been one and half year! meaning, one and half year away from family, one and half year being a geek, one and half year of suffering, one and half year of hard life teacher, and one and half year growing....

its feel like yesterday, all that happen.. who would ever thought that i would come out of one-and-half-year alive..but i am, alive. alhamdulillah. thinking back, i manage to get good result for AS, but really worry bout my A2 result.. tawakkal 'alallah..

went to penang today. guess im really on a holiday... hehe.. just quite tiring and barely have time... weird huh? coz some of my friend said they donnow what to do, but me, i cant even finish one book in a week, too much other things to be done else than reading...

hehe.. tomoro got wedding ceremony for my mom's friend's daughter. most probably im gonna need to wake up early coz my mom said she gonna send me there before 9am... wuuuaaa....

till then, write later~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

wHat a wEek

These are very horrible.. I miss a proper food which I can eat and wont have to rush to the toilet… its really a disastrous week, even its raya haji, we particularly just celebrate it for the 1st day.. after that, we stay home for the whole week.. of coz, I cant even stay away from the toilet more than one hour…. Plus some other thing that bothering me….

I don’t know… after the trip, thing happen…. Which is so unexpected… I don’t know what should I do, until I did lots of things I know damn well that I suppose not do.. and now I really regret doing it. But things cant be undone…. Why why why.. why did I have to do that… truth, I suck in mostly everything..

Too good to be true
Too bad to be happening
Crying or devastating
Suffering or affliction
Things still doesn’t change
And still you have to go through
The same painful path
Till you found the strength

I wish I can change things… I wish things were like they were before.. but I’m not a god, I cant do anything, but pray… Allah, give the best for me, give me courage and strength. Coz rite now im losing everything im trying to built inside, again. Help me…

the chest pain is back again... wuaa.. i need air!!

u r not perfect nadia, but why, why u still hate other people? i cant help it.. when i hate someone, i simply hate that person.... astaghfirullah...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

lOng suMmarY

been really busy.. as i thought, once A2 finish, lots n lots of thing need to be done. So many event, feeling, picture.. smpai tahap malasnya nak update pape, blog, picture or anything coz too much… in my computer pun, picture dh sgt2 bnyk….

= ending of A2, beginning of shopping spree =

+ 201108-211108 +

Last paper was biology paper 4, wasn’t so good, but still Alhamdulillah, manage to answer it.. after that Mr. Zaini talk about hostel and so on, then Mr. Razib, then Madam Azian.. it seem like non stop.. at last, we were released at 1pm after we arrange the chair n so on… was rushing to get ready for the planned-shopping-spree, prayer, eat, kemas my stuff, send my blanket to laundry coz at 2pm there was suppose to be psychology test report or something. Was super angry becoz the people who suppose to give us the report didn’t arrive at the schedule time 2PM. They arrived at 1512, we have to wait for nothing for more than one hour… hurm.. most of us super mad coz we didn’t have time to eat lunch.. I’m not sure what should I say about this eventhough Malaysia is democratic country. Thus, our trip to KL which planned at 1500 became 1820.. huhu.. what to say.. may be they have their own reason for arriving late…

So, Wen Xin, Sushi and me arrive at KL at 7 something, late and very crowded.. as usual lah, time org balik kerja …so, agak rushing la… sempat pegi tiga tempat je.. but tak dpt beli bnyk sgt. Dpt beli memory card 1GB for my aunty kat low yat, pusing2 Sg. Wang then gi Times Square.. tak best langsung sbb sume kedai dh nak tutup time tu… huhu… sedey.. tp sempat beli bolero at KlSentral and silicon pad for my heels.. smpai rumah pun dh dekat kul 1, sbb gi makan dulu dgn my grandpa.. hehe

The next day, was super lazy to wake up coz super tired aso.. but then, thinking of our plan plus the previous day, so bangun la jugak.. started our day wif very delicious nasi lemak. Thanks Opah!! 9 something we head off to KlSentral to take bus to Sunway.. I don’t know why RapidKL always have problems wif me.. we wait about an hour but no bus to Sunway.. we found our bus but then the driver said the bus going in KL onli. Huh?!?! Hot and sweaty, lastly we decided to take KTM to subang… lastly arrived at Sunway Pyramid.. hehe. So, dapat la ice skating.. smpai sakit2 kaki la kiranya.. hehehe.. tak dpt shopping sgt kat Sunway sbb nak kena gi bnyk tempat lagi lepas tu.. so around 2 ktorg bertolak dati Sunway gi Jalan TAR. Rancang nak beli satu je tudung utk Grad Day, but lastly I bought 3 tudung.. hehehe.. then went to MidVal to buy the rest of the thing I need.. was rushing there, so it wasn’t an enjoyable shopping. Manage to buy present for my cousin, wrapper, tote bag, make up, present for my classmate and I cant remember more what I bought, but manage to buy all the thing I need before BTN lah… arrived at collage around 10 then I went to pick up my laundry. Bath, wash my cloth then sleep.. around 12 something jugaklah baru tidor… sgt penat n satu badan sakit.. hehehe..

= Graduation Day, Pan Pacific =

+ 221108-231108 +

Malas giler nak bangun sbb badan still sakit2 lagik.. lutut siap lebam sbb jatuh time ice skating. Hehe.. tp hari ni nak pakai heels.. giler ah.. agak kelam kabut bersiap la sbb siap mandi sume dh kul 10 pg. baju tak iron lagik, nak bersiap, makeup lagik… hehehe… not me, my neighbour semangat n seronok main makeup on my face.. so redha je la.. hehe. Kul 12 kena naik bas, tp at 12, im still in my tshirt.. belum pakai baju lagik.. hehehe.. was ok la.. enjoyful except that dpt makan lambat.. dh la tak sempat lunch, kul 4 baru dpt makan… naseb baik agak sedap food dia… tp by 6 pm, my legs and foot sgt2 sakit… huhu.. tak de la pape sgt, bnyk tangkap2 gambar dgn kawan2, lecturers and so on… balik dh penat sgt, tp malam tu jugak ada jamuan kelas… turun la jugak walaupun dh sgt malas… kira ok la.. best jgk… dkt kul 1 baru dpt tido… huhu.. esok for sure la qada’ tidur.. hehehe.. pastu kemas2 barang sume… giler bnyk.. then my aunty dtg amik brg… penat giler naik turun tangga 2 tingkat… then pack barang2 utk BTN sume.. penat tp kira ok la…

= kursus BTN =

+ 241108 – 281108 +

Was super tiring and boring… especially the paper work presentation. Bukan apa, sbb pembentang tu baca slide tu je… so sgt2 ngantuk.. jadual pack, tido tak cukup, handphone kena amik, sakit badan… tah la… sepanjang program ngantuk je sbb tido yg tak cukup itu.. cam lawak lak bila piker balik, sbb dlm LDK pun nak tertdo… naseb baik sye masih kuat menahan nafsu mataku itu.. haha.. I don’t know why, but again, I don’t know what to talk to people around me, instead I went and mingle wif people next door… hanya org yg kenal diriku mengetahui apa maksudku itu..

Arrive back at collage around 5, rushing to take my things, sijil2, grad CD, then naik tren balik Kepong…. Arrive at home around 9 pm… so tired.. I slept at 12 until 9 am I think.. coz I promised to go out wif my bestfriends…

= bestie outing =

+ 291108 +

but happenly, Husna cannot go out, so I just went out wif Hanisah… went to MidVal again coz I need to find lots of thing aso, especially presents for my sisters… watched TWILIGHT wif HAnisah! and met Hamie and Farah there, unexpected reunion..hehehe.aso I bought a new pair of sneaker and perfume..*actually, Hanisah was the one looking for new shoes, but i end up buying one..hehe *went aso to the Garden… super exclusive place.. *rm5 for toilet, so me and hanisah end up sneaking in the lif for mirror.. haha!* haha… didn’t buy anything there… thanks Honey for the lunch and the great company! We had a very great time… went back around 6 pm… tired again but was awesome coz got spend time wif my dearest BFF :)

= away from Malaysia =

+ 011208 – 051208 +

I enjoy the holiday wif my family… quite tiring coz traveling a lot, but it was ok… bought a lot of thing aso… most of it my parents paid for me… thanks a lot mummy n daddy for this holiday.. I know it cost them tone of money. I really appreciate it :) experienced a lot, seen a lot and learnt a lot...

Im back to home at last..all my things sgt2 bersepah, tp sgt2 malas nak sort things coz terlalu bnyk… hehehe.. so baik main computer.. ngeh3… ok lah, wanna watch movie lak… hehehe… update or touch up this post later la.. coz I know this post sgt2 berterabur sbb sye kemalasan nak tulis bnyk2 sgt.. hehehe.. btw, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha, salami erti pengorbanan yg sebenarnya, insyaAllah sama2 raikan semua sacrifies yg kita telah lakukan dalam kehidupan seharian kita kerana Allah s.w.t.

Monday, November 17, 2008

SleEp hEad

A2 is hard. but me believe me senior warn me aedy about that... now me understand... super depressing.. but bcoz of that, im much lazy to study.. so, last weekend me went back, what me manage to do :
1. read (read only) application topics
2. do 2 past year papers
3. play lots of computer game
4. eat lots of food
5. sleep almost 12 hours everyday
6. watch madagascar 2 (thats the cause of me using 'me' to represent 'i, mine, me') hehehe
7. went shopping at low yat and sg. wang

see? how i wasted me time? huhu.. now me need to cover back for all the time me wasted, coz me forgot most of biology facts aedy.. huhu... cant wait to finish biology exams...coz of the stay up me did most of the night, me having 'a swollen eye', i mean AN EYE only, wierd but only my right eye have that problem... huhu...

me so mad looking at someone so spoilt but didnt realize that and demands more... super annoying and making me damn jelous... huhu.. what to do...

btw, 13th November, happy 20th birthday to panda.. u know what u meant to me and not much word i can write here to show that. moga panda yg kukirim ke sana ituh dpt mengukir senyumanmu ituh... hehe. may Allah bless ur venture and my wish for u is the best in ur life :) actually, i got another present for u, but it seem like forever for me to complete it before i email it for u.. hehe..

Monday, November 10, 2008

beautiful disaster..

why why why? this time, its super hard.. i mean physics paper 4... extreme one... i dont know how to answer lots of Qs and not enuff time aso... huaa... everyone aso said it was hard, but how far its true, i dont know.. coz some people said its hard and they cant answer it but then they did pretty well actually.... just hope and pray for the best....

back to collage today, for the psycho test... heh. gonna be a honest girl later.. ngeh3.... my test is at 1230 i think...

chemy paper 4 this wednesday... i dont like paper 4... u study much but still, the paper will dissapoint u, hard... wua... dont like, dont like....

Ya Allah, gimme courage, gimme success, gimme Ur guide...

10 days to freedom~

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Chemy 5

alhamdulillah, finished another paper... was quite hard and not enuff time to complete it, so i just answer it blankly.... hehe... tawakal 'alallah...

been sorting out some more of my stuff here at collage... toooo many la... hurm... but reducing now, some i put in the recycle bin, some i sent to my aunty place aedy.. thanks to her! :)

ok lah, really busy today. lots more to cover for physics.. tomoro paper 4 physics! hope will be ok...

write again later~

i miss......

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


hehe... statistics paper, alhamdulillah, was ok, better than pure math.. now, i finish one subject, 3 subjects to go, 6 more papers.. :)

tomorrow got another paper, but somehow, i donnow what to study.. so i end up sleeping. hehehe.. siap mimpi2 lagik... kinda sweet and scary. ;)

cant wait for everything to finish... but not really aso, coz gonna be soooo pack wif plans and arrangement to settle everything before go back...

now going thro a rough time, wif emo unbalance... huhu.. been crying several time a day for no reason... hehe. no worry, its nothing i think. coz i was crying for nothing.

write later.. i miss....~

Thursday, October 30, 2008


I should be sleeping ryte now.. I know I do. But somehow I feel the need to write.. after long time I didn’t write…

Another paper is coming. Gladly I finished pure math 3, now I have statistics before I’m free from mathematics. Its not like mathematics is that hard, I used to love math, but as soon as I started A2, math is so hard for me, and I start to dislike it… I guess now, im doing ok, even not so good. I’ve tried pass year papers, and I hope that makes me well prepared…. Hurm.. wish so!

Going back to collage tomorrow I guess. Have to move on.. time never stop, it continue to tick even when u don’t want it to. I guess we just have to keep on with the speed. Sorry Wen Xin, I lost track of counting the day until freedom. Staying away from ktt give me a mirage of another world with no study… but,im so happy that I still study and realize that I need to study. Its hard to focus but alhamdulillah, I manage…

I went to watch movie at Seremban 2.. High School Musical 3. I like it the most out of the other 2, the cariography is damn nice! I like….

Last Sunday, my aunt did open house at her place. Was ok, but super tiring coz have to arrange and rearrange back the house. The most exciting part that I love soooo much is another aunt of me came, she is 8-months-pregnant. I love to put my hand on her tummy…. Then I can feel the baby movements. I like so much! My aunty laughed at me everything I go excited when I felt the baby move… I love the feeling that I felt that time…

Everyone is sooo far, and im searching for a shoulder to cry. I shed tears, where im alone. Its not that im alone, but friends are far and busy, so does my love. I wish for one moment, nothing else matter, and I can sit there and share that moment with… its too hard… for now..

Im crapping… again… heh. Write again later~

Monday, October 20, 2008

water defficiency

since thursday, sepang had water shortage due to the break down of 3 major pipes. who's to blame? who ever so 'clever' korek the sand and hit that pipe! its hard meh living without water coz we didnt store any water as the water shortage was so sudden. super depressing

but the worse was on saturday. SYABAS didnt send any water to our collage for the whole day, by the end ofthe day, collage decide to bring all the student outside to finr water. so i brought down my bottle and wait as they said now going d. but i have to wait for an hour before we start the 'water hunting'. guess what? the driver brought us soooo far, until R&R Seremban! only there he told us go take water, bath and eat. why the heck didnt tell earlier, i just brought water bottle only. not even a penny! so, i waste one hour waiting there in front of KFC! that time my hand aedy starting to hurt...

ok, at 1135 pm, the bus arrive to pick us up. but then the driver said we have to waot for the second trip as well.. damn.1st trip aedy pack, imagine how to stuff everyone inside, with all the pail and bottle. plus, the second trip just arrived meh, have to wait for them to fill up water first.. fine... then it took almost an hour to arrange all the pail at the storage compartment below the bus.. at that time, my hand aedy luka2, and im damn tired......

at last, we head back to collage, only the FIRST trip!, at 0040. that time i feel like i wanna cry aedy.. we arrive at 0120 and now, i have to bring my heavy bottles upstair..... huhu.... i settle down and slept at 0200... super tired.... just for a pail of water....

but im super mad, coz on Sunday, SYABAS sent the water twice! why.... didnt send on saturday, can it cover our miserable saturday by sending it twice one the next day? we need water everyday la...... =(

alhamdulillah, the water is back today. im soooo happy... after 4 days surviving without water... ok, moral of the story, i think i learnt a lot from these terrible experience. most of the student experienced it aedy as the live in hostel during secondary school. this is my first time to has to go thro this at hostel. but still, it help me to become a better person, not much, but at least a little improvement.... and i believe, 10 years from now, we all be laughing when remembering these experience.. i hope so! hehehe..

till then, i need to pray, have my lunch, then back to PURE MATH... huhu...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


.1st and 2nd.
why why why. everyone still look at me when i have nothing to do with that person nemore? can u guys just believe when i say 'it past aedy', take it as it is? why have to doubt me for something u guys have no idea at all about it? im sick of been linked to person that i have no respect at all toward them. im tired to pretand everything is ok when u guys ask about them. cant u see that we r not friend nemore???! i hate her!~ she hurt me the way nobody can imagine of, she is the one who rip the friendship apart!

my mind still cant get around the idea that panda is away aedy. why why why. almost three months super closed, suddenly have to adapt to such a change, quite hard. my handphone now didnt sing for his sms, nor his call, nor anything.... so sad. i know, he said, even he left me in malaysia, but he wont ever forget me. but i cant help feeling l e f t b e h i n d n f o r g o t t e n. heh, btw, thanks for teman-ing me till i sleep every night!~ hehe..

does the silent mean anything to them? i believe not. heh, coz i, myself didnt care, so why should super mad at u for making me mad at u. u make me depressed. huhu...

pre a2 result! very bad. haha.. expected aedy, but still quite dissapointed.. how, wif this kind of preparation im gonna sit for a2? nadia, im sure u wanna fly. so start work hard from now!

apa lagi lah yg daku merapu inih.... nowadays always feel tired.. y eh? and why why why. i have diarrhea everyday.... dont like~ ok, need to do math! till then~

Monday, October 13, 2008


Salam eid fitri to everyone.. how my raya eh? good i guess... but too short, been back to collage on 6th October, and since then, i didnt feel like its raya anymore.. its feel like normal day, and when my aunty ask 'tak pergi beraya mana2 ke?' then i feel sad.. wuaa.. its still raya and i didnt feel it.. plus next year, insyaAllah my raya is in inidia... huhu... so sad... why...

i'm too lazy to update actually, not in a good mood nowadays.. lots had happen that making me depressed...

exam.. wua... a2 is coming and i didnt prepare anything yet. i donnow how im gonna answer the papers that coming in one weeks time... huhu... i have to stop wasting my time and start studying... but somehow im too lazy to do that...... oh my...

why?why?why? l e f t b e h i n d n f o r g o t t e n

lots more things actually, but im not that cruel to mention all of it, coz its too much, and its too harsh.... huhuhu..

btw, my friend, thanks for being so patient in layan-ing me.. i wonder how u possess that kind of understanding coz even me, myself, im so easy to loss my temper, even to u my dear.. so so sorry... huhu.. im being a bad friend, arent i... huhu. thanks again! love u always!~

cant wait, 39 days to freedom!~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

the enD..

i've been quite busy lately, so long didnt update my blog. plus with lack of sleep and the pressure around...

lots to share,but only to one person... but somehow i am thankful, alhamdulillah at least i got one friend to share with, rather than nobody. thanks to my beloved panda, he knows who he is to me. i cant put it to words on how much i appreciate his patient and kindness to me. dude, i love u in the way that i can *uhibbuka fillah* so many things happen, so many feelings rushing, and thanks for always there for me. cant think how i will manage when u will be away.....

ramadhan... reaching the end of it.. permission to write in malay

sayu rasa hati sbenarnya nak tinggalkan ramadhan... seblom2 ni, tak penah rasa macam ni... klu puasa tu, still kira hari, berapa hari lagi rasanya nak raya. mmg la still kejar pahala yang banyak dalam bulan puasa tu, tapi tak mampu menghargai bulan penuh barakah ini semaksimanya. baca quran seboleh2nya nak khatam, tp mind setting before, tak khatam pun tak pe.. sekarang, alhamdulillah, dh mula sedar.. sayang rasanya nak berpisah dgn bulan ramadhan ini.. mungkin pengalaman tahun lepas mendidik jiwa ini utk lebih menerima dan menghargai ramadhan. Ya Allah, ampunkanlah hambaMu ini.....

tahun ini berpuasa di Malaysia, di KTT buat kali kedua, sgtlah berbeza. tahun lepas, puasa di Taman Kenanga. indah benar, nikmat bersahur, nikmat berbuka. ktorg siap buat senarai tugas siapa kena bangun masak sahur.. dlu mcm reluctant je, tp alhamdulillah, dgn ada jadual itu, buat aku bangun awal walaupun hari tu bukanlah tugas aku. huhu.. saat manis, bersahur dan berbuka beramai2, sepuluh orang semua. tahun ini, sgt berbeza. bersahur dan berbuka di rumah org. nasib badan..... tp, still, alhamdulillah, ada juga tempat dan teman nak berbuka dan bersahur. thanks guys!

tahun depan, insyaAllah tahun pertama akan menyambut ramadhan di bumi orang. Allah, temukan aku lagi dengan ramadhan tahun hadapan.... hope tahun hadapan akan diberi peluang utk berada dalam bulan penuh kerahmatan ini dan ibadah tahun hadapan akan lebih baik lagi. meanwhile, puasa yang tinggal dua hari lagi ini manfaatkanlah...... Ya Allah, tak penah sangka aku akan rasa sedih sebegini....

im home now... real unconditional love.. :) tak sabar jugak nak raya, dpt jumpa sepupu, mak sedara, pak sedara, atuk, opah and sume2. mana tahu tahun depan tak dpt balik raya......... sabar je la... been home for two days aedy, but didnt really study yet.. just did 3 questions on pure math.. hahaha..

yesterday i bake! seronok...... a bit tired but its nice... nothing much to tell, coz the feeling when u cook something and by the end of the day, people eat it, is so undescribable... hehe..

and there was a shocking thing happen a few days back, and i didnt expect it to happen, and mostly, im not sure i want it to happen... huhu.... gimme a time to think k.....

anyway, to all my friends who i didnt have a chance to contact, slmt hari raya maaf zahir batin. hope our ukhuwah will always be cherished and our love always connected.... paper la yg aku mengarut tuh.. hehehe...

Monday, September 15, 2008


not in really good mood i guess.. really tired for the pass weeks, wif exam and so on.. lack of sleep that y, my biological clock once again go haywire. wuaa... why again i have to go thro this prob? and i know what will come after these, it will effect my health.. i cant afford to fall sick again.. ur own fault, so please dont stay up much nadia....

dear Allah, please give me health, give me courage and strength, give me joy and faith....

my friend Syahidah came back from Mansoura, and last weekend i went to her place and spend time wif her.. suddenly on saturday her mom ajak me to go along to tapah, her kampung.. it wasnt on our plan, but insyaAllah, ada la hikmah ketetapan Allah itu... it was wonderful actually, coz after been a while since i went back to my own home, i felt happy coz its feel homey... the food, the people... except the kids la.. hehe

congrats to my friends who just got their IELTS result!

puasa yg sudah memasuki 10 kedua, manfaatkannya... 10 hari keampunan, rebutlah insyaAllah..

Sunday, September 07, 2008

bila hati berbicara

in a mode of blues.. haha!

almost a year
looking thro past
by living a new present
hoping for some future

one year almost past
i manage to dive thro
and success in fighting
having a greater present
with a future to look forward to

might be in the past
living everyday make me feel
something is missing from my side
searching for a solid basis
to continue circulating the present

wif the love of my life
i knew all these while
i never do walk alone
neither in past, present or future
coz i know my dear
you will always stand there next beside me
holding me up
and walk me toward the bliss

looking up each time
seeing your eyes in front of me
first time i manage to smile from my heart
and its glow of our love..

thanks to my love one, aso my family and siblings, then to my best friends - Husna, Hanisah i HEART you all always!

Monday, September 01, 2008


my laptop went crazy, as someone called it 'CRASH'. i lost everything in my laptop, all my files, all my essay, my pictures, my songs....!! wuaaa.. i cried like hell that tyme.. hehe. so sad aso, plus that tyme i was terribly sick, plus tired after a long journey back to collage...... only Allah knows how I was feeling that tyme...

n now, i GOT my laptop back!!! at least i can use it la, even all my stuff had gone. my bro repair it for me. guess what, have to buy a new hardisk, luckly my dad willing to pay for it. Thanks ALOT daddy! cost him rm250... huhu.. donnow what did i do until the hardisk totally broken. haha.... so, now, my laptop is like a brand new one which i have to install everything back... huhu.. having trouble to install yahoo messenger! donnow why.... anyhow, thanks to my bro who help me fix the laptop, come to KLsentral to take the LT then go back then come again to give me back the LT.. most of all to my DADDY! love u lots!! sorry for being a pampered daughter again.. =D

to all my muslim friends, selamat berpuasa. moga ramadhan kali ini membawa sejuta erti, rahmat, hidayah, maghfirah dan keampunan. gunakanlah kesempatan ramadhan ini sebaik-baiknya! ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan!

exam is coming!! preA2... last internal exam.. huhu.. not prepared at all.... pray for the best!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

clinic -> hospital

s.i.c.k - h.a.t.e.d.o.c - s.c.a.r.e.d

btw, selamat hari memperingati Al-Quds - 21082008

gtg, got date wif d.o.c =S

. . h a t e m e h a t e m e m o r e b u t p l e a s e s t o p h u r t i n g m e . .

Saturday, August 16, 2008

KLIA + wall.e

yesterday morning, i woke up at 5 am to get ready to go to klia!! 5 am... huhu... the bus is at 6, quite rushing to do subuh prayer but glad i made it... arrived at klia, i was so............. donnow la... it just that its really been a while since i went to klia and i barely remember klia nemore... but not much change i believe. went there to send my friend who was flying to indonesia that day.. wah, so happy they manage to fly at last, after a year struggling at KTT. wasnt really enjoy the atmospere as it is as gloomy as a cloudy day... when i was so busy looking my friend walking away, me n some of KTT students realize that most of us had gone.. kelam kabut we go out to find our bus is moving, leaving us.... we all donnow what to do nemore... luckly, someone call the student who was aedy in the bus, and the bus turn back to pick us up... the driver so kejam one! dont wanna wait even a minute, we pratically ran for the bus and he keep on driving, leaving us..... huhu.... thats how my day started, so bad.....

today, i went to seremban... i watch wall.e!!!! so damn cute... i really enjoy it.. =) then i manage to find my lasagna, wrapping paper for my mom's and sis's birthday presents, and spaghetti! it was nice, but the bad side is i waste lots of money... huhu.. mommy, i need money.....but really had fun la... lots of crazy pictures. haha..but cant post up here, gonna be weird.. hehe..

just now i was cooking at the kitchen, when i came back in my room, i see got a missed call in my phone... a 'witheld' number... who?!?! anybody know how to find out who called me?? hehehe.... plus that 'witheld' person didnt call back... huhu.... cant wait for the next weekend.. meeting my family... but in the middle, have to STUDY!!! even now aso i need to study....

~ 1st electron affinity is the enthalpy change when one electron is added......................

Monday, August 11, 2008

A or AA or AAA or AAAA??

soooooo scary.... imagine, in biology class, suddenly one of my chinese friend said results had been post up at admin!! everyone freaked out and cannot focus on the lecture anymore, but our lecturer purposely continue teaching to finish that chapter. we just nod but not really listen to whateva he was teaching. right after he said 'thats all' all the chinese and almost all malay rushed out of the class!!! haha.. so funny actually, but by that tyme, my heart ready to explode d... it beats so damn hard, hammering my chest... went to admin, sooooo many people in front there.. lots of reaction and making me more nervous.. after like 30 mins standing there, i go in and try to see my result from inside, so its like all the i/c number is viewed backward, had a hard time to find my number. i even misread others' result instead of mine! give me a real shocking everytime misread others' results! haha.... so, the result is......

to my mummy and daddy, thanks a lot for your prayers, love u two much! to my lecturers, i can never say enough thanks for all u've done. to my family, aunties and friends who never forget to pray for me, thanks a lot, i will try not to forget u guys in my prayer... esp for zainal, thanks lots for the solat hajat k! thanks thanks thanks... im sooooo happy... thanks a lot to Allah!!! hope this result will drive me n my friends to study more for our coming A2! gonna struggle hard for this 3 months k!

btw, zainal, its nice to meet u today. after almost 8 years never see each other, for u i think coz i believe i saw u 3 years ago. hehe.. the last memory of us was when we were small naughty kids at primary school, and i cant even really remember that time.. haha! anyway, its great to meet someone i know n share this happiness.. =) n thanks for the choc! when i went to meet u later that evening, my friend ask me where im going, i said to see my bro, she said 'ok i wanna see la ur bro, never see him yet!' i thought she was just kidding, suddenly she really do follow me to meet u! after all, u r my bro what.... older than me ryte... hehe.. Fasyi, so sorry, i didnt mean to lie to u.... =) zainal, later she asked me why we didnt look alike.. =P

Sunday, August 10, 2008


somehow i wish tomorrow wont come yet, but a part of me eager to know aso.. not sure.... i have lots of feelings now.. most of it scared, n i dont really wanna think about tomorrow, but it keeps coming into my head..

this is bigger than SPM. this result will determine how much more suffer im going to go thro in the next 3 i really really wish n pray that i will get a good result... please Allah...

now i cant even focus to study... keep on thinking about tomoro.... huhu.. tomorrow evening... hope everything gonna be great...

Friday, August 01, 2008

new friends..

who would ever thought i can make new friends wif someone i never bother to know bout.. and they r nice... suddenly we become quite closed and i always hang out there at their place. n guess where? just next door!! haha.. so much for not knowing my neighbors...! just that they are MARA scholars :) no prob wif that i believe..

at last, i submitted my assignment today! soooo happy.. except for the fact that i get more works.. wuaaa!! the latest are physics tutorial plus math past year on complex number chapter, the chapter that always make me confuse.... so hard lah to finish all the Qs my lecturer gave..... but better than doing miscellaneous i think.. coz its more complicated and i hate doing it... =P

becoming more lazy to study... so busy wif laptop.. hah, what is wrong wif u nadia? u have limited tyme but u r wasting it with editing pictures, chatting, surfing the net, playing.. haha.. actually, i didnt really spend much time doing all that i had mention, mostly i waste time on something else around me... huhu... so depressed with A2 lah....

AS result is coming......... so so scared... please Allah, give me an excellent result... please.....

cant wait to meet my family..... in 3 weeks tyme iA... but 1st need to go out and find a present for my mom's birthday.. hehe... donnow what to buy for her... any idea??

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

sOo0oOo busy...

been very busy lately... i even didnt really have time to study... lots of work.. huhu.... even i've been online mostly everyday, but then i dont really have time to open my blog... huhu..

the latest, IELTS assignment which has to be submitted next week - 4 reading test, 3 Summary writting, 2 Academic essay... huhu.. we just finish an essay, now i feel too lazy to do another essay..
but what to do, have to do it....

IELTS exam will be held in september if im not mistaken... now all of the lecturers have to finish up all the syllabus by the end of august... sometime i feel like vomiting coz too much input but i didnt understand even a single thing. A2 trial is in September as well... then in October is my A2.... cant wait to finish all these...... btw, i wish i can drop math, but i think it is such a waste... donnow...

miss my home... but what to do, next holiday is on raya, which not a real holiday coz a week after that, A2 exam!!! trying to enjoy myself... but cant really seem to achieve all of it.... last weekend went back, but sadly he was busy.... what to do.....

so confused...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

sEeinG Vs HaViNg

before i forget it, Mummy, Happy Birthday!! 8th July.. u've done a woderful job wif all 8 of us, plus daddy, ur husband and still, u have lots of love to spare for us. thanks a lot and im happy n so glad to have u aS my mom...

lots of homeworks... n still, the laziness sometime linger around.. insyaAllah, i will try my best to start working hard next week.... it just another 4 months, so i hope i will work hard for this 4 months.. hope so.. =) n next week, going back!! hehehe... i suppose to go back this weekend n next weekend but since my classmates didnt tell me earlier that most of the classes on saturday were cancled, so i stuck here while my aunty is at kl d... huhu....

i want to by a roller blade... but people said its gonna look weird if i play it at this age... izit?? still considering... my dad said rollerskating is also considered as exercise.. hehe.. told my parents buy, but still didnt buy it yet.. hehe.. but i really miss skating.. we'll see.... btw, Hanisah is in SArawak now... i just knew when she already there..... tak sempat jumpa kau weh... hv to wait bulan 11 nnt.... huhu... miss u so much dear!

Monday, July 07, 2008

18th burfday....

its been a long long tyme... just got back my laptop..

A2, yap, definitely harder.. even only 2 weeks started, i feel like i have to cover a lot of things... so worried la... huhu... too tired to study.. but too scared to play around

to my friends, thanks a lot for the wish k! i cant believe, im 18 aedy!! huhu.. not ready to be that old... keke.. n for my old housemates, thanks a lot! the party was damn fun even u guys pranked me without im noticing it! hehe.. kejam korunk eh! ehehehe.. but for sure, this is the most memorible patry we ever had, ryte? *wink2* to mummy n daddy, thanks a lot for the puzzle frame! i love both of u much!!! to my sis, thanks also... =) tomoro my mum's birthday! i cant wait to wish her....

till then... now i need to study biology, got quiz tomoro! =) dont like actually... but what to do... later i'll upload the picture of last nyte k... =)

Friday, June 20, 2008

wasTe of HoliDays

clock ticking so fast. without me noticing it, its already friday. i will go back on sunday.. huhu.. so, what did i do this week...

i arrived on saturday.. tired after a long journey in train plus lack of sleep... but i start doing the puzzles wif the help of my sisters. by evening, we completed the 1000 pieces puzzle... so nice! cant wait to frame it up...

on sunday, i bake cookies. wif my sisters.. use 500 grams butter if im not mistaken.. but its not that much... by the third day, all the cookies finished....

on monday, i just stay home... cook, laundry, laptop, tv, sleep....... quite boring but then its ok coz i watch lots of movie i wanna watch.. who ever thought my dad downloads lots of movie aso... hehe.. on tuesday aso the same.. bored... but one thing for sure, i didnt study yet...

on wednesday, have a big fight wif my bro... until now didnt talk yet... huhu.. went to poliklinik arau just to be told that its a 'hari ibu mengandung' and i cant do anything...o should i just said im pregnant? haha!

on thursday, i went to hospital besar kangar.... such a waste of time n nerve coz the doctor tell me i dont need the treatment that i was asking for... huhu.. went to the store, trying to find tshirt for my friend. then tudung... but didnt manage to find any.. so at last, im the one who got a new pen and refill... during nite, i have a big fight wif my best friend. and this tyme, i screwed up big time... im so so sorry.... i dont even know will she ever forgive me... huhu

so, thats how my days at home.... so sad that i waste most of my time...hurm....

update later~

Friday, June 13, 2008


im so happy.. at last, the exam season had come to its end and im free from the prison of exam!!! at least, let me enjoy myself wif my loves one during this one week break! then i have to come back for A2, the tougher part of A level. btw, alhamdulillah, i think my bio paper was ok la.... hope so!

coming up next : A2!!!

even after exam, the lecturers remind us about our upcoming hectic life. n the best part is, KTT introducing new measures to improve our result:
1. there will be prep class for the student that they consider need it. its compulsory for that person, and if he/she doesnt wanna come, have to pay. nicest part, the prep class will be held every night from monday to friday!
2. we wont be having anymore saturday holiday. on saturday, there will be classes. next sem, we will get the timetable for our dear saturday..

what the %&@#?!! its not like A2 arent hard enuff.. wif all these, my life gonna be super miserable next sem... huhu... help me..... A2......

im going back tonite.... so, we'll see what happen at home. =) i bought puzzles and stickers so i can spend time together wif my sisters, and then i will bake cookies to spend tyme wif my siblings! so nice... hope everything went well... and not to forget, i bring math book to relearn it from my mom, so i will spend time wif my mummy also! *i hate it that i still have to study, but live it!*. then may be i will spare a day to meet my former schoolmates. and another may be 2 days for my beloved......

im a bambi alone in a forest~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

chEmY and PhySics PapeR 1

im sleepy... now, thats the only thing i can say to describe my condition..... actually, its almost 1 am on 13th june, but since i wanna post for 12th june, so i change the time........

my paper... chemistry was horrible.. the Qs was so... confusing i think. n tuff..... huhu.. now im worried about my chemy..... coz all of it kinda horrible... then physics, its much better than chemy lah.... huhu... overall, alhamdulillah.. but still worry....

coming up next : Biology paper 1

and finish.. cant wait for tomoro. at last, my 2 months of AS examsss will end! im so excited.. but then quite nervous thinking of the result later.... Allahumma najjahna fil imtihan.....

so, now i really2 need to sleep.. had been quite a long day, and had been like a month that my sleep is so haywire *izit a right word?*... haha.. i cant even think the right words, forgive me for my 'brilliant' english!

i am a bambi in a forest~

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BiOlogY PaPeR 2

at last, biology paper 2 completed. even im lack of sleep, which is im so so sleepy right now *my eyes ready to close d. my friends like to tease me coz of my eyes when im sleepy. hehe*, but alhamdulillah, it was ok i think. even im not sure what i really wrote in there. further comment - miss the eyes!~ only certain people will understand what that means. =)

btw, girl, i think i will let you go. fly wherever u want.... and be happy wif ur choice!

coming up next : chemistry 1 AND physics 1

so, tomoro, got two papers, which is... what should i say uh.... i need to score everything! pray for me, and pray for the best! =)

now, chemy, come here darl........~

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

PhYSicS 32

hurm... it was fun!! gotta chance to play wif modelling clay.. hahaha! happenly one of the Q was involving clay that had to be shaped into cylinder, which i sucked in doing that.. its just clay and i handle it like im in a workshop o something. haha! even the lecturers who invigilate us aso watching me embarrassing myself. haha! so much noice came from my table alone.. aha! forgive me, but i stop playing modelling clay when i was 9 years old *like really??? kekeke* but it was fun la. and its cute also, once i manage to make it in a shape of cylinder with 8cm width. haha~

overall, the practical is oklah.. alhamdulillah.. much much better than chemy! haha! nothing can ever replace chemy paper 3 from no 1 worse in my AS exam... huhu...

coming up next : Biology paper 2

so tired. so sleepy, but have to cover 4 more chapters. bio paper is tomoro!!! waaaa.... so, till then, tooooodle~

Sunday, June 08, 2008

sTuDy tO thE poWer oF inFiniTy

i wish... all i wish is i can leave STUDY for a day and go out so i can enjoy myself... so sad, cannot.... no worry, only until this friday, then exam is over!!! cannot wait for that day... even this week gonna be super miserable..

hurm... tired of crying aedy.. im thinking everything by their positive site... i hope all these ujian Allah giving me, sume nih utk menguatkan lagik aku *making me stronger* and may be sebagai kiffarah atas segala kesalahanku selama nih.. *ya Allah, ampunkan lah dosa2ku and dosa2 ibubapaku..* i just hope at the end of this hardship, there gonna be sunshine waiting for me.. =)

too depressed by study, i eddited pictures of my days in this cute lil room... =) *i think, for a better and clear view of what i've done, click on the images*

this one, its given a touch of oil paint... hehe... me studying not just in front the laptop, but ON the laptop. haha!

this one, i made it like..... er, im not sure what it is like.. but the original one had color... so, its like that thing is pressed into the wall... i think so... and its my jadual for this exam... 4 days to go!!

actually, i eddited this pic to be blurry... kinda edgy... but then, its too small, cant see much what had i done.. i mean the picture in here is so small, so its like i didnt edit it much la...btw, its my chemy multiple choices exercise..

ok, wanna sleep early today.. so can wake up early tomoro.. hehe =P. daa~

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

reCitE ur quRan

Why do we read Quran, even if we can’t understand a single Arabic word?-This is a beautiful story An old man lived on a farm in the mountains of eastern Kentucky with his young grandson. Each morning grandpa was up early sitting at the kitchen table reading his Qur’an.

His grandson wanted to be just like him and tried to imitate him in every way he could. One day the grandson asked, ‘Grandpa! I try to read the Qur’an just like you but I don’t understand it, and what I do understand I forget as soon as I close the book. What good does reading the Qur’an do?’ The Grandfather quietly turned from putting coal in the stove and replied, ‘Take this coal basket down to the river and bring me back a basket of water.’

The boy did as he was told but all the water leaked out before he got back to the house. The grandfather laughed and said, ‘You’ll have to move a little faster next time,’ and sent him back to the river with the basket to try again. This time the boy ran faster, but again the basket was empty before he returned home.

Out of breath, he told his grandfather that it was impossible to carry water in a basket, and he went to get a bucket instead. The old man said, ‘I don’t want a bucket of water; I want a basket of water. You’re just not trying hard enough,’ and he went out the door to watch the boy try again.

At this point, the boy knew it was impossible, but he wanted to show his grandfather that even if he ran as fast as he could, the water would Leak out before he got back to the house. The boy again dipped the basket into the river and ran hard, but when he reached his grandfather the basket was again empty.

Out of breath, he said, ‘See Grandpa, it’s useless!’

‘So you think it is useless?’ The old man said, ‘Look at the basket.’

The boy looked at the basket and for the first time realized that the basket was different. It had been transformed from a dirty old coal basket and was now clean, inside and out.

‘Son, that’s what happens when you read the Qur’an. You might not understand or remember everything, but when you read it, you will be changed, inside and out. That is the work of Allah in our lives.

waallahu'alam... =)

when im upset wif something, i usually will train myself to read Quran even sometime is hard *nafsu*.. even most of the tyme, coz of my sadness, i'll cry while i read it, and i have to spare a box of tissue next to me, but after i read it, i feel so calm. yeah, the problem and the cause of the sadness still there, but when u r seeking for the answer, by seeking help from Allah, Allah grant us wif Sakinah, thats what help us to go thro the obstacles... insyaAllah..

thats life. not every second of it gonna be easy.. its like a perfect day. for a perfect day, it doesnt have to be sunny all day long. coz the perfect day isnt for us only, its for all living things. if there is no rain, then where the plants and animals and also us gonna get water source? so in life, ujian, problems and obstacle is needed to make a perfect day, to teach us the meaning of life!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

biOLOgy pApEr 3

alhamdulillah, another paper completed! it was much much much better than chemistry practical i suppose... the Q was on spring onion *we usually use potato strip, but this year, its diff i think...* and the slide is about stem of plant..

i think it was ok... except last nyte was consultation nite for biology, but surprisingly, not a single biology lecturer came to library... so at last we gave up and go up to sleep... at 10 something only.. haha! but as usual, i cant sleep that early. i end up sleep at one, but didnt study before that... huhu.. next morning, so lazy to wake up.. at last i wake up, prepare and went down, quite early lah! then went to lab... i didnt know that in my lab, im the only one from one and half year prog! other than me, all are from one year programme students!

coming up next : Physics paper 3

i arrived at my apartment at 3 something *before that lepak at farah's place la plus had my lunch there* then i take my bath, n sit in front of laptop, planning to study~ haha... just about to start *kononnya la*, my mom sms me and ask if i wanna follow them to go to bagan lalang. of coz i want! so i siap2 n by 5, i was standing downstair waiting for my family..... the tyme wif my family were superb... i donnow why..! hehehe...

we lepak2 at my aunty place, then pegi tepi laut to have our dinner. i ate until the extent i cant eat no more.. haha. so nice~ but tired... then my family sent me back to collage.. =( i went to lib and meet sharlyne *everyone look at me, i think coz i wore so nice to come to library, but i was just too lazy to change first before go to lib..what for??!* then went upstairs, take bath and here i am now..... i wanna study, but i feel so sleepy aedy... hurm??

ok, nyte syg....

Sunday, June 01, 2008


another long tiring day, wif lack of sleep.. wif the moodswings, my sleep arrangement and so on, the affect? i got headache this evening.. huhu...

i wasnt planning anything today except to cover back my sleep, then study.... the nyte before, farah call and ajak me to go to seremban to watch narnia... at 1st i wanna go, since she s so nice willing to pay for everything, but then i remember that my parents probably gonna come today.... n i cant ask my mom last nyte what tyme they r coming since my mom aedy sleeping that tyme.. so, i have to wake up so early to sms her...... then i ask her should i go to watch that movie... my surprise, she said 'pegi la'. i never knew my mom will suruh me to go.. especially, watch movie at cinema. i thought my parents didnt allow me to go in cinema... haha! *sorry mummy i didnt ask u before, everytime i went out, but then if i did, may be im being a, should i?* so, i mandi and siap2... so early... my sleep.....

so sorry to say, but i dont like terminal one at all!! even the cinema is so disgusting.. huhu.... but the movie was so damn nice!!! and whats so funny is, we watch Prince Caspian: The Chronicle of Narnia but we cried! haha.. *but not all the way the movie la!* the movie is great and i think i have no regret going today. but next tyme, im not gonna go to terminal one nemore! i rather go to seremban 2...

back from there, it was 3 something, i eat my lunch.... then i got the headache. i cant study... huhu.. i end up sleeping in pain.... terlajak tidur until kul 7 something when my mum sms me n tell they will stuck in Air Hitam coz belt kereta putus... something la.. im not sure what is that... Thanks Allah they realize that before they start their journey!! then farah call me to ajak me to go eat outside.... ok la...i went wif all of them..

so, now, here i am.. didnt study for the whole day, n now, im going to study! have to! ok then.. wanna study! *my back is hurting...* n to all my friends who s starting thier tertiary edu, good luck! try ur best and expect something more than in school coz university life arent the same as secondary, not the same at all!... take care..! to my mum, miss u sooooo much!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

lack oF sleEp..

yesterday, i met my family!!!! all my lil sister came and serang my collage, even my grandma also came, plus my two lil cousins... haha.. they wanna see my apartment aso, so i brought them upstairs since im going back up to pack my stuff, my mom ajak me to spend the nyte at my opah's place *i wont miss it for anything in the world* ... while i was packing my stuff, those kids playing wif my thingy... haha. so, by the tyme we settle in the car and head to nilai to find our lunch, lots of my friend aedy sms me and ask am i going back... n how cute ur lil sisters r... so, the conclusion, lotsa people had saw my family.. kekeke... *of coz, they all follow me to cafe, i went there to call my dad who went there to read the newspaper, and they wanna follow aso, so....*

we went to eat at McDonalds coz we donnow where is the best place to eat here as i never eat outside from coll, so the easiest, fast food! *plus everyone is starving! hehe* then we went to Giant coz i wanna buy lotsa stuff... i take a lot, and so sad, i still forgot some of my things that i need to buy such as beras, peanut butter, jam, and so on.. i forgot .... but the total of all my stuff, almost 200... huhu...! thanks a lot Mummy for paying.... :)

then we went to my opah's place at kepong. arrived there, i met my brothers as well.. hehe... how ever complicated all my siblings are *as in their behaviors..haha!* i still love being wif them even sometime, the kids drive me crazy... they r my family, of coz!! at 6pm, i eat nasik wif real lauk!!! *thats what we call real food, home!* after almost two weeks eating bread only! *sgt sedap, my bro yg masak lauk! kekeke, cam tak caya sbnrnya* so, after playing around wif those kids until like 8 pm something, i went inside the room, planning to do biology past year... i did it, 3 Qs then i felt asleep... hahaha... what can i do, i cannot tahan anymore... so tired plus 3 hours sleep only the previous nite... so, i slept just for 30 minutes before my aunty came and my sister wake me up to meet my aunty... huhu... so, i have to wake up, and what tyme i hit the bed back??? 12 something... by the tyme i felt asleep, i think its almost one.... then. at 545 am, my mom wake up aedy.... *so, 3+5 = 8 hours sleep* coz we plan to start our journey parents is in johor now. they sent me back this morn, then went straight to johor....

arrive at my coll, it was so quite...... morning in KTT~ heheh... so sad seeing the car getting far and far and far...... i wait till i cant see them nemore, then i went up. arranging all my stuff, then continue study... huhu... until 11 something i guess, my eyes cant take it nemore. so i slept again, but just for an hour i think.. the noise wake me up.... huhu........then i was back studyin more... so bored.. but what is so damn great? my mom brought me the harumanis!! skang musim dia, i didnt know that... i miss harumanis so much.. n its taste so wonderful!!!! =)

n now, i really need to sleep...... 8 hours sleep in 72 hours is not good!!! so...... nyte2... *if i still hv my laptop tomoro, i'll continue again k!*

Friday, May 30, 2008

CheMy Pap3r 2

i barely sleep last nyte n now, i feel so.......... indescribable....

ok, i was planning to sleep early so i will wake up early and study..... so, i switch of laptop and go to bed at 1130. i try to sleep.... so lots of noise from everywhere.... plus i think im used to sleeping late, staying up, so, last nyte, i cant sleep, not until 2 am.. so, how long i sleep last nyte? 3 hours only... i wake up at 5 something, then continue doing past year, then study... hahah! study at 5 in the morning?! i never ever did 1st i cant think of anything, may be coz of lack of sleep... then slowly i manage to 'regain' my brain function.... huhu... then study and study and study until 8 am. i was so damn nervous...

the paper? how was it.... hurm... the first glance at it, i was like, damn! then i just answer it, coz i know, by hook o by crook, i have to answer it.. but i skip many Qs then come back to that particular Q when i finish trying to answer all the Q. i dont know... i can answer some, i cant manage some.... anyhow, alhamdulillah, i still can answer all the Qs even wif some 'cute' guess. haha.. now im worried on my chemy paper...... can i make up for the lost i made in paper 3? i hope so! please Allah....

coming up next : biology 3 (practical)

i hope its gonna be sort of easy as the other batch's Q, coz i cant screw my practical anymore... huhu... Allah, give me knowledge, give me Sakinah n give me success.... after exam, i saw her, n for God's sake, why is she ignoring me...... suddenly... i thought we r ok aedy...? hurm... so arriving at a point of ignoring her too, coz i had done alot plus lowering my ego to pujuk her even its not me the only one that is on the wrong side.... huhu... i dont know!! when people will start to care about me?!? hurm... i guess never...its ok. coz even when they didnt really care, i try my best to spread my love and care to all my friends. give the world the best, and the best of the world will come back to u. insyaAllah!

so, im surrender-ing my laptop.. i guess so.. or if i manage to persuade my dad.... but i dont think so.... haha! its ok.. i can do it, i can survive KTT!! i someone that believing in me said, 'even if the whole KTT crumble on u, u will survive it'. thanks for believing in me *uhibbuka fillah*! when everybody in KTT doesnt..

mummy daddy, cant wait to meet u!!!!and all my beloved siblings... even how 'cruel' ur sister is, but deep inside, i love u guys so much... kekeke.. hard to believe izit? *innocent!*

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

m4th3m4t1c2 9709/04

too tired writing my candidate number, centre number, syllabus code on every piece of paper in my answer booklet until the extand i cant forgot the syllabus code of 9709/04 of the mechanics paper just now... its stuck in my head aedy.. hihi =P mechanics o mechanics!

another one done! all math paper completed.. bismillahi tawakkal tu 'alallah! pray for the best. it was okay i think even i had some doubt on my answer but i had done my best, so pray for the best! my love towards math.... is it still there, i wonder... hehe... the math in A2 will be more tuff, so have to be prepared!! ah, AS isnt finish yet, what for thinking about A2?? =) one step at a tyme dear...

coming up next : Chemistry 2

i'm so tired to even study... huhu.... what will happen to me?? i need to work harder! work harder than before!!! i can do it.... but honestly, now, i feel like wanna throw everything and just leave it. but too sorry, i cant. i have to keep doin this... even im going crazy now.. hehe... zainal is ryte, my eyes, when im taking pic of myself, i can see its turning like my beloved panda eyes aedy! i need to have a proper sleep or sooner or later, i will catch something and fell sick, i sure dont want to be sicker than before.... scared me! its been like almost two months now staying up and my sleeping schedule is a mess... my biological clock had been turn up-side-down totally! i need to 'repair' my body back to normal! penangan AS smpai macam ni... exam lama sgt ar...huhu.. cant wait for the exam season to come to its end and i will be free from exam!!

i want to have my laptop always.. hurm.... gonna surrender it in 2 days tyme i think... huhu... cannot go online nemore for how long eh? huhu.. *sad* but no choice...... mummy, daddy, i always love u... yeah, tomoro is khamis! kekeke.. =D

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

stuDy frEak?

im getting bored of studying eady ar... reading this, doing past year, memorize that, questions, answers.. and LOTS and LOTS of it.. huhu... but still hv to... 2 and half more weeks to go!! waa..... i cant use internet starting this friday till i arrive home... why!! dont take away my laptop... please daddy.........

im scared of chemistry.... i hope it wont be that hard... coz i need to score paper 1 and 2 damn much!! Allah, grand me success!!

what will u feel when u did something so caring for someone u care, then that person didnt care about what u did? hurt dowh.... huhuh.... i let it past, since i always hv be the one who hv to be nice to others.... huhu....

my family s coming!! cant wait.... cant believe im saying this, but i miss Piqah so much! that cute pampered kid.... kekeke... n i miss all of them... 3 more days! insyaAllah..

Friday, May 23, 2008


another one done... pure math 1. alhamdulillah, this tyme, its better than the physics and chemy... just pray for the best!!

who would ever thought wif this easy-ness, other difficulties came...? me n my best friend r having fight now..... so damn sad... may be its my fault as i suppose to support her after the paper, coz she is so upset wif her math paper... but im not in the mood that tyme... im so so sorry...... please forgive me.... please stop the silent treatment..... please reply my sms.... =( i always love u and care for u k! miss you so much!! and i know you are in a great pressure now since next week u got 4 papers straight. no worry, even if u didnt want to talk to me, im going to wait outside ur lab for u to finish k! i always there for u, believe me....


coming up next : Mathematic 4 ( mechaniscs)

need to score this one also!! jumping for my aim!! pray for me k.

a day before yesterday, i played wif the ice in the fridge, the ice flake... then i collect the ice in a bucket, then i made ice balls!! so cute.... but then my hands hurt la, coz its freezing cool. i manage to make 3 ice balls since the ice is not that much.. then, to express my depression, i aim that ball to the wall outside. i forgot that KTT just built the zinc roof in between our block and the ice balls break apart when its hit the wall and fall on that zinc roof! the noice is so loud and the pakcik that doing the roof still there, on the roof, putting glue i think... kekeke .... terus aku lari sorok kat dalam rumah.. pakcik tu dongak atas cari sapa culprit tu... kekeke... sorry pakcik, sye terlupa! hehehe.. but it was so enjoyful!!! =)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Phy2ics PapeR 2

wah.... so crazy one.. the Q was.... err... donnow... the biggest mistake, discuss after the exam! never do that again k!!! it just make me feel worse, plus worrying for the thing that had past and cant be change nemore..... i realize i had done lots of careless mistake.... huhu..... Ya Allah, lembutkanlah hati pemeriksa kertasku...... i donnow what else to expect except pray to Allah...

up next : pure math 1

shotting for the highest. hope will reach my aim.

i donnow why, suddenly i develop an interest in PANDA.... it just so damn cute.... huhu... i love it.. wish can have a panda, but sadly cant. they are endangered species. so, what can i do is help to protect them.... :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

CheMy Pap3r 3

its was like hell... OMG, my lab... i dont know what went wrong... my whole paper 3 i think suck big time. its like i threw all the marks into the dustbin like nothing only... huhu....

now i can just pray to Allah... i cant do anything else aedy..... that day after the paper, i cried so hard!! then when my friend asked me how izit, i cry again. i called my mom, i cry again.. that day alone, i cried like 5 times....

now im struggling for my next paper, physics... so many things to be remembered...... hurm... Allahumma najjahna fil imtihan!!!!

hurm... pray for my next paper yeah!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


last sunday, i went to botanical garden putrajaya... wif my usrah group...
nothing much actually during that programme except have to walk around that extremely big place.... so tiring and i sweat like hell... and i didnt expect that i'll get sunburn!!! by the tyme i went back home, oh my God, my face aedy like zebra loh... this sunburn is worse than the one i got during the FESKOTT day.... huhu...

tomorrow exam! chemistry practical... pray for me k? and if i had ever hurt anyone, forgive me..... huhu.... i dont know la... this is the real exam but my preparation...... donnow la..... confuse! trial... real... this is my future! =) shooting for the highest star.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


exam is coming, im still playing.. how brilliant i am!!! too lazy nowadays too study.... huhu... ye la, trial exam itself had been 3 weeks, it was like hell.. so now, the spirit to study is wearing off.. huhu...! AS exam is much worse, 5 weeks! starting 15th May til 13th June.... Allah, give me courage! i hope everything will go well... even im gonna be so depressed wif exam period.....

my result of my trial, 2 A, 1 B, 1 C. huhu.... what wif that C!! but the result is not fair what, coz some of the question is from past year and i had did it, so it doesnt really reflect my performance loh..... but neway, thanks Allah! i didnt expect some of the result coz the Qs were hard. gonna improve! insyaAllah.

where actually is my home ryte now ah?! huhu... im not sure whether me or them is suddenly bisu or what.. n i dont even know now what is the reasons coz i cant figure out nemore. i tried, n now im tired of trying. so, let it be... Allah, give me patient to stand and tolerate wif this...... =)

everyone trying to get a piece of my attention, but i myself have limited tyme.... i have to study.... i dont know how to manage all these... friends, i hope u guys understand k... my result, i need to improve it big time, so i need to work harder even im too lazy to do that. pray for me, insyaAllah, i'll find time for u all! i love you and i cant efford neglecting u guys... <3