Tuesday, January 02, 2007

FamILy gAthEring..

30 December 2006
I went to Port Dickson with my uncle and arrive at our.. im not sure is it a hotel or a resort.. at 12 noon. we settled down and then i met my family, uhu dad and mom after almost 2 weeks. then we just rest at our room and i watch everybody else eat their lunch.. i am FASTING!! at 530 pm, we got a telematch and its was an enjoyful game which make all family members enjoy each other.. there, 6 families gather for that holiday trip. I didnt win any game but my mother and my brother did. then, its time to eat!! 830 pm, we had a barbecue together.. huhu, uncle Daanish ate a lot!! haha..

31 December 2006
early in da morning, i had to wake up and take bath. we went for AidilAdha solat at the nearest mosque. then, my family went to my dad's friend's house. after that, we went to my auntie's sister's home at Kuala Pilah and have kind of party there. at 400 pm, we went back to Port Dickson. we then go to seaside.

1 January 2007
We went to A Famosa Water Theme Park. it was great but at the end of the day, i catch a cold!! waa.. then we went back to KL. have a sleep there at my aunt home.