Thursday, August 21, 2008

clinic -> hospital

s.i.c.k - h.a.t.e.d.o.c - s.c.a.r.e.d

btw, selamat hari memperingati Al-Quds - 21082008

gtg, got date wif d.o.c =S

. . h a t e m e h a t e m e m o r e b u t p l e a s e s t o p h u r t i n g m e . .

Saturday, August 16, 2008

KLIA + wall.e

yesterday morning, i woke up at 5 am to get ready to go to klia!! 5 am... huhu... the bus is at 6, quite rushing to do subuh prayer but glad i made it... arrived at klia, i was so............. donnow la... it just that its really been a while since i went to klia and i barely remember klia nemore... but not much change i believe. went there to send my friend who was flying to indonesia that day.. wah, so happy they manage to fly at last, after a year struggling at KTT. wasnt really enjoy the atmospere as it is as gloomy as a cloudy day... when i was so busy looking my friend walking away, me n some of KTT students realize that most of us had gone.. kelam kabut we go out to find our bus is moving, leaving us.... we all donnow what to do nemore... luckly, someone call the student who was aedy in the bus, and the bus turn back to pick us up... the driver so kejam one! dont wanna wait even a minute, we pratically ran for the bus and he keep on driving, leaving us..... huhu.... thats how my day started, so bad.....

today, i went to seremban... i watch wall.e!!!! so damn cute... i really enjoy it.. =) then i manage to find my lasagna, wrapping paper for my mom's and sis's birthday presents, and spaghetti! it was nice, but the bad side is i waste lots of money... huhu.. mommy, i need money.....but really had fun la... lots of crazy pictures. haha..but cant post up here, gonna be weird.. hehe..

just now i was cooking at the kitchen, when i came back in my room, i see got a missed call in my phone... a 'witheld' number... who?!?! anybody know how to find out who called me?? hehehe.... plus that 'witheld' person didnt call back... huhu.... cant wait for the next weekend.. meeting my family... but in the middle, have to STUDY!!! even now aso i need to study....

~ 1st electron affinity is the enthalpy change when one electron is added......................

Monday, August 11, 2008

A or AA or AAA or AAAA??

soooooo scary.... imagine, in biology class, suddenly one of my chinese friend said results had been post up at admin!! everyone freaked out and cannot focus on the lecture anymore, but our lecturer purposely continue teaching to finish that chapter. we just nod but not really listen to whateva he was teaching. right after he said 'thats all' all the chinese and almost all malay rushed out of the class!!! haha.. so funny actually, but by that tyme, my heart ready to explode d... it beats so damn hard, hammering my chest... went to admin, sooooo many people in front there.. lots of reaction and making me more nervous.. after like 30 mins standing there, i go in and try to see my result from inside, so its like all the i/c number is viewed backward, had a hard time to find my number. i even misread others' result instead of mine! give me a real shocking everytime misread others' results! haha.... so, the result is......

to my mummy and daddy, thanks a lot for your prayers, love u two much! to my lecturers, i can never say enough thanks for all u've done. to my family, aunties and friends who never forget to pray for me, thanks a lot, i will try not to forget u guys in my prayer... esp for zainal, thanks lots for the solat hajat k! thanks thanks thanks... im sooooo happy... thanks a lot to Allah!!! hope this result will drive me n my friends to study more for our coming A2! gonna struggle hard for this 3 months k!

btw, zainal, its nice to meet u today. after almost 8 years never see each other, for u i think coz i believe i saw u 3 years ago. hehe.. the last memory of us was when we were small naughty kids at primary school, and i cant even really remember that time.. haha! anyway, its great to meet someone i know n share this happiness.. =) n thanks for the choc! when i went to meet u later that evening, my friend ask me where im going, i said to see my bro, she said 'ok i wanna see la ur bro, never see him yet!' i thought she was just kidding, suddenly she really do follow me to meet u! after all, u r my bro what.... older than me ryte... hehe.. Fasyi, so sorry, i didnt mean to lie to u.... =) zainal, later she asked me why we didnt look alike.. =P

Sunday, August 10, 2008


somehow i wish tomorrow wont come yet, but a part of me eager to know aso.. not sure.... i have lots of feelings now.. most of it scared, n i dont really wanna think about tomorrow, but it keeps coming into my head..

this is bigger than SPM. this result will determine how much more suffer im going to go thro in the next 3 i really really wish n pray that i will get a good result... please Allah...

now i cant even focus to study... keep on thinking about tomoro.... huhu.. tomorrow evening... hope everything gonna be great...

Friday, August 01, 2008

new friends..

who would ever thought i can make new friends wif someone i never bother to know bout.. and they r nice... suddenly we become quite closed and i always hang out there at their place. n guess where? just next door!! haha.. so much for not knowing my neighbors...! just that they are MARA scholars :) no prob wif that i believe..

at last, i submitted my assignment today! soooo happy.. except for the fact that i get more works.. wuaaa!! the latest are physics tutorial plus math past year on complex number chapter, the chapter that always make me confuse.... so hard lah to finish all the Qs my lecturer gave..... but better than doing miscellaneous i think.. coz its more complicated and i hate doing it... =P

becoming more lazy to study... so busy wif laptop.. hah, what is wrong wif u nadia? u have limited tyme but u r wasting it with editing pictures, chatting, surfing the net, playing.. haha.. actually, i didnt really spend much time doing all that i had mention, mostly i waste time on something else around me... huhu... so depressed with A2 lah....

AS result is coming......... so so scared... please Allah, give me an excellent result... please.....

cant wait to meet my family..... in 3 weeks tyme iA... but 1st need to go out and find a present for my mom's birthday.. hehe... donnow what to buy for her... any idea??