Saturday, September 26, 2009

pass time hurting inside..
..for de rudeness of people..
..disappearance of face..
..and ignorance of love..

Friday, September 18, 2009

finishing line

ramadhan arriving at it's end, and i still want to be in it... it feels so short... but wat to do... plus, i wish i dont have to go thro Eid mess.... it just killing me to have to go thro all diz....

ramadhan, hope i can meet u again next yeah, insyaAllah. will miss u a lot!

anyhow, wish everyone Happy Raya!! sorry for everything yeah.... mummy, daddy, raya is just not de same widout u both here by my side me. i wish i can go back n be wif u all, but.... its ok, im coming home soon! i'll study hard to make dat RM1431 worth k! huugggzzz...

Sunday, September 06, 2009


one hell of a week, a lot of tear n fear, and at the end of it, de disgusting week never end. no specific event will be told here as i'd upset enuff by myself about all these, so i dont need anymore reason or extra moment for my eyes to do thier reluctant job of crying.

things i learnt during de week

1. friends, we dont really decide whom is our friend. sometime i wish dis person can be my friend, dis one dont be my friend. but at the end, it just didnt work dat way. and we have to live wif it. its not a bad thing actually. but de bad part is, the one whom i really wish will be here to hug me and care for me during diz hard time isnt here. luckly, im not totally alone here. thanks Sindhu!

2. enough sleep is compulsory, its not an option.

and some other stuff i learnt but i might wanna keep it to myself. to all my friend, im sorry if i hurt or offended anyone during my bad week. but im so sorry again, im too busy managing my brain to really see wat i do to others. gimme time, so i can be back to normol, i hope so!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

keep hurting

sometimes, a person keep hurting u, keep on hurting u, when all u try is not to do de same to dat person. i dont want to say much about diz, but im very very disappointed in dat person. im not saying im too good dat i din hurt no one, it just im disappointed bcoz i was hoping for a new person of her. but sometimes, sometimes, dat is life ryte? its ok now i guess, i have my own circle, away, and i hope de circle is enuff to secure n love me :) and i know de circle will always will! :D

ramadhan comes again. and i always love diz month! its undesribable how i feel about it, but i really enjoy it :D and Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for giving me another chance to be here :)

btw, just sharing a photo, an advertisement actually, that i saw in Kak Najah's blog.

de 1st two girl is my sister! lol