Sunday, December 30, 2007


the allowance for the new sem had been in!! 2500, extra 80 dollar per month. quite ok i guess..huhu..
i went out wif farah n nad..
got a new bag, cost me 90 dollars- the most expensive bag i ever get, but its a standard price i guess for the size of bag, and after all, i bought the brand, not the bag i guess...
then two pair of shoes, cute!
i want to go home.....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


im back at this land.. what am i doing here? i donnow.. after physics lecture just now, my head like wanna blow off and suddenly im out of my mood. coz of that, here i am, in front of the comp, too lazy too study anything ryte now! hurm.. damn!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


im doing good actually. that day, may be tgh emo lebey kot..haha..
but after all, im okay..

n aku beraya kat cameron seyh.tak ke pelik? budak2 zaman sekarang! wakakaka..
best gak beraya kat cameron..i got my strawberry!!! mcm kanak-kanak ribena dah bila dpt strawberry, plus whipped cream! even the smell of strawberry is nice, i love it!
then i got my tomatoes. i donnow but thanks to Hami, now i love tomatoes, i even can eat it raw. before this, i cant stand wonderful! and cameron is quite cool, even not as cool as before.. each tyme i went there, its getting warmer and warmer..

2 days to go before i have to go back to collage. im surprise, coz i missed jogging, studying, and of coz, i want to go to more SYS's class coz my physics lecture, all these 3 weeks, only got one class. im getting worry....

tomorrow im going out to kangar.. cant wait!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


im going back to kl.. reluctantly.. my holiday end next week, but since all of my family are going, i have no choice... sad what.. have to be back in that kind of world.. huhu.. im so stress out.. wif study, wif life, wif friends, wif everything. im willing to kill people.. hurm.. nak kena pack barang balik.. baru dua malam seyh aku tidur dekat rumah.. sedey je...huhu.. i have to undergo this study things for about 12 more months n i only went thro this for about 4 months...huhu..

i really want to pull myself away..i cant do it anymore.... i dont know how im gonna get 4 A in AS n A2, when all my internal exams, i suck really bad at it. ALONE!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy Raya

to all my friends, happy raya..this moment, i take this opportunity to say im so sorry for anything i did that hurt any of u. im so sorry. n love u all..

n im sorry if i didnt reply any of ur sms n call, my handphone is broken, so im living wif no handphone..its hard, but i had been thro 2 week without it, so, its okay.. ryte now, i got another big thing to face.. pray that i manage to stand still even after going thro this hardship... God, help me...

Friday, September 21, 2007


hurm... now it had already been more than a week of fasting... quite tired.. n this is the 1st time im undergo ramadhan away from my mummy n daddy... hurm... sgt sedey.. tp nk wat mcm mana kan... huhu.. suddenly rasa mcm dh guna bnyk sgt a duit jpa.. nk wat mcm mana ye.. huhu.. i dont know..

cant wait to go home!!!!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


going home tomorrow... n just now someone told me terminal one ( the place i will be arriving at) are 10 minutes walk from ktm seremban.. now i wonder how the hell im bringing all thos stuff alone, walking that far! i wanna cry!!! i dont want to go back.. if this is the troubles i have to go thro.. its so not nice k! can i just didnt go back?! hehe.. i dont want to go thro all these....... plz........ kill me!

back to KTT, means limited access to internet, back to study n so on.. i dont like that kind of life style.. but i think i got no choice.. my mind keep asking the same question, n i cant stop it.. did i made the right decision????

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

tHe sToRe

suddenly, the store seem so interesting! hehe.. i went to Kangar today, my dad drop me there. even my mom wondered why i want to go to Kangar. hehe.. KL, kinda complicated i guess. but its nice there, as long as i got money wif me.. so, what did i get today?!
  • stupidly cute tshirt!!! i love it n i regret didnt buy more than one, coz 'adik-beradik' tshirt tu pun sume cute2..
  • pilot refill ink! hehe..

i think thats all.. hehe.. i bought plastic to wrap my books later, then there is veil, and.... nothing else.. hehe.. but i do love that t shirt!!! n i guess i cant go back to Kangar to get another tshirt as my mom will start asking.. hehe..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


first question, canoe and kayak, is it the same thing?? hehe.. this evening, i went to UiTM, kayak! hehe.. i love water, but the water in that pond is not so nice.. the color is like tea.. much worse.. my mom had booked for us to gof the house, taking my previous post at home.. hehe.. tomorrow, im going out!!! haho kayak this evening. it had been a while since i join any outdoor activity, so, kinda tired paddling that thing. i gave my phone to my mom before i get into the kayak, so i didnt take any pic.

ok, today i have to cook again.. i think this week i will be the cook aha..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

juSt ArRivEd..

actually, i just arrived from KL, n i cant sleep thro the whole damn way to Perlis. now im so so sleepy but i have to wait for subuh prayer 1st, then only i can sleep. i want to transfer all my pic into the Pc, but too lazy to go down n take my handphone..may be after subuh prayer k? haha.. but, a BIG thanks to my companion, a person who is so important and closed to me, who stay up all nite just to accompany me thro phone from 1030p.m. until 430a.m. its so sweet, what u did, sesungguhnya, jasa dan pengorbananmu sangat ku hargai. tak terbalas dengan hanya ucapan terima kasih! ok..let me start the story from the beggining...

lepas je abis exam kat ktt, my aunty call and said she already waiting for me at the main gate. she didnt tell me earlier! so, kelam kabut sikit nak pack barang sebab sepatutnya nak bertolak kul 12 by van kolej. heh, dah alang2 awal, i call my grandpa to pick my stuff up at KTM kepong, then i went to SHOPPING!!! so i bought quite a lot actually.. hehe.. then the day after that, another shopping, next day, some more shopping, so i think i dont need to tell u coz u might get shocekd wif the amount that i had spend in two hours shopping..hehe

now im home!!!! but i need to sleep now..i'll upload photo later k..tata.. nite! even its morning actually! haha.. whateva..

ok, after subuh, i tried to sleep, but guess how long the sleep i manage to get? just around 3 hours coz the house also full of eyes hurt a lot! so, now i cant i guess, just upload photo then..

my study table.. semak giler.. exam week, tak sempat a nak kemas..

inilah jadinya bila dh terpengaruh dgn geek2 sedunia..haha

Friday, July 20, 2007


it has been a while since i got fever, but last two days, i got bad fever! so bad la..then got cold n cough too!! then i still went to all class n lecture. and all the place has aircond, wow, freezing cool.. one hour, i was shaking n trembelling out of cool. huhu.. and everyone else like didnt care about my condition.. huhu.but now, im quite ok, a lil fever, cold, n a lil cough.. hehe.. miss my home........ wah, this week, so hectic wif classes n many. i got a chemistry quiz last wednesday. n it was a disaster.. so hard la..night before the quiz, i studied, while revised the topic, i cried, coz so difficult.. huhu..all my roomate pelik tgok i nangis wktu study.. haha..

i wonder now, DO I DID THE RIGHT DECISION?? coz i think i made the wrong one..huhu...

Sunday, July 15, 2007


i start my a level at KTT!! the second i arrived there, i wanna cry!! n i didnt get the apartment, instead i got the home, off-campus. climbing the hill everyday under the sun!! 2 weeks there, no internet!! now im at my uncle's house, so thats y i can come online..huu..1st nite, i cant even sleep coz the humidity n hot!!! the next day, my uncle bring a fan for me, just for my bed, so, now, its quite ok la.. now i got sunburn coz the walk to collage everyday. hua.. n now i started my class.. God, in english..i already forgot most of the thing i learned in form 5, so now, its so hard to recall everything. a level is just like spm, but in english n advance.. is the hardest subject now. huhu... and almost everyday, my class start at 8 am.. sleep!!

so tension you know when everyone study like everytime. nothing but study..owh, im not a geek!! i cant do this..wuaa....TENSION..

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


today, at my school, there is cocuricullum day n i was invited there. so i went there..nothing much there, just sunny day. haha.. after that, i went to take photo. im glad this photo came out nicely..haha.. if not...!

then, shopping more! i went and got myself another pair of slack pant, and cheese. hehe.. the slack suit, kinda expensive..huhu.. kopak jugak aku! haha. this time, use my own money.. hehe..

ah, today again, my eyes hurt. becoz go out today.. huhu.. so hot i guess. so hurt...huhu..uhu..tu la tak suka kuar.. its like im crying coz my eyes is teary..hehe//

Monday, June 25, 2007


yesterday while im using my computer, my neighbour call and tell me that my grandma is dieing. im stunned! i just saw her a couple day ago.

then, my neighbour ask me to get prepare coz they are sending me to my grandma's house. my other siblings wif my parents already went there in the morning, just to visit. on the way there, i felt like i wanna cry but i cant. im not that closed wif this grandma but still, im sad. n quite scared with what happening that time. huhu...

when i arrived, my grandma already been admitted in hospital. i went there at night to visit her. im not so good in dealing wif this situation, afraid! hah. i didnt dare to stay long in the room even she already awake n talk a lil. what i heard, at first, my grandma went into comma, so, they decided to bring them to hospital. waiting for ambulance, she awake. but still, bring her to hospital. doctor suspected Pneumonia. i dont really know..hehe.. but im glad she is stable now. pray for my grandma ok?! heh!

Friday, June 22, 2007

whAt a Day!

yesterday, my dad wake me up at 8 am,hah, to ask me go wif him. actually, i was the one who said i want to follow him to Alor Setar to find some veil. so he wake me up. as i take bath n everything, i thought that we will be home the latest will be at 6. so, i brought nothing as spare. hah.

so, at alor setar, i manage to find two nice veils. i wonder, everything i bought, i will write them in blog as nice, cute, cool and so on! haha. bragging? no, it just for me, the things i bought, its up to my standard, but i dont know others ok? heh. then, we futher our journey to my grandma home, SP. but my dad drove us to bowling centre 1st! yeay! but, guess what, my dad asked me to pay for the games! hah. unbelieveble, we played 6 games each. at the end of game, i felt like my arm will fall off and go wif the ball. hah. its hurt like hell.

then, shopping!! i never went shopping dress n shirt wif my dad. it was great coz he paid! haha.. at last, stupidly cute track bottom, cost him around $60. then, i got a really cute feminine skirt, haha, and a slack, cost him over $100 for that only. hah. i have a nice skirt!! haha

when we arrived at my grandma home, she is sick, fever i guess. so, my dad stay longer there, i have to wait. bored! in the evening, when i check......haha.. leave it to me. coz if i told u, afraid i will be the one who embarassed. haha..

my guess about we will be back at home at 6 pm, hurm, we arrived at home at 10 pm!! so tired. arrived home, my first destination, bathroom. it was so great to get shower and clean myself. haha.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


yeaha!! at last, i completed my medical checkup. no more visit to hospital in the nearest time. this time, i went there, even the doctor sensed that im nervous. doc, im not just nervous, im damn afraid! haha.. so, the doctor declaire, im normal.. haha.. so, now automaticcaly i made a choice i guess. so im going for JPA schoalrship. wish me luck and pray for me on this track!

KTT, we can choose our roomate. so, there is a girl, same as me, going to do a level there, so sporting n great friend. cant wait to be roomie wif u. we had been chatting i guess for a bout two weeks. kawan satu kepala deh! haha.. at least, i wont be like Miss Lonely there coz u know how hard for me to make a new friend. huhu..

Monday, June 18, 2007


i check out a website, kinda forum on scholarship. they discuss about my college-to-be. freak me out coz they make it seem so damn err...what a suitable word hah? but its not what im expected. so dissapointed.. like wanna cry that time n change my mind to go to local uni, much much better than that college.. huhu..

im preparing a list of what will i need n the list keep expending coz i keep adding things to bring. haha.. i cant imagine how many things i will have to bring there on that day. n my mom just told me that on that day, my dad has to go to Kuantan. so now i doubt they will send me there on my registration day... waaaa!! i dont wanna go there alone....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

soRe tHroAt voice turning into katak's voice..haha! may be this is becoz that day i went outside. huhu, puteri lilin la katakan..haha!

what a boring day today.. so lonely..huhu.. my aim today was to fill in all those forms but i guess that just an aim.ha! so lazy to hold a pen! later tonite i guess. i want to prepare everything by the end of this week..but we'll see the progress..hehe..

i miss my friends..husna n hanisah! cant wait to hang out wif u two. just now, aku baru je bergayut wif hanisah..haha.. so sweet! wait, i will go there ok dear?! :P

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


last nite sleep at 3 so sleepy.,..n now having sore throat.. dah macam kata la pulak..haha.. i was planning to sleep for a long time, but husna rang me early in the morning, asking me to come online! she is back!! haha.. my dear is back! love n miss u so much Na! hurm.. so tired now.. tonite, i will sleep earlier! i will! haha

Monday, June 11, 2007


wonder..why suddenly i have pimple? i mean the old one had gone, now a new one.. before, i never have pimple... haha.. am i growing up? already grown..hehe.. may be im transforming from childish to more mature... but i love being child.. haha! am i??

i need to go to back later, to open a new account for the scholarship. huhu.. malas rasanya.. but have to! i heard so many version, one said that to open an account at that bank, need RM250, other said RM120, some said RM20..huh! what is the exact amount?! haha.. may be i need to go to the bank and find it out myself. when? ah, so lazy to go out. Perlis is a hot state.. lately, i kinda usually go out for the hospital n so on, already had become darker n darker everyday living here in Perlis. huhu..but soon, i will not live here anymore.. im going to KL, study a-level..huhu..

Friday, June 08, 2007


im free from TB!! hehe... thanks God.. i went to hospital today for the Mantoux test reading.. today, still a bad day coz i am so tired, lack of sleep, tension day..huhu..i almost look like panda..haha..
n i a week, i went to hospital 3 times, but why the fear become worse n worser everytime? how i can overcome this fear?? help me...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

6 Signs he'll make a good dad by Erika Rasmusson Janes

1. He treats his mother well . What kind of family man will he be? First look at his relationship with his mom. Does he respect her? Laugh with her easily? Enjoy visiting her? Help out with chores or errands? “If the answer is yes, all of this means she did a good job raising him, he naturally likes women, and will like the mom you will become,” says Wendy Allen, Ph.D., a psychotherapist specializing in couples and marriage therapy in Santa Barbara, CA. In fact, respect in general — to other family members, to kids, and to you — should be at the top of the “what to look for” list.

2. He’s selfless. What’s the number one thing you learn when you become a parent? You never come first anymore! So if you’re with a guy who thinks he’s the center of the universe, beware. For Jackie Baker, a Valdosta, GA, mother of one, it was easy to see she wasn’t dating an egomaniac when she found out that he’d spent much of his time caring for his 17-years-younger sister. “One of his major responsibilities was to take care of her in the afternoon when he came home from school,” she says. “He didn’t really go on dates or get to hang out with his friends. I thought, any teenage boy who is willing to give up his time for his sister is a great man. Even to this day he helps out with his sister’s homework whenever he can. I knew when I saw him taking such an interest in his family that he was going to be a wonderful father.”

3. He’s not easily grossed out. Surprise! Kids are messy. There are dirty diapers, vomit—and dirty diapers and vomit happening at the same time. Being a parent means getting comfortable with the eewwww factor. Good fathers are the ones “who jump in to clean up a gross mess and help out when someone else isn’t feeling well,” says Dianne Couris, an author and parenting coach in Oldsmar, FL, and president of Family Choices & Solutions, Inc. Christine Louise Hohlbaum, a mother of two, found this out years ago while on a tumultuous, three-hour ferry boat ride around the Greek Islands. Hohlbaum got seasick five times. “Each time, my then-boyfriend would take my barf bag to the front of the boat to retrieve another one,” she says. “As we pulled into the dock, I knew this man would make a great father. Childbirth and parenting would be a snap for a guy who can carry puke across the Mediterranean without blinking an eye.”

4. He’s a great uncle. “Nephews and nieces are the stepping stones to your own kids,” says Allen. “Does he call them on their birthdays? Does he make dates where he actually has to show up and take them to the movies or an amusement park?” Varina Caton, a Wilmington, DE, mother of two, witnessed such dedicated affection with her future husband and his nieces and nephews. “He would have his nieces and nephews fly out to stay with us,” she says. “He has always made a point of staying in contact with them. He sent some of them to summer camp because their Mom was unable to come up with the money. He has mentored them as they have matured, introducing money management (for obvious reasons!), job skills, people skills and most importantly setting goals. Because of his involvement with his sibling’s offspring I knew he would make a great Dad, and he has!”

5. He doesn’t mind taking direction from his partner. “If a man resents being told what to do, then working with him on his children’s schedule and responsibilities could get tense,” Couris says. “Running a family schedule is usually [the mother’s role] and the father typically needs direction.” How can you tell if he’ll respond well to family life? Notice how he takes to your suggestions (“I think you should pack more than one pair of underwear for our week at the beach”) and how he reacts to your plans (“Don’t forget: Thursday is my uncle’s 73rd birthday and we’re all going to dinner.”) If you get a positive reaction, you’re onto something!

6. He likes ketchup. And he understands the importance of blowing the paper cover off of a straw and seeing if it can reach across the table. In other words, he has a playful sense of fun, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. Those could be the most telling sign of all. You’ve got to have a sense of humor to get through life with kids.

Now, here are a couple of signs maybe he’s not destined to be the world’s best dad:

1. He can’t go with the flow. A good dad needs to be flexible, easy-going and not easily flustered. Having a kid means that dinners will get canceled, and vacations will be marred by bouts of the flu. If he’s the type who sweats the small stuff and can’t easily adapt to change, he may be in for a tough time as a dad. “I dated one guy who planned every weekend as if it was a military operation, and he totally blew a gasket if there was any fluctuation from his plans,” recalls Elizabeth Bach of Westfield, NJ. “He wasn’t so into the idea of having kids anyway, and I thought that was a good thing—he’d probably be one uptight, inflexible dad!”

2. He doesn’t pitch in around the house. “Any man who considers himself above anything… is going to have trouble serving his or her majesty: The baby,” Allen says.

i found it on MSN, cute! yesterday, i was damn sad, but today, im damn happy!! yeay me!! more info? its been hide..hahaha.. but thanks God, for make my day bright again. n now wif two sides to write, so confusing, but i glad i have two sides.. :P

Monday, May 14, 2007


no one died okay? just me being sad. after 3 days being sad n trying to regain myself esteem, here i am, posting a new post on blogger. So, the need to tell, but the ending is not good, but i already get over it. just now, i have to make decision, wise one.

dentistry, pharmacy, or chemistry?!!?

so confuse to decide! me!!! i really need others thought and opinion..

Saturday, May 05, 2007


1st time i have cute little pimple!!! Hanisah, now i know what is pimple..kinda weird but its small, nobody can really see it.. haha! but whateva it is, i have pimple!!! hahahah. i dont know why im so happy coz usually girls will upset n worried over a pimple.. am i normal or what??!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

stay-at home mother's work worth $138095 a year, believe it?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - If the typical stay-at-home mother in the United States were paid for her work as a housekeeper, cook and psychologist among other roles, she would earn $138,095 a year, according to research released on Wednesday.

This reflected a 3 percent raise from last year's $134,121, according to Inc, Waltham, Massachusetts-based compensation experts.

The 10 jobs listed as comprising a mother's work were housekeeper, cook, day care center teacher, laundry machine operator, van driver, facilities manager, janitor, computer operator, chief executive officer and psychologist, it said.

The typical mother puts in a 92-hour work week, it said, working 40 hours at base pay and 52 hours overtime.

A mother who holds full-time job outside the home would earn an additional $85,939 for the work she does at home,

Last year she would have earned $85,876 for her at-home work, it said.

wow! i never know what i am doing now at home worth that much. even i am not a mom yet, but i still have to keep the house - housekeeper, cook - cook, take care of my sis- day care centre teacher, do the laundry - laundry machine operator, watch telly - supervisor, and so much more.. hahah!! thanks Mummy for doing all those works all these time. so, thats meaning fully housewife isnt a low-class job!!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Last wednesday, i went to KL and i stayed at my grandma home. At first, it was damn bored coz all my plans went wrong. i cant go to Sepang coz my aunty said something came up. So, i stucked at my grandma home doing nothing, wif no internet. Then, my best friend had to work all days in that week. God, i waste my time and money by going to KL.
But then, my best friend takes a day off, on Monday. i was so HAPPY!! i met her at STAR Bandaraya. We both wore pink dress! Cute huh? Our first place was SOGO coz i want to look for a handbag. But there, we just look a while before we stop at MAC booth to look out for foundation. After that, we just went out to Pertama Complex, surveying handphone.
Then, we walk to the nearest station n went to KLCC. There, we went for PIZZA HUT first coz we were hungry. After that, we went around KLCC look for handbag n foundation plus a book. After our hands had changed into various colors of foundation, we went to Ampang Mall, as a subsequence to find the book. After that, we had a short stop at KL sentral to do our prayer then head off to MidVal. Believe me, by that time, our legs hurt but since the mission not accomplished yet, we still in the search. MidVal is damn big! Lastly we found a cute pink handbag at Girl and no hesitate, I bought that.
Then we decided to call it a day. Took a comuter on different tickets, but in the comuter, we decide to go to my grandma home. Eventhough her ticket is just until Bank Negara, we decide to go off recond and stop at my station. Luckly the manual gate was open, easy for us to sneak out. We spend the evening chatting at my grandma home before we both went back to the station. She went back to her home and I went to Shah Alam, to my mum and sleep at Concorde!
Honey, that’s a wonderful day even Im tired at the end of that day. We enjoy each other, right? Wish we can hang out again. I love to hang out wif my best friends, coz I can hold their hand with no worry! Haha.
How much i spend that day? i dont want been called a nerd by keeping my spend on record so i just conclude my spend that day as A LOT!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

eat these and dont eat that

Soda, fruit juice, and sports drinks Not only are they sugary, they're acidic, and that creates a perfect home for the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease -- especially if you tend to sip on one or another of these drinks all day (who, us?). Acid-neutralizing saliva just can't keep up. The realistic fix Nobody's saying go cold turkey but for all-day swigging, choose water. Reserve these pick-me-ups for once-a-day use. And buy some straws -- sipping through them (
try this trick) shrinks teeth-exposure time.

Sticky stuff We're not just talking gooey caramels or fruit rollups. Bread, crackers, chips, sweet rolls, and other refined carbohydrates are nearly as likely to cling to teeth as a Tootsie Roll -- and they hang on for at least 20 minutes. Not good.The realistic fix. Try to say no to sticky sweets and carbs when you can't brush afterward. Alternatively, slosh some water around in your mouth or chew a stick of sugarless gum that's sweetened with xylitol. The gum helps remove sticky food particles from your teeth, and xylitol curbs cavity causers and increases healthy saliva.


Cheese, please. Eating a bit of cheddar (or whatever) at the end of a meal helps protect teeth. It stimulates the production of cleansing saliva, plus the calcium in cheese helps harden teeth.
Crunchy things Crisp apples, celery and carrots are nature's little toothbrush alternatives. Not only do they help rid your mouth of food particles but their rough, fibrous texture actually scrubs away as you chew, slightly brightening your smile.
Have a cupp a Drinking tea after eating can help destroy the germs that cause cavities, gum disease, and phewy breath. That goes for both green and black teas.
Shiitake mushrooms These delicate, delicious flavor-boosters contain lenitan, a plant substance that's anything but a lightweight: It fights both tooth plaque and the bacteria that live in it.
i found it on Yahoo. nice huh? apply it! ceh, im advising like im a dentist or something. may be lastly i got the spirit of dentistry after the interview!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It was two busy days.

2 April

I went to school, meeting the counselor to ask about interview ethical. Met a lot of my teachers! Making me awkward and wanna leave as soon as possible!! Rushing for town, cook at home and what not. Then I had to study, because everybody told me there will be a test. Believe me, I read all those things on dentistry, including the teeth structure!! So bored coz it just full of info that had to be memorized. Busy day! And tired one too!

3 April

Today is a big day! I wake up so early, take bath and get dresses. Then, I went to Poli. I was damn nervous. I had to wait in a room, the room already almost full so I have no choice but to sit in the middle of boys. Then, I had to sit for personality test. Damn it, 200 questions in 30 minutes?! I just blacken the answer quickly. I read 10 questions at once and answer the 10 answers without looking back at the questions! Ha-ha. Even I didn’t know what I had answered. Then, again, I had to wait in the room. This time, I was really nervous, like my heart want to pop out! Waiting, I tried to scribble some sentences for the debate. Then, when my name and three others been call, I want to run away from there! Damn scared. Then, I had a boy partner, for the debate. ‘Students eat too much junk food these days’ the topic and I have to disagree wif that! How the hell I want to disagree when the topic is a fact! Then, we just had given 5 minutes to come out with the point! At that time, nothing come across in my mind! The interviewers are a man and a woman. When the 1st and 2nd is talking, the woman didn’t look up, she busying checking our file. But suddenly when I was talking, she stops doing what she doing and listen to me. God, she made me more nervous. I don’t know what I was saying. Then, when I run out of idea, I just said, thank you! I had no idea!! Ha-ha. Then, when the 4th person talking, I didn’t really listen what she was saying, what her points coz I thought that’s it, after her, its done. But suddenly the man asks if anyone from my team want to add something. My partner put up his hand while I just mumbling alone coz I don’t know what to say else. But the man said, “ Yes no. 2, want to add something?”. I didn’t prepare anything! Then I ask him, “ You want me to rebut her points?”, he said, “ Up to you, the floor is yours!” then the woman laugh lightly. In my mind ‘ what the hell I’m going to say?”. Then again, I was saying nothing, I don’t know what came out off my mouth. These times, the woman listens to me intently. She even added, “ I don’t think KFC is selling junk food,” and then I reply something and the man asks something, and I said something! Is it a horrible one? I wanna cry!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

pHone call..

yesterday, i got to call my best friend!! she had to go to PLKN at Sarawak.. no handphone make me alone here, cannot text message or call i missed her. yesterday, we only got a chance to chat around 10 minutes coz she have a duty what so least i talk to her!!it was wonderful coz i missed her so much. she now become a zebra!!haha.. only afta a week, she got tanned all over her fair skin. Husna, I missed and love ya! its so sad when i have to end up our conversation.. alomost cry but.........

Friday, March 16, 2007

..My yesterday, tomorrow and today..

I was thinking of my future
Looking for the best side
And expecting the worse of all
With the faith of others
But also my own doubts
Scare with the freedom
Happy with the sorrow
Then I realize
How weird my life that day
And how terrific my day is

Early of the starting
I’m standing without aim
Coz I want to share
But I just got to stare
At the blur future
Looking in my hand
And stood there with crystallize water
Sad with the fantasy
Happy with the realistic
Then I know
How lucky my life that day
And how bad my day is

I will struggle to accept the past
Here in future
Not sure am I sad
Nor happy
Coz I had make my life worse
And make my future bright
Satisfied with the outcome
Don’t want the outcome too
Then someone told me
How perfect my life is

I look blindly forward
Now I’m not sure
Did I want these yesterday, today nor tomorrow?
Many others wish they can trade my life with theirs
But I still don’t know
Am I lucky?
Or my life is wonderful
But I didn’t see the bright side of my life?

Friday, March 09, 2007


rEsulT coMinG....afraid? may be.. im not ready to see it yet!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

daily news on CNN!!

staying at home everyday, from 6 a.m. this morning, till 6 a.m. the next morning, people alwayz said its so boring and they will said that they missed school so much. but for me, im not sure if i missed school. those sweet little class, wif the teachers come, teach, n go. i donnow, but for sure, im not ready to step into another education level. i dont want to go to university!!! i know everyone will think im wierd n im sure my parents will not agree wif me. but i just dont want to left this shell yet...can i?i dont like things changing, i love the way it is now. but i know that world is all about changing all the time, every single second. BUT, my mind still cant get used wif the university idea..

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Top 20 bloom sprouting (flower!)

the ranking of top 20 in most famous flower and most attractive! (Sexy)

1. Roses (loVe)

2. Orchid ( a belle)

3. Iris ( My compliments )

4. Calla Lily ( Purity )

5. Sunflower ( pure thought)

6. Amaryllis ( splendid beauty )

7. Tulip ( Declaration of love )

8. Carnation ( Pride and beauty )

9. Hydrangea ( Heartlfelt )

10. Birl of Paradise ( Joyfulness )

11. Chrysanthemum ( Fidelity )

12. Daffodil ( Chivalry )

13. Tiger Lilly ( I dare you to love me )

14. Anthurium ( Hospitality )

15. Peony (Bashful )

16. Lilac ( Youthful innocence )

17. Gerbera Daisy

18. Anemone ( Anticipation )

19. Aster ( Patience )

20. Stargazer Lily

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

FamILy gAthEring..

30 December 2006
I went to Port Dickson with my uncle and arrive at our.. im not sure is it a hotel or a resort.. at 12 noon. we settled down and then i met my family, uhu dad and mom after almost 2 weeks. then we just rest at our room and i watch everybody else eat their lunch.. i am FASTING!! at 530 pm, we got a telematch and its was an enjoyful game which make all family members enjoy each other.. there, 6 families gather for that holiday trip. I didnt win any game but my mother and my brother did. then, its time to eat!! 830 pm, we had a barbecue together.. huhu, uncle Daanish ate a lot!! haha..

31 December 2006
early in da morning, i had to wake up and take bath. we went for AidilAdha solat at the nearest mosque. then, my family went to my dad's friend's house. after that, we went to my auntie's sister's home at Kuala Pilah and have kind of party there. at 400 pm, we went back to Port Dickson. we then go to seaside.

1 January 2007
We went to A Famosa Water Theme Park. it was great but at the end of the day, i catch a cold!! waa.. then we went back to KL. have a sleep there at my aunt home.