Sunday, September 28, 2008

the enD..

i've been quite busy lately, so long didnt update my blog. plus with lack of sleep and the pressure around...

lots to share,but only to one person... but somehow i am thankful, alhamdulillah at least i got one friend to share with, rather than nobody. thanks to my beloved panda, he knows who he is to me. i cant put it to words on how much i appreciate his patient and kindness to me. dude, i love u in the way that i can *uhibbuka fillah* so many things happen, so many feelings rushing, and thanks for always there for me. cant think how i will manage when u will be away.....

ramadhan... reaching the end of it.. permission to write in malay

sayu rasa hati sbenarnya nak tinggalkan ramadhan... seblom2 ni, tak penah rasa macam ni... klu puasa tu, still kira hari, berapa hari lagi rasanya nak raya. mmg la still kejar pahala yang banyak dalam bulan puasa tu, tapi tak mampu menghargai bulan penuh barakah ini semaksimanya. baca quran seboleh2nya nak khatam, tp mind setting before, tak khatam pun tak pe.. sekarang, alhamdulillah, dh mula sedar.. sayang rasanya nak berpisah dgn bulan ramadhan ini.. mungkin pengalaman tahun lepas mendidik jiwa ini utk lebih menerima dan menghargai ramadhan. Ya Allah, ampunkanlah hambaMu ini.....

tahun ini berpuasa di Malaysia, di KTT buat kali kedua, sgtlah berbeza. tahun lepas, puasa di Taman Kenanga. indah benar, nikmat bersahur, nikmat berbuka. ktorg siap buat senarai tugas siapa kena bangun masak sahur.. dlu mcm reluctant je, tp alhamdulillah, dgn ada jadual itu, buat aku bangun awal walaupun hari tu bukanlah tugas aku. huhu.. saat manis, bersahur dan berbuka beramai2, sepuluh orang semua. tahun ini, sgt berbeza. bersahur dan berbuka di rumah org. nasib badan..... tp, still, alhamdulillah, ada juga tempat dan teman nak berbuka dan bersahur. thanks guys!

tahun depan, insyaAllah tahun pertama akan menyambut ramadhan di bumi orang. Allah, temukan aku lagi dengan ramadhan tahun hadapan.... hope tahun hadapan akan diberi peluang utk berada dalam bulan penuh kerahmatan ini dan ibadah tahun hadapan akan lebih baik lagi. meanwhile, puasa yang tinggal dua hari lagi ini manfaatkanlah...... Ya Allah, tak penah sangka aku akan rasa sedih sebegini....

im home now... real unconditional love.. :) tak sabar jugak nak raya, dpt jumpa sepupu, mak sedara, pak sedara, atuk, opah and sume2. mana tahu tahun depan tak dpt balik raya......... sabar je la... been home for two days aedy, but didnt really study yet.. just did 3 questions on pure math.. hahaha..

yesterday i bake! seronok...... a bit tired but its nice... nothing much to tell, coz the feeling when u cook something and by the end of the day, people eat it, is so undescribable... hehe..

and there was a shocking thing happen a few days back, and i didnt expect it to happen, and mostly, im not sure i want it to happen... huhu.... gimme a time to think k.....

anyway, to all my friends who i didnt have a chance to contact, slmt hari raya maaf zahir batin. hope our ukhuwah will always be cherished and our love always connected.... paper la yg aku mengarut tuh.. hehehe...

Monday, September 15, 2008


not in really good mood i guess.. really tired for the pass weeks, wif exam and so on.. lack of sleep that y, my biological clock once again go haywire. wuaa... why again i have to go thro this prob? and i know what will come after these, it will effect my health.. i cant afford to fall sick again.. ur own fault, so please dont stay up much nadia....

dear Allah, please give me health, give me courage and strength, give me joy and faith....

my friend Syahidah came back from Mansoura, and last weekend i went to her place and spend time wif her.. suddenly on saturday her mom ajak me to go along to tapah, her kampung.. it wasnt on our plan, but insyaAllah, ada la hikmah ketetapan Allah itu... it was wonderful actually, coz after been a while since i went back to my own home, i felt happy coz its feel homey... the food, the people... except the kids la.. hehe

congrats to my friends who just got their IELTS result!

puasa yg sudah memasuki 10 kedua, manfaatkannya... 10 hari keampunan, rebutlah insyaAllah..

Sunday, September 07, 2008

bila hati berbicara

in a mode of blues.. haha!

almost a year
looking thro past
by living a new present
hoping for some future

one year almost past
i manage to dive thro
and success in fighting
having a greater present
with a future to look forward to

might be in the past
living everyday make me feel
something is missing from my side
searching for a solid basis
to continue circulating the present

wif the love of my life
i knew all these while
i never do walk alone
neither in past, present or future
coz i know my dear
you will always stand there next beside me
holding me up
and walk me toward the bliss

looking up each time
seeing your eyes in front of me
first time i manage to smile from my heart
and its glow of our love..

thanks to my love one, aso my family and siblings, then to my best friends - Husna, Hanisah i HEART you all always!

Monday, September 01, 2008


my laptop went crazy, as someone called it 'CRASH'. i lost everything in my laptop, all my files, all my essay, my pictures, my songs....!! wuaaa.. i cried like hell that tyme.. hehe. so sad aso, plus that tyme i was terribly sick, plus tired after a long journey back to collage...... only Allah knows how I was feeling that tyme...

n now, i GOT my laptop back!!! at least i can use it la, even all my stuff had gone. my bro repair it for me. guess what, have to buy a new hardisk, luckly my dad willing to pay for it. Thanks ALOT daddy! cost him rm250... huhu.. donnow what did i do until the hardisk totally broken. haha.... so, now, my laptop is like a brand new one which i have to install everything back... huhu.. having trouble to install yahoo messenger! donnow why.... anyhow, thanks to my bro who help me fix the laptop, come to KLsentral to take the LT then go back then come again to give me back the LT.. most of all to my DADDY! love u lots!! sorry for being a pampered daughter again.. =D

to all my muslim friends, selamat berpuasa. moga ramadhan kali ini membawa sejuta erti, rahmat, hidayah, maghfirah dan keampunan. gunakanlah kesempatan ramadhan ini sebaik-baiknya! ahlan wasahlan ya Ramadhan!

exam is coming!! preA2... last internal exam.. huhu.. not prepared at all.... pray for the best!