Saturday, May 31, 2008

lack oF sleEp..

yesterday, i met my family!!!! all my lil sister came and serang my collage, even my grandma also came, plus my two lil cousins... haha.. they wanna see my apartment aso, so i brought them upstairs since im going back up to pack my stuff, my mom ajak me to spend the nyte at my opah's place *i wont miss it for anything in the world* ... while i was packing my stuff, those kids playing wif my thingy... haha. so, by the tyme we settle in the car and head to nilai to find our lunch, lots of my friend aedy sms me and ask am i going back... n how cute ur lil sisters r... so, the conclusion, lotsa people had saw my family.. kekeke... *of coz, they all follow me to cafe, i went there to call my dad who went there to read the newspaper, and they wanna follow aso, so....*

we went to eat at McDonalds coz we donnow where is the best place to eat here as i never eat outside from coll, so the easiest, fast food! *plus everyone is starving! hehe* then we went to Giant coz i wanna buy lotsa stuff... i take a lot, and so sad, i still forgot some of my things that i need to buy such as beras, peanut butter, jam, and so on.. i forgot .... but the total of all my stuff, almost 200... huhu...! thanks a lot Mummy for paying.... :)

then we went to my opah's place at kepong. arrived there, i met my brothers as well.. hehe... how ever complicated all my siblings are *as in their behaviors..haha!* i still love being wif them even sometime, the kids drive me crazy... they r my family, of coz!! at 6pm, i eat nasik wif real lauk!!! *thats what we call real food, home!* after almost two weeks eating bread only! *sgt sedap, my bro yg masak lauk! kekeke, cam tak caya sbnrnya* so, after playing around wif those kids until like 8 pm something, i went inside the room, planning to do biology past year... i did it, 3 Qs then i felt asleep... hahaha... what can i do, i cannot tahan anymore... so tired plus 3 hours sleep only the previous nite... so, i slept just for 30 minutes before my aunty came and my sister wake me up to meet my aunty... huhu... so, i have to wake up, and what tyme i hit the bed back??? 12 something... by the tyme i felt asleep, i think its almost one.... then. at 545 am, my mom wake up aedy.... *so, 3+5 = 8 hours sleep* coz we plan to start our journey parents is in johor now. they sent me back this morn, then went straight to johor....

arrive at my coll, it was so quite...... morning in KTT~ heheh... so sad seeing the car getting far and far and far...... i wait till i cant see them nemore, then i went up. arranging all my stuff, then continue study... huhu... until 11 something i guess, my eyes cant take it nemore. so i slept again, but just for an hour i think.. the noise wake me up.... huhu........then i was back studyin more... so bored.. but what is so damn great? my mom brought me the harumanis!! skang musim dia, i didnt know that... i miss harumanis so much.. n its taste so wonderful!!!! =)

n now, i really need to sleep...... 8 hours sleep in 72 hours is not good!!! so...... nyte2... *if i still hv my laptop tomoro, i'll continue again k!*

Friday, May 30, 2008

CheMy Pap3r 2

i barely sleep last nyte n now, i feel so.......... indescribable....

ok, i was planning to sleep early so i will wake up early and study..... so, i switch of laptop and go to bed at 1130. i try to sleep.... so lots of noise from everywhere.... plus i think im used to sleeping late, staying up, so, last nyte, i cant sleep, not until 2 am.. so, how long i sleep last nyte? 3 hours only... i wake up at 5 something, then continue doing past year, then study... hahah! study at 5 in the morning?! i never ever did 1st i cant think of anything, may be coz of lack of sleep... then slowly i manage to 'regain' my brain function.... huhu... then study and study and study until 8 am. i was so damn nervous...

the paper? how was it.... hurm... the first glance at it, i was like, damn! then i just answer it, coz i know, by hook o by crook, i have to answer it.. but i skip many Qs then come back to that particular Q when i finish trying to answer all the Q. i dont know... i can answer some, i cant manage some.... anyhow, alhamdulillah, i still can answer all the Qs even wif some 'cute' guess. haha.. now im worried on my chemy paper...... can i make up for the lost i made in paper 3? i hope so! please Allah....

coming up next : biology 3 (practical)

i hope its gonna be sort of easy as the other batch's Q, coz i cant screw my practical anymore... huhu... Allah, give me knowledge, give me Sakinah n give me success.... after exam, i saw her, n for God's sake, why is she ignoring me...... suddenly... i thought we r ok aedy...? hurm... so arriving at a point of ignoring her too, coz i had done alot plus lowering my ego to pujuk her even its not me the only one that is on the wrong side.... huhu... i dont know!! when people will start to care about me?!? hurm... i guess never...its ok. coz even when they didnt really care, i try my best to spread my love and care to all my friends. give the world the best, and the best of the world will come back to u. insyaAllah!

so, im surrender-ing my laptop.. i guess so.. or if i manage to persuade my dad.... but i dont think so.... haha! its ok.. i can do it, i can survive KTT!! i someone that believing in me said, 'even if the whole KTT crumble on u, u will survive it'. thanks for believing in me *uhibbuka fillah*! when everybody in KTT doesnt..

mummy daddy, cant wait to meet u!!!!and all my beloved siblings... even how 'cruel' ur sister is, but deep inside, i love u guys so much... kekeke.. hard to believe izit? *innocent!*

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

m4th3m4t1c2 9709/04

too tired writing my candidate number, centre number, syllabus code on every piece of paper in my answer booklet until the extand i cant forgot the syllabus code of 9709/04 of the mechanics paper just now... its stuck in my head aedy.. hihi =P mechanics o mechanics!

another one done! all math paper completed.. bismillahi tawakkal tu 'alallah! pray for the best. it was okay i think even i had some doubt on my answer but i had done my best, so pray for the best! my love towards math.... is it still there, i wonder... hehe... the math in A2 will be more tuff, so have to be prepared!! ah, AS isnt finish yet, what for thinking about A2?? =) one step at a tyme dear...

coming up next : Chemistry 2

i'm so tired to even study... huhu.... what will happen to me?? i need to work harder! work harder than before!!! i can do it.... but honestly, now, i feel like wanna throw everything and just leave it. but too sorry, i cant. i have to keep doin this... even im going crazy now.. hehe... zainal is ryte, my eyes, when im taking pic of myself, i can see its turning like my beloved panda eyes aedy! i need to have a proper sleep or sooner or later, i will catch something and fell sick, i sure dont want to be sicker than before.... scared me! its been like almost two months now staying up and my sleeping schedule is a mess... my biological clock had been turn up-side-down totally! i need to 'repair' my body back to normal! penangan AS smpai macam ni... exam lama sgt ar...huhu.. cant wait for the exam season to come to its end and i will be free from exam!!

i want to have my laptop always.. hurm.... gonna surrender it in 2 days tyme i think... huhu... cannot go online nemore for how long eh? huhu.. *sad* but no choice...... mummy, daddy, i always love u... yeah, tomoro is khamis! kekeke.. =D

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

stuDy frEak?

im getting bored of studying eady ar... reading this, doing past year, memorize that, questions, answers.. and LOTS and LOTS of it.. huhu... but still hv to... 2 and half more weeks to go!! waa..... i cant use internet starting this friday till i arrive home... why!! dont take away my laptop... please daddy.........

im scared of chemistry.... i hope it wont be that hard... coz i need to score paper 1 and 2 damn much!! Allah, grand me success!!

what will u feel when u did something so caring for someone u care, then that person didnt care about what u did? hurt dowh.... huhuh.... i let it past, since i always hv be the one who hv to be nice to others.... huhu....

my family s coming!! cant wait.... cant believe im saying this, but i miss Piqah so much! that cute pampered kid.... kekeke... n i miss all of them... 3 more days! insyaAllah..

Friday, May 23, 2008


another one done... pure math 1. alhamdulillah, this tyme, its better than the physics and chemy... just pray for the best!!

who would ever thought wif this easy-ness, other difficulties came...? me n my best friend r having fight now..... so damn sad... may be its my fault as i suppose to support her after the paper, coz she is so upset wif her math paper... but im not in the mood that tyme... im so so sorry...... please forgive me.... please stop the silent treatment..... please reply my sms.... =( i always love u and care for u k! miss you so much!! and i know you are in a great pressure now since next week u got 4 papers straight. no worry, even if u didnt want to talk to me, im going to wait outside ur lab for u to finish k! i always there for u, believe me....


coming up next : Mathematic 4 ( mechaniscs)

need to score this one also!! jumping for my aim!! pray for me k.

a day before yesterday, i played wif the ice in the fridge, the ice flake... then i collect the ice in a bucket, then i made ice balls!! so cute.... but then my hands hurt la, coz its freezing cool. i manage to make 3 ice balls since the ice is not that much.. then, to express my depression, i aim that ball to the wall outside. i forgot that KTT just built the zinc roof in between our block and the ice balls break apart when its hit the wall and fall on that zinc roof! the noice is so loud and the pakcik that doing the roof still there, on the roof, putting glue i think... kekeke .... terus aku lari sorok kat dalam rumah.. pakcik tu dongak atas cari sapa culprit tu... kekeke... sorry pakcik, sye terlupa! hehehe.. but it was so enjoyful!!! =)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Phy2ics PapeR 2

wah.... so crazy one.. the Q was.... err... donnow... the biggest mistake, discuss after the exam! never do that again k!!! it just make me feel worse, plus worrying for the thing that had past and cant be change nemore..... i realize i had done lots of careless mistake.... huhu..... Ya Allah, lembutkanlah hati pemeriksa kertasku...... i donnow what else to expect except pray to Allah...

up next : pure math 1

shotting for the highest. hope will reach my aim.

i donnow why, suddenly i develop an interest in PANDA.... it just so damn cute.... huhu... i love it.. wish can have a panda, but sadly cant. they are endangered species. so, what can i do is help to protect them.... :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

CheMy Pap3r 3

its was like hell... OMG, my lab... i dont know what went wrong... my whole paper 3 i think suck big time. its like i threw all the marks into the dustbin like nothing only... huhu....

now i can just pray to Allah... i cant do anything else aedy..... that day after the paper, i cried so hard!! then when my friend asked me how izit, i cry again. i called my mom, i cry again.. that day alone, i cried like 5 times....

now im struggling for my next paper, physics... so many things to be remembered...... hurm... Allahumma najjahna fil imtihan!!!!

hurm... pray for my next paper yeah!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


last sunday, i went to botanical garden putrajaya... wif my usrah group...
nothing much actually during that programme except have to walk around that extremely big place.... so tiring and i sweat like hell... and i didnt expect that i'll get sunburn!!! by the tyme i went back home, oh my God, my face aedy like zebra loh... this sunburn is worse than the one i got during the FESKOTT day.... huhu...

tomorrow exam! chemistry practical... pray for me k? and if i had ever hurt anyone, forgive me..... huhu.... i dont know la... this is the real exam but my preparation...... donnow la..... confuse! trial... real... this is my future! =) shooting for the highest star.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


exam is coming, im still playing.. how brilliant i am!!! too lazy nowadays too study.... huhu... ye la, trial exam itself had been 3 weeks, it was like hell.. so now, the spirit to study is wearing off.. huhu...! AS exam is much worse, 5 weeks! starting 15th May til 13th June.... Allah, give me courage! i hope everything will go well... even im gonna be so depressed wif exam period.....

my result of my trial, 2 A, 1 B, 1 C. huhu.... what wif that C!! but the result is not fair what, coz some of the question is from past year and i had did it, so it doesnt really reflect my performance loh..... but neway, thanks Allah! i didnt expect some of the result coz the Qs were hard. gonna improve! insyaAllah.

where actually is my home ryte now ah?! huhu... im not sure whether me or them is suddenly bisu or what.. n i dont even know now what is the reasons coz i cant figure out nemore. i tried, n now im tired of trying. so, let it be... Allah, give me patient to stand and tolerate wif this...... =)

everyone trying to get a piece of my attention, but i myself have limited tyme.... i have to study.... i dont know how to manage all these... friends, i hope u guys understand k... my result, i need to improve it big time, so i need to work harder even im too lazy to do that. pray for me, insyaAllah, i'll find time for u all! i love you and i cant efford neglecting u guys... <3

Monday, May 05, 2008


at last! after 3 weeks without internet!! i aedy got almost all of my result for my trail exam.. some ok, some not so good... huhu... but oklah, alhamdulillah, just be happy... hehehe.. just worry how gonna tell my mom.... hehe..

exam is coming next week. the real AS Level exam.... ya Allah, berilah kejayaan kepadaku....... 4 subjects.. hope all gonna do well. coz tak snggup la klu kena repeat... satu penyeksaan yg teramat sgt....

pray for me k my friends?

i cant wait to go back to my home!!!! last week, i just go back to my grandma place.. it was nice but still i like home better... at my grandma place, i eat sooooooo much.. but when i came back here, guess what my friend said? why u look makin kurus nih? hampeh!!! penat sye makan dgn banyaknye tau! ok, fine, i will eat more! hehehe...