Monday, March 30, 2009


im back at KTT, and so far, i can say that its not what i expected at all.. hahaha.. i miss home so much.. mommy... :((

3 languages at once ?? now i already mixed up all the alphabets.. haha.. Tamil, Kannada and Hindi, all the alphabets is different and v hard to remember.... :((

internet here is very very slow and frustrating. keep on dropping in the middle of my conversation wif my friends... sad2... :((

i wanna go back!!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


im a terrible driver.. hahaha..

went for bowling last weekend, i cant believe i was been so lucky that day. i manage to get strike and spare for all frame except two.. which is amazing, becoz usually, im more than lucky if i got two spare or strike for the whole game..

owh, got the offer letter. hv to be back in collage on 23rd march.. so sad!! more, i hv to do medical check up, again!! wawawawa, how im gonna go thro it this time?!

help.. *fainted*

Thursday, March 05, 2009

lazy bum..

sesungguhnya daku sangat la malas ingin menulis di sini.. hehe...

was a terrible horrible weekend. i went for a programme. there was when my wallet went missing. i cried all nyte... i become an ugly panda for sure.. really2 bad dee my eyes.. luckly now my eyes recovered and normal dee! :)

then i got flu... or izit cold?? haha.. donno la, but this happen due to too much crying. *reminder to self, dont cry so much* until today still runny nose...

owh, btw, thanks to all my friend that had wish me luck for my test. i passed!! yeay... and now my mom already started asking me to drive, which im so scared..... :( not ready yet.....

thats all for now.. hehe.. wanna upload my graduation pictures, setelah berkurun2 lamanya. hehehe.. as i said, lazy bum.. :)