Friday, April 27, 2007


Last wednesday, i went to KL and i stayed at my grandma home. At first, it was damn bored coz all my plans went wrong. i cant go to Sepang coz my aunty said something came up. So, i stucked at my grandma home doing nothing, wif no internet. Then, my best friend had to work all days in that week. God, i waste my time and money by going to KL.
But then, my best friend takes a day off, on Monday. i was so HAPPY!! i met her at STAR Bandaraya. We both wore pink dress! Cute huh? Our first place was SOGO coz i want to look for a handbag. But there, we just look a while before we stop at MAC booth to look out for foundation. After that, we just went out to Pertama Complex, surveying handphone.
Then, we walk to the nearest station n went to KLCC. There, we went for PIZZA HUT first coz we were hungry. After that, we went around KLCC look for handbag n foundation plus a book. After our hands had changed into various colors of foundation, we went to Ampang Mall, as a subsequence to find the book. After that, we had a short stop at KL sentral to do our prayer then head off to MidVal. Believe me, by that time, our legs hurt but since the mission not accomplished yet, we still in the search. MidVal is damn big! Lastly we found a cute pink handbag at Girl and no hesitate, I bought that.
Then we decided to call it a day. Took a comuter on different tickets, but in the comuter, we decide to go to my grandma home. Eventhough her ticket is just until Bank Negara, we decide to go off recond and stop at my station. Luckly the manual gate was open, easy for us to sneak out. We spend the evening chatting at my grandma home before we both went back to the station. She went back to her home and I went to Shah Alam, to my mum and sleep at Concorde!
Honey, that’s a wonderful day even Im tired at the end of that day. We enjoy each other, right? Wish we can hang out again. I love to hang out wif my best friends, coz I can hold their hand with no worry! Haha.
How much i spend that day? i dont want been called a nerd by keeping my spend on record so i just conclude my spend that day as A LOT!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

eat these and dont eat that

Soda, fruit juice, and sports drinks Not only are they sugary, they're acidic, and that creates a perfect home for the bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease -- especially if you tend to sip on one or another of these drinks all day (who, us?). Acid-neutralizing saliva just can't keep up. The realistic fix Nobody's saying go cold turkey but for all-day swigging, choose water. Reserve these pick-me-ups for once-a-day use. And buy some straws -- sipping through them (
try this trick) shrinks teeth-exposure time.

Sticky stuff We're not just talking gooey caramels or fruit rollups. Bread, crackers, chips, sweet rolls, and other refined carbohydrates are nearly as likely to cling to teeth as a Tootsie Roll -- and they hang on for at least 20 minutes. Not good.The realistic fix. Try to say no to sticky sweets and carbs when you can't brush afterward. Alternatively, slosh some water around in your mouth or chew a stick of sugarless gum that's sweetened with xylitol. The gum helps remove sticky food particles from your teeth, and xylitol curbs cavity causers and increases healthy saliva.


Cheese, please. Eating a bit of cheddar (or whatever) at the end of a meal helps protect teeth. It stimulates the production of cleansing saliva, plus the calcium in cheese helps harden teeth.
Crunchy things Crisp apples, celery and carrots are nature's little toothbrush alternatives. Not only do they help rid your mouth of food particles but their rough, fibrous texture actually scrubs away as you chew, slightly brightening your smile.
Have a cupp a Drinking tea after eating can help destroy the germs that cause cavities, gum disease, and phewy breath. That goes for both green and black teas.
Shiitake mushrooms These delicate, delicious flavor-boosters contain lenitan, a plant substance that's anything but a lightweight: It fights both tooth plaque and the bacteria that live in it.
i found it on Yahoo. nice huh? apply it! ceh, im advising like im a dentist or something. may be lastly i got the spirit of dentistry after the interview!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It was two busy days.

2 April

I went to school, meeting the counselor to ask about interview ethical. Met a lot of my teachers! Making me awkward and wanna leave as soon as possible!! Rushing for town, cook at home and what not. Then I had to study, because everybody told me there will be a test. Believe me, I read all those things on dentistry, including the teeth structure!! So bored coz it just full of info that had to be memorized. Busy day! And tired one too!

3 April

Today is a big day! I wake up so early, take bath and get dresses. Then, I went to Poli. I was damn nervous. I had to wait in a room, the room already almost full so I have no choice but to sit in the middle of boys. Then, I had to sit for personality test. Damn it, 200 questions in 30 minutes?! I just blacken the answer quickly. I read 10 questions at once and answer the 10 answers without looking back at the questions! Ha-ha. Even I didn’t know what I had answered. Then, again, I had to wait in the room. This time, I was really nervous, like my heart want to pop out! Waiting, I tried to scribble some sentences for the debate. Then, when my name and three others been call, I want to run away from there! Damn scared. Then, I had a boy partner, for the debate. ‘Students eat too much junk food these days’ the topic and I have to disagree wif that! How the hell I want to disagree when the topic is a fact! Then, we just had given 5 minutes to come out with the point! At that time, nothing come across in my mind! The interviewers are a man and a woman. When the 1st and 2nd is talking, the woman didn’t look up, she busying checking our file. But suddenly when I was talking, she stops doing what she doing and listen to me. God, she made me more nervous. I don’t know what I was saying. Then, when I run out of idea, I just said, thank you! I had no idea!! Ha-ha. Then, when the 4th person talking, I didn’t really listen what she was saying, what her points coz I thought that’s it, after her, its done. But suddenly the man asks if anyone from my team want to add something. My partner put up his hand while I just mumbling alone coz I don’t know what to say else. But the man said, “ Yes no. 2, want to add something?”. I didn’t prepare anything! Then I ask him, “ You want me to rebut her points?”, he said, “ Up to you, the floor is yours!” then the woman laugh lightly. In my mind ‘ what the hell I’m going to say?”. Then again, I was saying nothing, I don’t know what came out off my mouth. These times, the woman listens to me intently. She even added, “ I don’t think KFC is selling junk food,” and then I reply something and the man asks something, and I said something! Is it a horrible one? I wanna cry!!