Friday, January 23, 2009


results r out!! n what shall i say.... ALHAMDULILLAH.. who would ever thought i will get this great result... myself aso like cant believe it... AS+A2=xy+4a <-- hahaha, equation yg tidak diterima oleh cambridge.. anyway, really, Thanks Allah for this great gift.. i cant ask for better...

and on the same day, i did the computerized test for L license.. i got 49 over 50!! wahaha... what wif all the nervous be4 the test.. wait like for an hour, wif heart beating like a mad atom... hehehe. its been a while since the last time i sit for exam, so kinda forget how its feel like.. hahaha.. but i think the Qs r quite okay, all i need in order to prepare is the collection of soalan n jawapan that provided by the drivin school *thanks to Hani, who gave me the tips! ;)* thanks Allah again for giving me a good memory that day... so i manage to answer the Qs, except one question which doesnt have in the question compilation book, so im not surprise i got that one wrong.. hahaha.. n i complete the test in 14 minutes!! hehehe... proud of myself for being a permandu berhemah *clapping hand* perasan lak aku nih... =P

owh, next week gonna get my L d.... sooo happy, even its not as soon as i expected.. coz i think i wont hv enuff time to complete till P b4 return to coll.. *sobsob* but what to do.... too much holidays, so had to delay the process..... hehehe...

regarding my holiday, i mean the long break, lets review my aims and what i achieve so far.....
1. have a wonderful holiday, spend as much time as i can wif my family = achieved wif flying colors! hahaha.. too much i think.. the places i'd went wif my family, and the places going soon aso. thanks much dad!!! =
2. cook and bake more, learn aso = i think this one is okay. i manage to try new things, and did some baking and cooking for my family.. pizza, puding susu, mashed potato *thanks rafika for the recipe!*, cream utk creampuff *i think thats the name of that thing.. haha.. but didnt do the creampuff coz no eggs, so just did the cream*, sambal belacan *i just learnt how exactly to do it.. haha. b4 this i can use 'i dont know how' as alasan, now cannot d*, ikan sweet sour, ikan steam asam *yummy*, daging masak kicap wif potato *i love this so much!*. im planning to do cobbler next, but confuse wif the correct recipe.. anyone?? =
3. go jogging at least once a week = this one i failed completely. didnt even once go out jogging... haha. funny is, i didnt even really go out of my house to my own compound.. ngeee... but truly, if i go jog near the village here, the view in the morning is absolutely stunning.....but still, i didnt go jog haha! ampun ye panda.. ngeee =
4. take driving license = on the way. but i dont think gonna finish b4 go back to 'beloved' ktt.. can sambung what.. hehehe.. sbbkan lesen inilah aku kopak skrg.. haha =
5. read more islamic books and try to reread all my novel = hahahahahahaha *rotfl* so far, i read half way of Bio-Mekanik Solat, didnt even finish a novel yet. soooooooooo much of time, but why cannot do eh? ngeeee~ i try la after this.. at least finish up the BioMekanik Solat :) =
6. go shopping like crazy = didnt get that chance... no money... ngeee. my dad didnt allow me to go out aso.. ;) =

i guess there r lots i need to improve and add.. i believe i still got time for catch up... hope i will! i'll upload the related pictures soon.... gotta go.. movie waiting! hehehe.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


so sorry ihsan, but i have no time yet to do the tag. will do soonish k. =)

this week, nothing much actually, since my mom brought the laptop to penang for 3 days, so i were at home wif no laptop, so thats mean nothing to do *thats show how my life revolve around laptop oni*. too lazy to use the desktop... huhu...

today went to kursus KPP o something for the driving.. was so bored and the food at its canteen was soooo not much... n it was sooo spicy for me. hehe... really tired la now.. owh, i gotta have to study coz i book my test for this coming wednesday... choose that day coz i want to speed up everything, cant really waste any time... hope i can manage to prepare myself for the test n pass it... =)

i wake up so early this morning, wif the lack of sleep, now i cant really think straight.... i think i shall update more next time.. =P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


last weekend, went to KL on really last minute planning.. i was suppose to b in Perlis as i need to attend the kursus thingy for the driving license *now im not sure i will hv enuff time to complete the lesson b4 going back to ktt*, but then my parents going aso, so nobody will be sending me. so i just went to kl aso.

the thing is my bro got dengue fever last week. *caused by Flavivirus, ryte panda? =P* so my parents wanna visit him plus help to deal wif the insurance thingy to cover the hospital bill. now he s stable i think.. total for his stay in the hospital was RM 2900++. so $_$ *cashcash* luckly not all my parents have to pay.. =D

after my bro checked out from the hospital, we went to Bukit Cahaya *im not really sure the name* coz my sister realli want to go to the 4 Seasons House there, its winter now. so we all went there and the house was freezing cold! -7 degree celcius!! and we all din bring our sweater. hahaha.. but had a great time having snowfight wif my siblings.. haha.. the ticket said we suppose to be in there oni for 3 minutes but we were in there for 30 minutes *sorry management, we just lost track of time in there.. hehe. but then, by that time, i can barely feel my hand and my nose getting red, blush??*

we aso went to my granparents' place. got to meet the baby! he is now getting chubby-er. i realized, suddently im so in love wif BABY n DONUTS!!!! i love holding the baby.. ^_^
the last day, we went bowling at the nearby mall. early bird package, we played like craze one, for 3 hours, 6 of us, two bowling lanes. manage to play 7 games, and super tired d by the end of the time given. but had a fantastic time! *except the part where my hands sore d*

all in all, was a great weekend, who would expect so. but got no time to go shopping o meet my friends there. *sorry girls, i wish i were there a bit longer coz miss u guys like hell d. muahhx!~* looking forwards for our next trip dad! where we going next weekend? =D

Saturday, January 03, 2009


yesterday i became a carpenter... or izit.. dunno.. but been drilling holes into my home's wall.. ngeee~ my dad didnt wanna do it, so i have to do it.... somehow i think the pics that i hang is senget... hehehe... the pics i upload in here may look senget coz the angle pics taken, o it is senget.. ngeee

last nyte i went to kangar... bad idea.. it made me crave for shopping more.... i want to go shopping!!! sadly, i have zero cent in my wallet... all my money is in the bank.... i want shopping!!!! *got a cute pink blouse last nite, i dont care, im going back there soon to buy the blouse =P* btw, CNY is coming.. some pic taken at The Store, the giant firework.. hehe

Thursday, January 01, 2009

mix and match

1. the baby.. waa. i wanna hold u... again.. ngeee~ tetiba minat nak pegang baby la pulak...*time kecik2 best la...hehe* this is my new cousin. welcome to the family, wait till u big enuff, i hope i wont bully u ;) hehehe...

2. penang. went to penang. my mom doing sabbatical at USM, so we just follow her... while my mom doing her work, my dad brought us to the museum there.. a university got a museum. hehehe.. was great. had a great time i think.. :) but quite tiring..

3. BBQ. we did bbq, my sweet small neighbourhood.. was nice la.. coz the first time i 'socialized' wif them after always away in collage.. hehe.. first time i tried to make coleslaw =) they like it.... i donnow whether its delicious o not, coz i just eat it, i love mayoo, i love cabbage and carrot, so eating time~

4. hostel. sent my sis to her new school this morning.. she took mostly my stuff i used when i was in collage. so, suddenly she become the pink girl, coz all the think she took from me is pink.. ngeee~ the hostel is quite ok, but the dorm is so dusty, they didnt swept it yet i think.... owh, the school bedsheet is pink aso. so jealous of her bed now!~ hehehe.. pic of my sis's dorm. *we were the first one there, so only her bed is nice! hehe*