Monday, May 14, 2007


no one died okay? just me being sad. after 3 days being sad n trying to regain myself esteem, here i am, posting a new post on blogger. So, the need to tell, but the ending is not good, but i already get over it. just now, i have to make decision, wise one.

dentistry, pharmacy, or chemistry?!!?

so confuse to decide! me!!! i really need others thought and opinion..

Saturday, May 05, 2007


1st time i have cute little pimple!!! Hanisah, now i know what is pimple..kinda weird but its small, nobody can really see it.. haha! but whateva it is, i have pimple!!! hahahah. i dont know why im so happy coz usually girls will upset n worried over a pimple.. am i normal or what??!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

stay-at home mother's work worth $138095 a year, believe it?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - If the typical stay-at-home mother in the United States were paid for her work as a housekeeper, cook and psychologist among other roles, she would earn $138,095 a year, according to research released on Wednesday.

This reflected a 3 percent raise from last year's $134,121, according to Inc, Waltham, Massachusetts-based compensation experts.

The 10 jobs listed as comprising a mother's work were housekeeper, cook, day care center teacher, laundry machine operator, van driver, facilities manager, janitor, computer operator, chief executive officer and psychologist, it said.

The typical mother puts in a 92-hour work week, it said, working 40 hours at base pay and 52 hours overtime.

A mother who holds full-time job outside the home would earn an additional $85,939 for the work she does at home,

Last year she would have earned $85,876 for her at-home work, it said.

wow! i never know what i am doing now at home worth that much. even i am not a mom yet, but i still have to keep the house - housekeeper, cook - cook, take care of my sis- day care centre teacher, do the laundry - laundry machine operator, watch telly - supervisor, and so much more.. hahah!! thanks Mummy for doing all those works all these time. so, thats meaning fully housewife isnt a low-class job!!