Tuesday, December 29, 2009

one day..

one day, love comes knocking on de door. i hesitate but i answer the door. i let love in, and let love linger around for a few. after a while, i ask love to leave. and love leaves sadly.

no comment on dat

day by day, im coming closer to January 3rd. hurm.. im not ready to leave yet..... and im still having trouble to figure out wat to get for someone in india....... ;)

still lot to do, more to buy, and people to meet.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

shop n fud

more shopping n more food.. hahaha.. im loving it..

its very easy to summarize diz holiday. as my friend said, im ' scaring drivers on the roads and devouring the fridge' :) and shop a lot :D more shopping yesterday n today. one more week to go and my luggages r full dee.. :)

i love being at home. spending time wif my family... its heaven!

Friday, December 25, 2009


wat can i say, Malaysia is hot! :) but, regardless de countless sweat and de burning heat, its good to be back home!!

did mega shopping in Bangalore and KL, and spent a lot!! haha, i have to save up after this, coz im officially broke now (: thanks so much to Along, for taking leave to bring me to midval, plus ur patience to walk around de mall wid me ( i know he was so tired but he still follow me to shop. well, cant blame me, shoppaholic have prob to stop wink2 ) and thanks also so Mak Wa who also took leave from work specially for me, and brought me to IKEA. more shopping! to Opah and Atuk who cook my fav food, and for sending me to KL Sentral. not to forget, Hanisah, thanks beary much for coming all de way to my Opah's place juz so we can meet each other eventho it was late nite aedy. gal, i love u much! i wish i can spend more time in KL but my loves r in perlis, so... (:

so far, i ate so much :) i love being home. de love, de joy... RM1400 is so worth it :D ok, got to go sleep now, need to wake up early tomoro. my uncle from KL is here, spending the night wif his wife.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


well, im sooooo excited... 2 more weeks, and i will be back home, place where i belong :D

lot to plan, lot to do, lot to share....

meanwhile, stuck at belgaum, im too lazy to study... hurm.. i know, it is so unusual of me coz i love studying... but wat to do, de excitement make me lazy... hurm.. no prob! im starting to study tomoro... yeah2, i know it sounds like juz another promise, but i wish i can start today, but im stuck wif journal tonyte... huhu.. so, tomoro insyaAllah :D

till then ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

love story

myself is not perfect, but yet, here, i want to express my disappointment to a place where nobody will ever feel hurt i believe. its my right and im not gonna mention any name.

stop, plz stop hurting girl. i dont get wat r u trying to do ever! i knew u for quite a long time and for wat i know, u never change at all. plz plz plz, we r all de same, we got feeling. stop enjoying hurting other and respect us for wat we worth. deep inside, i know u r a good man, but u need to grow up and try to be a man instead of a boy. ur history doesnt have to follow u, and nobody is asking for u to repeat de history. so, as a friend, i really hope u will change one day. be a better person, and insyaAllah wat u r looking for will be there.

im not angry, but im totally sad. i let u know wat u needed to know, but somehow u went to de different way, de way dat i told u not to. im not blaming u, im juz asking u to plz, sit down, and think diz all over again, then if u think it is de right way, then i wont stop u to continue to lead dat way. trust and friendship are wat i tried to hold u on to, but i guess its not here anymore..

to everyone,
i dedicated diz for only the person i meant to. to others, dont blame me if it does hurt u also. anything good, u can take as advice, but all de bad thing is from me, and im still trying myself. so everyone, lets try our best to be better, not for others, but for ourself insyaAllah!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

way beyond crazy

so long i didnt update. not becoz i dowan to, but i barely have time to sleep, so blogging is far more worse. been staying in library for 6-10 hours a day. so.....

alhamdulillah, theory exam juz finished!! after pushing myself over my own limit, at least i can have a rest tonyte. i owe myself a rest! but tomoro, i will be continuing going to library i guess, need to study for practical exam n viva! urrmmm... its never really end huh?!

thanks mom n dad for supporting me during my exam. i know, i was so down and depressed for these 2 weeks, and i cant do it widout ur support. love u much!!!

and to friends who helped me, u know i really appreciate it!! and pink bear! tears shed in front of u was a relieve process of a crazy girl. i know and u know im far too far passed crazy state dee. i will try to be a bit normal after diz k? :P

ok la, i hvta go to class.. i know, exam finish in de morning, got class in de evening! and im dead tired now!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

i miss

maybe, de post is a bit emo, but dat is wat im feeling ryte now. 3 months n counting, my soul is screaming. i miss home, i miss wat i love, i miss being loved. exam is coming very2 soon, but i keep on loosing my focus.

i miss dad
one person dat i know i can always count on, lean on and depend on for everything insyaAllah. he is a jovial, happy man wif a lot of patience, de one dat always make me laugh and smile.

i miss mom
a woman whom holding herself strong for her kids. my mom, my friend, whom i never thought i can talk about boys wif :)

i miss everything at home
my bed, my airconditioned room, my pink pillow, my annoying brother, my noisy sisters, my fridge and kitchen, my oven, astro and unlimitted wifi, argh... it just too many

i miss food
food i love, divine choices, ice cube, strawberry, durian, my mom's cook, my dad's kelapa pandan, seafood.........

i miss de love.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


so long didnt update.. hehe.. not really busy, but not in de mood to update anything. anyhow, i am happy now, and maybe i wanna share de happiness b4 i dont hv it anymore.. for now, i am very2 happy. but i know i will loose it soon...... juz enjoying it now :)

exam is coming in 3 weeks. need to get ready now i guess.. there are tooooooo much thing need to memorize, and i dont know if i can do it.... haha.. Allahumma najjahna fil imtihan insyaAllah :D

very excited to go back msia even so far away still... :D and yeah, i think i will be an iron girl soon *lol, only zainal n Dennie knows wat i meant by dat :)*

Saturday, September 26, 2009

pass time

..im hurting inside..
..for de rudeness of people..
..disappearance of face..
..and ignorance of love..

Friday, September 18, 2009

finishing line

ramadhan arriving at it's end, and i still want to be in it... it feels so short... but wat to do... plus, i wish i dont have to go thro Eid mess.... it just killing me to have to go thro all diz....

ramadhan, hope i can meet u again next yeah, insyaAllah. will miss u a lot!

anyhow, wish everyone Happy Raya!! sorry for everything yeah.... mummy, daddy, raya is just not de same widout u both here by my side me. i wish i can go back n be wif u all, but.... its ok, im coming home soon! i'll study hard to make dat RM1431 worth k! huugggzzz...

Sunday, September 06, 2009


one hell of a week, a lot of tear n fear, and at the end of it, de disgusting week never end. no specific event will be told here as i'd upset enuff by myself about all these, so i dont need anymore reason or extra moment for my eyes to do thier reluctant job of crying.

things i learnt during de week

1. friends, we dont really decide whom is our friend. sometime i wish dis person can be my friend, dis one dont be my friend. but at the end, it just didnt work dat way. and we have to live wif it. its not a bad thing actually. but de bad part is, the one whom i really wish will be here to hug me and care for me during diz hard time isnt here. luckly, im not totally alone here. thanks Sindhu!

2. enough sleep is compulsory, its not an option.

and some other stuff i learnt but i might wanna keep it to myself. to all my friend, im sorry if i hurt or offended anyone during my bad week. but im so sorry again, im too busy managing my brain to really see wat i do to others. gimme time, so i can be back to normol, i hope so!

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

keep hurting

sometimes, a person keep hurting u, keep on hurting u, when all u try is not to do de same to dat person. i dont want to say much about diz, but im very very disappointed in dat person. im not saying im too good dat i din hurt no one, it just im disappointed bcoz i was hoping for a new person of her. but sometimes, sometimes, dat is life ryte? its ok now i guess, i have my own circle, away, and i hope de circle is enuff to secure n love me :) and i know de circle will always will! :D

ramadhan comes again. and i always love diz month! its undesribable how i feel about it, but i really enjoy it :D and Alhamdulillah, thanks Allah for giving me another chance to be here :)

btw, just sharing a photo, an advertisement actually, that i saw in Kak Najah's blog.

de 1st two girl is my sister! lol

Friday, August 14, 2009


i know, dog is not really a nice thing to refer to, but since i see dogs everyday during my walk to college, so im simply taking one of the dogs as my topic.

there is a dog, one of his legs is hurting, i think something wrong with it socket or something ( i dont know, im not a vet lol). so, he is walking and moving around with 3 legs only. sometimes i see him walk a few step then lay back on the ground, very hard to stand. but other time, he is running around with his 3 legs.

so, dats life. sometime, u feel so down, u barely can breath, but u need to stand up and be strong. life arent bad all de time, so cheer up and think positive :)

lol, that reminder is for me :)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

the best of worse

went to had lunch at Adarsh Hotel!! then BASKIN ROBBINS!! so worth it...

since im so excited after i had my BR i decide to cheer up my blog with pics of the happiest moment ( or things or food) i had in India :) (after so long i never upload pics in here lol)

actually, the board was dark maroon.. hehe. diz crazy gal sanggup buy cloth to wrap the board lol. tried very hard to wrap the board tightly, but the cloth keep on stretching into other directions... so dats de best i can do... and the table mat, pink pooh! i love my table!!

sorry, i dont know why the pic terbalik, when i check it in my laptop, it doesnt, but when i upload.... anyhow, its what i carved during my 1st carving class.. hehehe.. nothing much.. :) but i like it..

argh, another bengong pic. it suppose to be the other way!! huhu... this is the drink i had at Adarsh hotel. Sweetheart, very thick mango drink. i like!!

1st time at Adarsh hotel. it was nice! but too much herbs i think. but, still nice. dats y i went for second time today!! i had chicken lasagna diz time :) (but forgot to take pics)

diz was the time when En Khai came to meet all of us. very very nice . a full course meal which i melantak like hyper. haha.. En Khai, its our secret ni k!

its not very nice, but at least it was something different. haha.. i didnt manage to eat much tho, bcoz my wisdom tooth is bugging me! huhu. but i guess my roomate enjoy it much :)

last but not least, my baby! i love baskin robbins now.. haha.. it is the best thing i can get here, to make up for the other down side.. haha. i hope it will be sufficient to keep me going for 5 years. and the good thing is, its so cheap here, compared to at malaysia :) and the taste is great! :D

so, thats all for today, i got to study now. lol.. getting sleepy even just start reading like 5 minutes ago... see ya!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

freedom of choice

class had started, some, but some still leave us hanging. i hate dissection class. guess why? we sit around cadaver for 2 hours doing nothing. bila ktorg sembang, prof marah lak.. aijo..... its not a pleasant view, let alone smell.....

i miss home, and everything there. talk to my dad again last nyte, yeay!! miss u dad, a lot! mummy, miss u too...... hope i can go back diz december :) even some din wanna go back coz its only 6 months since we are here, i mean by december lol, but i still wanna go back. lots to do, lots to bring back here :)

so far, thats all i want to say. and, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, i hope i have it.....

Friday, July 31, 2009

carving wax

around so many people
i feel standed
alone on this unknown fairy tale
struggling to wake up
and find my soulmate

just few words, that only certain people ( i really do mean certain people ) who really understand it. or maybe nobody will.

so long didnt update here. i got a lot of free time for now since the classes not starting yet, but somehow, i cant find the time, or the word to write. it just things happen, and its so complicated. i know, things actually are so simple, i make it complicated. but the truth, may be i dont want it to be simple, coz then, i knew how much it is a burden rather than joy.

india, things getting a little progress. bought most of my book, learnt how to carve a love shape and book lol, start cooking on my own, paid my hostel and so on. oh, i had stop eating at mess hall...

i miss my dad and my mom, i miss home, i miss the Merz that i drive everywhere and i scratched it, i miss my bed where i put everything on it, i miss my siblings whom i fight a lot with, i miss my friends who hug me so much, i miss shopping mall in malaysia where i can enjoy my very hobby of shopping, i miss food in malaysia where i can eat without limit, i miss everything. its not that before this i didnt appreciate all that, indeed, i enjoy all of them as much as i can coz i knew how much they r the best things in the world. i knew it already. just, now being away, i miss it.

mommy and daddy, i miss u all so much. looking forward to go back for summer holiday k!

elepanda, thanks for always being here for me, i miss u sooo very much. and looking forward for our next 'date'.

hanisah and husna, i wish im there with u both, coz i love u two so much, and it is very hard being away from both of u. i miss u guys so much. and thanks, for always loving me and let me be myself, and share with me.

to friends that i didnt mention ur name, u knew how much u had help me, and how much i appreciate it. huggz for u all.

till then, i'll write again soon..

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Flying with MAS, my first time actually, and it was so nice.. thanks Cik Cam for making my journey a lot nicer!! I had a nice long sleep all the way to Bangalore, right after i had the meal.. haha. the meal was ok I guess.... the sleep was so nice, i wish the flight was longer lol. arriving at Bangalore, it was pass 2am Malaysia time (MT), which is why we were so sleepy! By the time we settle everything and arrived at the resort we were staying, its 4am MT. Slept right away!

The next morning, wake up at 7.30am India time (IT), then had breakfast at 8am. The breakfast was ok, but the chicken quite spicy, for me. Then, heading to airport again, taking another flight to Hubli with a small plane. Im not sure about the name, but its small, and scary. The journey is around an hour, but because of the shaking and vibrating all that, i was sooo dizzy. Huhu. Then another hour journey by bus to Belgaum. Was ok...

Arriving at JNMC, I had lost track of the time. I keep on getting confused IT with MT (bcoz i didn’t change my mobile phone’s time yet! Haha) the different is 2 and half hours. Was so tired during the first day, with the unpacking (27kg of stuff, very tired to carry around!), then taking the registration form and so on. We were suppose to go out with seniors and have dinner outside together, but then the warden didn’t allow us to go out with senior ( to be exact, the warden didn’t allow us to even see the seniors) because she scared the seniors will rag us (who will rag us exactly???) the seniors were eager to help but then...... so we have to stay in our room.... hurm...

The food here is ok, but i don’t have any appetite to eat here. I eat when i only need to. A lot of money been spent because have to buy a lot of thing. So far, we had register for the university and college, open the bank account, buy some stuff. We still didn’t register for hostel, buy medical appliances, medical books. oh, the most i cant forget here is the hiv test. at least at malaysia, i drive myself to get the injection and all, but in india, can u believe, i bought the syringe and the needle and give to the guy to poke me!!! and now, on my table, there is a dissection set! anyone want me to dissect ur body?

For the time being, we are having orientation, and lotsa shopping! Waaa, im running out of money. And i miss my family and friends!!! I want internet!!!

Went to do my Punjabi suit, it was ok. Went by ourself since the senior cant even talk to us, we managed to arrive at the place safely, wif a little screaming on the road lol (trust me, if u ever need to cross the road here, u will scream too!) i ordered 5 suits of Punjabi suit, which cost me around IR2200 for the sewing and the material. Its ok i guess...

Last nite i managed to talk to my dad!!! So nice.... miss home.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

so gentle

went for my hepatitis A vaccination today! was a little painful and lots of fear as usual, but what i like is, the doctor, he was so gentle and kind. i love this kind of doctor. thanks Doc!!

so, i got my luggage, i tried to start packing, and miracle happen! i cant fit everything inside the luggage lol (everyone could had guess that i cant fit my stuff inside any luggage coz they know how much i like to bring lotsa stuff lol) and now im gonna figure out how to fir everything.. and later worry about how to carry all the damn heavy luggages by myself :((

so, gotta go. pray for me.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


its been a long time since i wrote truly about my feeling, and im not gonna do that now either. all i can conclude is im now in a state of hormone imbalance.

progressing, so far i did
1. check for my immunity level
2. got typhoid and 1st Hep B vaccination
3. some shopping
4. chose which laptop bag to bring
5. called the officer
and some other little things.

for now, the hardest for me is doing this without my best friends. and all my friend seem to fade away during the time i really need them. hurm....

my next plan
1. go get the vitamins
2. 1st Hep A vaccination
3. get my luggage
4. find sport shoes and black shoes
5. transfer all my movies into external hard disk

pray for me.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


there is no more moderation. everything is going on full speed. people gone missing, my bestfriends disappear, fear getting stronger, hormone imbalance, money usage. for short, EVERYTHING!

so far, I made the cookies. i also settled things wid my scholar. seen de doctor about immunization which was very tiring and will be more... wish i can really tell someone about it... anyway, thanks much Azan! love you.

=my tomorrow's plan=
1. typhoid vaccination
2. shopping
3. call the officer

im not sure how and when, but so far, im holding strong settling all these. even i did lose my temper yesterday when the hospital really pissed me off. or not really the hospital but the ******. i was super extremly pissed and tired and hungry yesterday till i cried. huhu

pray for me.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

malaysia tercinta

just came back to malaysia yesterday. felt like a long tiring vacation. i thought my vacation at the island will be relaxing and soothing, but since too many traveling been done, at last, i end up pretty tired. but i guess, its ok. Alhamdulillah, we all safely come back to Malaysia :)

now, my main focus is to settle everything b4 going to india. my flight to Bangalore is on July 12, 2009 at 2210 oclock.

1. arrange meeting wif scholar/ settle things regarding scholar
2. find suitable luggage!
3. sort and choose what things to buy and bring
4. make cookies
5. get immunization

so far, that is what i have in mind., need to settle it ASAP! any help is kindly appreciated :) x

Saturday, June 20, 2009


sooo many things to be written. last few days had been long days as i was rushing and so busy arranging and settling my leave from ktt, offer letter, and visa before i go back to perlis. and now i am in perlis. luckly, i manage to settle my visa, i guess i did.. my visa will be ready by this tuesday :)

oh, i have to give my tortoise to my cousin :( since im going to India very soon, 12th JULY 2009 to be exact, and i will be busy most of the time during my remaining 20 days in Malaysia, so i guess its not the time to have any pet, anymore.. so, no more pet.... its just me and myself (whateva that mean lol)

hah, and i realize how JPA now likes my second parents, if u know what i mean :) thanks JPA..

i will write back later. need to settle some more things..

Monday, June 08, 2009


so far so good. i still didnt kill anyone plus didnt crash my dad's car yet lol. hope i will never do such thing, ever!

so, im happy now. i manage to buy pen, pen refill, eraser, correction fluid and pencil leads :) thats better than nothing ryte? but im so sad to find out that the shoes that i like, the black shoes to be wear on departure day is out of stock. the biggest size they got today is 6 so i cant get it :((( will it be a new stock soon? plz.. i suppose to settle shoes shopping by today, but sadly, i didnt get my black shoes yet, and a sport shoes.. huhu..

next on my list, i think i wanna buy passport cover, and some present for my friends. oh, and some eating craze lol. i wanna eat sooo many things. can i? we'll see :D

write again soon!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

too long

i know its too long since i wrote here, but cant blame me.. no internet, so cant write anything... sad, confuse and not sure.. haha, becoz i dont really know what i had missed for the whole time im offline.. too many!

i was sick for a week last week. not the best experience.. but what to do.. skipped a lot of class coz of my health problem :( fever, cold and cough! alhamdulillah now im getting better :)

now im at home! enjoying so much, nothing can beat the feeling of being at home! and the internet! oh my gosh, its heaven! hehehehe.. so sad im going back to collage so soon :(( tomorrow im going to kangar! shopping again i guess.. so far i did went shopping wif my dad *can u believe it? i went shopping wif my dad!!* and did some of my own shopping. so far i manage to find mini umbrella, my PJ pant, shoes ( flats and wedges ), black slack pant, soap, leave-on lotion, perfume.. i think thats all i manage to get for now.. will go find some more thing tomoro! :)

alot to do for now. update later! :)) now i need to figure out also when to go check my immunity level.. hurm...

Monday, May 11, 2009

help help help

i really need internet! i miss my unlimited internet access at home....
im really stress out wif everything. now almost everyday i become moody.. so sorry my friends but i need time to be stable again...

one of my tortoise died.. sooooo sad...

sport, now i know i suck in running! totally flat out after like 200 meters... and yuck, another sunburn!!! :((

panda, how could u......

Friday, April 24, 2009

i know i know

i know i should write something since a long time already... but i had been very busy *not really, to be exact, no internet at my collage!!* so, thats why i cant really update.... and now, i cant really remember what had happen for the past two weeks.. i think i can write something briefly..

April 8
we went to UKM, KL to the faculty of dentistry there, its like an exposure trip for us.. it was exciting yet tiring. but i've learnt a lot during the trip. we had been explain and brought for a tour around the faculty. so now, i can say that i know a bit of every dentistry specialist. but i cant decide which one suit me yet. and i saw how dentistry clinical, the lab and so on. it was so informative, and advantadge for us who went there for the first trip, everything is fresh and ready for us. bcoz for the second trip, they were rushed to finish the tour and everything. so lucky us. :) we arrived back at collage around 3pm. i was sooo tired and sad. tired coz of the walking around the big faculty, sad bcoz i want to go shopping so bad, KLCC was soooo near to the UKM yet so far coz i have to stick wif the trip :( hurm...

April 11
Port Dickson! after like 2 years i didnt go there. the journey started at 730am, wearing the very odd green KI shirt *lol*. we all look likes kindergarden student, seriously. we had our breakfast there, then we start the 1st activity, Aerobic. its according to class. it was fun! and our class got 3rd place i think.. hehe.. then 2nd activity - Amazing Race and sandcastle competition. i joined the Amazing Race, and we got 1st place!! hehe... for sandcastle, we got 2nd place. overall, we got 2nd place :) its was a joyful day, tiring and frustrating. we have to wait like 2 hours for our bus!! and, nasty sunburn!! im still a zebra, even after more than one week now :((

April 18
its like a new thing to me. FUTSAL! never tried be4, but since nobody in our class wanna participate it, so we have to join it.. but honestly, we had loads of fun! even my leg very painful the day after, but i still feel happy that i at least tried futsal :) and we got 2nd place!! yeay me..

i think thats about everything, coz im tired, sleepy and blurry. hehehe... oh, i got tortoises! sooo cute, a boy and a girl, still no name yet.. will be named soon!! ok, im off to bed now. any weird spelling or grammatically terrible sentence, my appology *its 135 in morning!*

Friday, April 03, 2009

thanks friends

thanks to all that help me during my moody stressful phase.. haha. and most likely the phase will be longer than i expected... lol..

so, here it is, big hugz and thanks to Fiona Yuen, Xiao Chien, Gayathri, Zainal, Dennie, Cecil, Claire, and lotsa more i think... thanks thanks thanks.

now im trying to readjust myself to my old schedule when i was in KTT last year.. kinda hard, wif the staying up. not enjoying it now.. haha.. but i did stay up for three time already since i came to KTT last week.

and internet, please please please. very frustrating. the connection keep on lost untracable.. i feel like crying when i was happily chatting or talking on phone online, suddenly it just drop and i cant reconnect again until after around 12 hours. i think u got what i mean... :((((

Monday, March 30, 2009


im back at KTT, and so far, i can say that its not what i expected at all.. hahaha.. i miss home so much.. mommy... :((

3 languages at once ?? now i already mixed up all the alphabets.. haha.. Tamil, Kannada and Hindi, all the alphabets is different and v hard to remember.... :((

internet here is very very slow and frustrating. keep on dropping in the middle of my conversation wif my friends... sad2... :((

i wanna go back!!!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009


im a terrible driver.. hahaha..

went for bowling last weekend, i cant believe i was been so lucky that day. i manage to get strike and spare for all frame except two.. which is amazing, becoz usually, im more than lucky if i got two spare or strike for the whole game..

owh, got the offer letter. hv to be back in collage on 23rd march.. so sad!! more, i hv to do medical check up, again!! wawawawa, how im gonna go thro it this time?!

help.. *fainted*

Thursday, March 05, 2009

lazy bum..

sesungguhnya daku sangat la malas ingin menulis di sini.. hehe...

was a terrible horrible weekend. i went for a programme. there was when my wallet went missing. i cried all nyte... i become an ugly panda for sure.. really2 bad dee my eyes.. luckly now my eyes recovered and normal dee! :)

then i got flu... or izit cold?? haha.. donno la, but this happen due to too much crying. *reminder to self, dont cry so much* until today still runny nose...

owh, btw, thanks to all my friend that had wish me luck for my test. i passed!! yeay... and now my mom already started asking me to drive, which im so scared..... :( not ready yet.....

thats all for now.. hehe.. wanna upload my graduation pictures, setelah berkurun2 lamanya. hehehe.. as i said, lazy bum.. :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

si kumbang...

very sad....

ok, start from de beginning..
evrynyte i always sleep late. and evrynyte, this cute tiny creature accompany me till late nyte.. stay on my laptop keyboard.. at 1st, i hate it. keep on throwing that lil creature off my laptop...and the bug keep on coming to me on my bed.. i even almost kill it when i crushed it when i lean on the wall.. *i didnt see it* luckly it was ok after that.. but soon, i keep on waiting for it to come to me.. and it always did... sitting there next to me... nyte after nyte.... one day it even come to me during the day when i was sitting outside of my room, i was doing some art thingy at the table *dining table that we never use to dine*.. :)

one day, the bug didnt come to me at all... i said to myself 'it just found another bug, so they go stay outside my house... the bug didnt come the next day, and the next also.... until i found the bug, laying on the floor.. dead already... so sad.. my very only 'pet'.... *crying*.........

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


oh, i change my blog picture!! its a panda... thanks to the owner of the original pic, i took it but i forgot the link, so sorry... then i edit it.. :) i love panda so much.. haha.. they r so cute i think... i dont really know what trigger this interest, but for sure, some thanks shud go to 'panda'.. :) ganbatte on ur next 5 papers!!

so, i made some cookies last week.. due to too much free time at home.. haha.. but too lazy to add picture here.. later may be.. o may be at facebook only... hehe.. it was nice i think... hehe..

actually, i had sooo many things to write here, but somehow, when i hv too many to write, you know what happen, i dont write any of it.. haha.. thats the problem....

ok, last weekend i went to a programme, im not sure what should i call it.... got a game, treasure hunt... somehow, now i hate it.. sorry Kak Najah, but i really dont like it nemore.. i was sooo tired by the end of the day, had no mood to talk to anyone, and i even cried! huhu... whats wrong wif me....

my friends are flying soon to manipal.. next week to be exact.. hope will get a chance to meet then b4 they fly.. prepared something to give to Wenxin, if im gonna meet here b4 6th march..

my driving lesson going on smoothly i think... i few mistake here and there.... im a beginner.. met some of my secondary school junior.. but somwhow they didnt seem to recognize me.. i guess im too unpopular at school.. haha... i dont mind actually... :)

oh, and its raining now... at least once a day.. after a long hot summer.. hehe...

thats all im gonna write this time....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tagged luv

maaf bnyk2 buat Ihsan, sudah lama sbnrnya tertangguh nak wat tag ni... bukan apa, dh lama sgt tak buat tag, so rasa cam malas lak.. hehee.. neway, here is my promise to u honey :)

a. do you think you're HOT?
= 37 degree celcius isnt hot enuff izit? i think im hot enuff, dowan get fever aso.. hehe =

b. upload favorite picture of you!

c. Why do you like that picture?
= i love water sooo much.. a candid pic by my sister yg asyik memegang my cellphone.. taken at Swiss Garden Kuantan, a very nice watery place.. hahaha =

d. When is your last time you ate your pizza?
= i think last week, made by my mom specially for me coz sye puasa hari tu.. thanks mommy!! =

e. The last song you listen to?
= Michael Heart - Song For Gaza. i luv this song. touching..... =

f. What are you doing right now beside this?
= chatting wif my friend about....... haha! =

g. What name would you prefer beside yours?
= name?? i luv my name, i luv my parents' names, i luv my siblings's names, i luv my bestfriends' names.... n more *secret* ;) =

h. people i tag?
do i have to tag anyone?? adoila....
1. Sir Addie
2. Kak Najah
3. Yannur
4. kaka Wana

i. Who is number 1?
= my beloved bio lecturer. tought me for my last semester. thanks sir ;) =

j. Number 3 is having relationship with ...?
= someone..... rahsia org, tak baik gtau la.. hahaha* =

k. Say something about number 4..
= my beloved friend... rindu sama kaka la.. hehe =

l. Number 2 is having relationship with?
= she's married la! =

there. Ihsan syg, this is for u ;)

Monday, February 09, 2009

bila saya kena marah =(

sbnrnya, kemalasan nak menulis... hehehe... tag Ihsan pun belum buat... esok insyaAllah k Ihsan syg! hehehe....

on thursday, i bake choc cake for my sister's birthday.. hahaha.. i never try do choc cake using cooking chocolate, usually i use cocoa powder. so i doubted the cake taste nice... pity my sister.. hehehe.. then i did mashed potato again, coz i was bored n my dad just bought potato.. hehehe.. n the baskin robbins ice cream was at BayView hotel... yummy!

then, on friday, i wake up sooo early, coz my dad asked me to cook aso even im going to penang. so i wake up at 6! and cook lunch.. hahahaha.. i cook ayam masak kicap *like ayam utk nasi ayam itu*, then udang masak cili, and aso cabbage. finished, i get ready and by 830, my dad sent me to bus station. i took bus from kangar to alor setar, then to butterworth. arrive at butterworth, took the ferry, then take rapid penang.. hahaha.. then, that awesome bus made me walk like 30 minutes to Gurney Plaze.. may be it was my mistake aso, coz i donnow how rapid penang network are. hahaha.. i arrived at last at Gurney at 200pm, sweating and tired. met Sherlyn and we hv Sushi King for lunch. sooo nice, then window shopping there. the shops there so nice!!i wan to go again n do a proper shopping.... after than, Sherlyn sent me to hotel. Sherlyn, a big thanks to u for the day!! after that, i stuck at the hotel for 3 days helping my mom wif her seminar.... but, the great thing is, i ate a lot.. its free, and the fud theree is soooo much.. i ate soo much, every time after every meal, i were bloated. ahahaha... n at the hotel, got the Revolving Restaurant. quite dizzy at first eating while spinning, but eating up in the air, was nice, coz hv the view over penang :)

came back, super tired. then today, i went for my first driving after i got my L. so sad, the teacher marah me alot of time.. feel like wanna cry aso.... why!!!!! n my teacher is a female! i donnow shud i say im lucky or unlucky.....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

everywhere i go........

was a long long vacation.. i think... its not that long in duration, but its quite a journey...

1st day -it was an early start. have to wake up and get ready by 8 am... huhu... super hectic. have to pack stuff, arrange bags in the boot, heat the pizza, scold my sisters, fight for a seat and blablabla.. hahahaha... *im a good sister what =P* we stop at Kuala Kedah for breakfast, it was actually a brunch i think, coz quite heavy... then, our journey began..... from Perlis till Genting... ngeee... arrived there, soo cold.. then check in into an apartment, then me n my sisters went for cable car ride uphill..... but didnt go in theme park o anything, coz was late d, and bored aso.. since it was CNY break, can see mostly Chinese s there, oni several Malay people.. hehehe.. spend the nite there..

2nd day - check out from the apartment, and head off to Kuantan. Check in at Swiss Garden. the hotel was superb.. i like... coz the theme is water, i think... but can see lotsa water around... my 1st time there, but all my other siblings went there d before... the swimming pool is cute, but too many people, so cannot join... got to go online for a while at the hotel coz got wifi.. ngeee....

3rd day - have a bad start, i start vomiting suddenly.. luckly just for a while.. but was suffering and uncomfortable.. hehe.. that morning aso, i went to hv a walk along the beach.. was nice coz been long since i go to beach.. hehe... wearing jeans to beach is bad idea. after a while oni, my jeans wet d... then get ready, check out, move to De Rhu hotel, i think.... but in Kuantan aso... the swimming pool is very very large... i think there is a noticeboard about largest lagun o something.... the temptation of the water is so strong, so that evening, i went for a swim.. ngeee =D

4th day - early start, check out from the hotel, start our long journey to Kuala Besut... wasnt a pleasent journey as the road is curvy, hilly and........... stop at Kuala Terengganu to buy keropok lekor coz everyone starving d.. hehe.. arrived at Kuala Besut around 2 pm, hv our lunch, then take a speedboat to Pulau Perhentian.. the boat ride was quite scary. haha.. so fast, wif the wave and so on, its like riding a roller coaster.. check in at a resort there, cant remember the name aso. after settle down, we went to the beach, then snorkling.. was so nice but tiring.. i can see lots of things in there.. i mean, when u look in the ocean thro the snorkling goggles, its like a diff world... its like living the documentary shown in discovery channel.... saw a penyu *izit a turtle? hehehe*,i swam right above the penyu!! then i saw lotsa fish wif different color and shape, coral, batu karang, and aquatic lifes...sooo nice. but once u r out of the water, it was freezing cold.. hahaha...

5th day - get ready at 9 am to go for snorkling again. this time at another spot. was very nice aso.. i see NEMO and the friend DORIS *if im not mistaken, thats the name...*, my dad saw lil shark.. and i saw lots more big colourful fish.. was super exciting. went sooo far from the shore... then when i hv to swim back to the beach, i nearly gave up coz super tired and had 'drink' lotsa salt water.. haha... luckly i manage to arrive there... then pack our stuff and head back to main land at 12 noon. the journey back is more terrible.. the salt water splashed everywhere. i dont like..... arrived at mainland, hv lunch at Kota Bharu if im not mistaken, then head back to Perlis... was so tired, so i slept for half of the journey. hehe.. alhamdulillah, safely arrived home...

was a great vacation.. the states we covered Perlis-Kedah-Penang-Perak-Pahang-Selangor-Terengganu-Kelantan. see, its like almost around Malaysia. hehehe.. spending time wif my family, have lotsa fight wif my borthers and sisters, eat lotsa food and instant noodle!, done lotsa sudoku *so bored during the nyte....*,see lotsa new things, spend lotsa money.. hahah! overall, was a great week. =)

Friday, January 23, 2009


results r out!! n what shall i say.... ALHAMDULILLAH.. who would ever thought i will get this great result... myself aso like cant believe it... AS+A2=xy+4a <-- hahaha, equation yg tidak diterima oleh cambridge.. anyway, really, Thanks Allah for this great gift.. i cant ask for better...

and on the same day, i did the computerized test for L license.. i got 49 over 50!! wahaha... what wif all the nervous be4 the test.. wait like for an hour, wif heart beating like a mad atom... hehehe. its been a while since the last time i sit for exam, so kinda forget how its feel like.. hahaha.. but i think the Qs r quite okay, all i need in order to prepare is the collection of soalan n jawapan that provided by the drivin school *thanks to Hani, who gave me the tips! ;)* thanks Allah again for giving me a good memory that day... so i manage to answer the Qs, except one question which doesnt have in the question compilation book, so im not surprise i got that one wrong.. hahaha.. n i complete the test in 14 minutes!! hehehe... proud of myself for being a permandu berhemah *clapping hand* perasan lak aku nih... =P

owh, next week gonna get my L d.... sooo happy, even its not as soon as i expected.. coz i think i wont hv enuff time to complete till P b4 return to coll.. *sobsob* but what to do.... too much holidays, so had to delay the process..... hehehe...

regarding my holiday, i mean the long break, lets review my aims and what i achieve so far.....
1. have a wonderful holiday, spend as much time as i can wif my family = achieved wif flying colors! hahaha.. too much i think.. the places i'd went wif my family, and the places going soon aso. thanks much dad!!! =
2. cook and bake more, learn aso = i think this one is okay. i manage to try new things, and did some baking and cooking for my family.. pizza, puding susu, mashed potato *thanks rafika for the recipe!*, cream utk creampuff *i think thats the name of that thing.. haha.. but didnt do the creampuff coz no eggs, so just did the cream*, sambal belacan *i just learnt how exactly to do it.. haha. b4 this i can use 'i dont know how' as alasan, now cannot d*, ikan sweet sour, ikan steam asam *yummy*, daging masak kicap wif potato *i love this so much!*. im planning to do cobbler next, but confuse wif the correct recipe.. anyone?? =
3. go jogging at least once a week = this one i failed completely. didnt even once go out jogging... haha. funny is, i didnt even really go out of my house to my own compound.. ngeee... but truly, if i go jog near the village here, the view in the morning is absolutely stunning.....but still, i didnt go jog haha! ampun ye panda.. ngeee =
4. take driving license = on the way. but i dont think gonna finish b4 go back to 'beloved' ktt.. can sambung what.. hehehe.. sbbkan lesen inilah aku kopak skrg.. haha =
5. read more islamic books and try to reread all my novel = hahahahahahaha *rotfl* so far, i read half way of Bio-Mekanik Solat, didnt even finish a novel yet. soooooooooo much of time, but why cannot do eh? ngeeee~ i try la after this.. at least finish up the BioMekanik Solat :) =
6. go shopping like crazy = didnt get that chance... no money... ngeee. my dad didnt allow me to go out aso.. ;) =

i guess there r lots i need to improve and add.. i believe i still got time for catch up... hope i will! i'll upload the related pictures soon.... gotta go.. movie waiting! hehehe.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


so sorry ihsan, but i have no time yet to do the tag. will do soonish k. =)

this week, nothing much actually, since my mom brought the laptop to penang for 3 days, so i were at home wif no laptop, so thats mean nothing to do *thats show how my life revolve around laptop oni*. too lazy to use the desktop... huhu...

today went to kursus KPP o something for the driving.. was so bored and the food at its canteen was soooo not much... n it was sooo spicy for me. hehe... really tired la now.. owh, i gotta have to study coz i book my test for this coming wednesday... choose that day coz i want to speed up everything, cant really waste any time... hope i can manage to prepare myself for the test n pass it... =)

i wake up so early this morning, wif the lack of sleep, now i cant really think straight.... i think i shall update more next time.. =P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


last weekend, went to KL on really last minute planning.. i was suppose to b in Perlis as i need to attend the kursus thingy for the driving license *now im not sure i will hv enuff time to complete the lesson b4 going back to ktt*, but then my parents going aso, so nobody will be sending me. so i just went to kl aso.

the thing is my bro got dengue fever last week. *caused by Flavivirus, ryte panda? =P* so my parents wanna visit him plus help to deal wif the insurance thingy to cover the hospital bill. now he s stable i think.. total for his stay in the hospital was RM 2900++. so $_$ *cashcash* luckly not all my parents have to pay.. =D

after my bro checked out from the hospital, we went to Bukit Cahaya *im not really sure the name* coz my sister realli want to go to the 4 Seasons House there, its winter now. so we all went there and the house was freezing cold! -7 degree celcius!! and we all din bring our sweater. hahaha.. but had a great time having snowfight wif my siblings.. haha.. the ticket said we suppose to be in there oni for 3 minutes but we were in there for 30 minutes *sorry management, we just lost track of time in there.. hehe. but then, by that time, i can barely feel my hand and my nose getting red, blush??*

we aso went to my granparents' place. got to meet the baby! he is now getting chubby-er. i realized, suddently im so in love wif BABY n DONUTS!!!! i love holding the baby.. ^_^
the last day, we went bowling at the nearby mall. early bird package, we played like craze one, for 3 hours, 6 of us, two bowling lanes. manage to play 7 games, and super tired d by the end of the time given. but had a fantastic time! *except the part where my hands sore d*

all in all, was a great weekend, who would expect so. but got no time to go shopping o meet my friends there. *sorry girls, i wish i were there a bit longer coz miss u guys like hell d. muahhx!~* looking forwards for our next trip dad! where we going next weekend? =D

Saturday, January 03, 2009


yesterday i became a carpenter... or izit.. dunno.. but been drilling holes into my home's wall.. ngeee~ my dad didnt wanna do it, so i have to do it.... somehow i think the pics that i hang is senget... hehehe... the pics i upload in here may look senget coz the angle pics taken, o it is senget.. ngeee

last nyte i went to kangar... bad idea.. it made me crave for shopping more.... i want to go shopping!!! sadly, i have zero cent in my wallet... all my money is in the bank.... i want shopping!!!! *got a cute pink blouse last nite, i dont care, im going back there soon to buy the blouse =P* btw, CNY is coming.. some pic taken at The Store, the giant firework.. hehe

Thursday, January 01, 2009

mix and match

1. the baby.. waa. i wanna hold u... again.. ngeee~ tetiba minat nak pegang baby la pulak...*time kecik2 best la...hehe* this is my new cousin. welcome to the family, wait till u big enuff, i hope i wont bully u ;) hehehe...

2. penang. went to penang. my mom doing sabbatical at USM, so we just follow her... while my mom doing her work, my dad brought us to the museum there.. a university got a museum. hehehe.. was great. had a great time i think.. :) but quite tiring..

3. BBQ. we did bbq, my sweet small neighbourhood.. was nice la.. coz the first time i 'socialized' wif them after always away in collage.. hehe.. first time i tried to make coleslaw =) they like it.... i donnow whether its delicious o not, coz i just eat it, i love mayoo, i love cabbage and carrot, so eating time~

4. hostel. sent my sis to her new school this morning.. she took mostly my stuff i used when i was in collage. so, suddenly she become the pink girl, coz all the think she took from me is pink.. ngeee~ the hostel is quite ok, but the dorm is so dusty, they didnt swept it yet i think.... owh, the school bedsheet is pink aso. so jealous of her bed now!~ hehehe.. pic of my sis's dorm. *we were the first one there, so only her bed is nice! hehe*