Wednesday, March 26, 2008


i donnow actually what to write coz too many things in my mind... so, im not sure what i suppose to tell people, what i should just keep to myself. for sure, i keep most of it in my mind, and in my beloved secret box.. hehehe.. one month to go to AS LEVEL EXAM.... trying my best to be the best....... love you all!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

public transport disasterS

last friday, it was a very damn tiring day. i was planning to go to sunway pyramid wif this fren one week ago, but suddenly, i cannot contact that person on that day. so i decide, fine, i go alone. when im about to go on the bus, Rafika said she aso going to sunway!! so, i just go wif her la, since she aso was going alone.

arrived at KTM nilai, we missed the train coz have to walk from the bus, then Q for the ticket. oklah, finally, at 1245, we got into the train.... stopped at KL sentral to pray. then leave my bag there, take ktm to subang jaya. our train late by 2 minutes.. so far, the journey is considered nice.

arrived at KTM subang jaya, we saw this daif looking bus (sorry ye org subang), i donnow what to take, since Rafika aedy did 'research' for that day journey. so, we have to walk about 4 minutes to find the bus stop of RapidKL. hop on the bus, we start our journey by bus... ok, ok, ok, suddenly, the driver sais that this bus cannot go to sunway pyramid n he 'halau' all the passenger out. when i was out of the bus, then only i saw one of the tyres was flat... now, we r in the middle of nowhere. we totally donnow what to do. luckly there was this uncle who wif us and bring us to the nearest bus stop... ok, waiting for another RapidKL nervously, wif my stomach singing a hungry song. of coz, its almost 4 by that tyme! ok, there is the bus. we hop on, the bus move, for like 2 minutes, then stopped. the driver went down and sembang wif other bus drivers there. me n Rafika so bengang that tyme.. we wait for 5 minutes, nothing happen. so we went down, and try to tahan taxi. n its starting to rain!!! shit!

after 3 failed attemp, we got a taxi. cost us 7 ringgit for the taxi!!! ok, at last we arrived at the sunway pyramid! first stop, eat!! then wonder around trying to find a birthday present for my friends. all of the things there, mostly a 3-digit ringgit.... so, NO!!

after a really tiring day, and my foot started to feel the pain, i was wearing heels, of coz. we went out, ask the guard where the bus to KL, he pointed the place. we walked far....... ok, wait there wif others... one bus came, we asked the driver, the driver said we have to wait across the road.. its a highway, how?!?! then we walk like one kilometer running for the bus, when we arrived at the place where lots of people aso waiting, the bus just closed the door right in front of us! we ran here for u!! damn!!!! wait for like 10 more minutes, the bus came. the RapidKL packed like sardin, i have to squeeze in...hurm.. enought about bus n the terrible journey on it..

arrived at klsentral, really damn tired, ready to go back, suddenly there is this announcement.. all KTM had broke down, we cant estimated what tyme it will be back operating and u r suggest to find alternative transport - something like that... what?!!! i need to go to Kepong, and Rafika wanna go back to collage.... there was lots of people stuck at klsentral.... so, no other choice, i called my aunty, asking her how to go back to Kepong. rafika, no choice but to follow me. so my aunty said she will come and pick me up at klsentral. thanks God!!! if not i donnow what happen to me....

its was so tiring day, bad luck day... by the tyme we finally arrived at kepong, its almost 12...since we go to my uncle kedai to eat first... hurm.. collapsed!

Friday, March 14, 2008


its feel like a long week, a tiring routine, and a bored one.. keep on living the same life, STUDY! i dont know that life as a collage student can be so limited like this.. plus i heard next week gonna have a monthly test for all subject. hurm, im sick of test n exam already. but got another 8 more months, 3 internal exams and 2 international exams.. huhu... and lots of test in between i guess..

i got my durian!!! akhirnya, apa yg diidam-idamkan dpt jua... wlupun tak puas sbnrnya.. nak lagik!!!

esok, going back!! so excited loh, got to go out from KTT for a while. so tension la being here 24-7. huhu... wanna enjoy my weekend to the fullest! i'll update later k.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


the week of busy!!! apakah?! sgt busy la this week, even agak lepak sbnrnya...

on sunday, i help mpp at DU to set up the dwan for our senior coming back. even the lecturer who in charge at the DU thought im one of the MPP. huh?!! noo!!! but nice la, spend tyme wif my frensss

then start class.. n classes.. some more classes, and more... hahaha.. but our bio lecturer had resign to continue her study, now we have no bio lecturer.. so, we r left behind da.. later have to study by myself la. waa.... i wanna go home!!!!!

im too tired aedy.. tomorrow got class starting at 8.... wish can go back this weekend la..

Shenton, we meet next week k!!! cant wait loh.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

heart broken

who are you to judge that?? im far from heart broken. u didnt even know me. so, stay away!

i wish one thing, i wish life will now turn the way that i want. please my Lord, please....

i wanna go home!! i planned to go this weekend, then chuwat said she is busy this weekend, so we will go next weekend, guess what, next weekend my opah will not be home.. so i hv to go next next weekend... waaaaa!!!!!!!!

i donnow what should i do now......