Friday, February 15, 2008

piNk reBEL!

actually, i had made a really long list of my pink things. loooooooong one and it took me forever to really list down all my pink things, and thanks to blogger who saved everything every minutes, and some mistake, i lost the list! so, i wont do it again coz its not an easy task.. hehehe..
plus, its a good thing, if u guys wanna know how crazy i am over pink stuff, meet myself personally, and then u'll know. hehe...

being a parent or parents never been easy. solute to my mom and dad who been doing that perfectly over 20 years now. this week, as my parents arent home, i have to take care of my sisters and bro, and trust me, its not easy at all. so damn hard and i cant believe my parents manage all thier sons and daughters all these while. thanks mom and dad! love u always!!

to daddy, Happy birthday dad! i love you so much, and hope Allah will bless you always. wish u a very happy life and may all your dreams and hopes come true! thanks dad!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

dream bOY?

yesterday, a guy ask me, just as a friend, apakah ciri2 lelaki idaman.. wow, only that tyme i realize, i cant answer that. yeah, may be i can answer that question if Husna and Hanisah ask me, but if other, i cant! just i dont wanna freak people out.. kekeke.. lyke its so damn freaky.. it just i dont think i should answer it to some strangers... i mean friends, but who didnt really know me. coz if they do really know me, u will get the answer without me telling u.

quite sad... im home but my parents arent... they went outstation for the whole week, until i went back to collage.. whats the point im being home?!? sob..sob.. borink... i want my mummie... kekek.. not until that stage lah.. styll ok, coz i had spend last week wif them. just so bored now staying home alone, while all my sis n bros go to school and work... help me!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

phYsics nOte..

at last, i manage to finish doing my physics note.. huhu.. so lazy la... another week and i will be back to KTT.. hurm.. i dont want to! can i go somewhere else? i wish i can..

while my parents having a hols to, we went 1) to bowling centre at Jitra. its an okay trip, plus the bowling centre must be thankful becoz i came, i clean their longkang lots of tyme. haha. and one thing, the shoe there stink! so badly.. huhu, i thought its a new place, how come? 2) dine outside.. donnow why but my dad had bring us for lunch outside twice now. 1st day we went to Pokok Ciku. damn, the food there very nice! trust me. 2nd day, we went so far to serdang to my aunty place just to have our lunch there.. hehe. but the similirity between that two days, i always finish eating the last. i donnow why now, but i always finish last, here or at collage, always.. hehe

KYLE XY continue!! i love it..

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


im home... glad to be home, the only place where true love is. not everything at home is pleasant, but the love complement it, make it perfect!

the trip home although wasnt so pleasant. i cant sleep again throught the journey! that terrible bus! i donnow what the hell i paid 33 ringgit for! its horrible, when it will be better? i dont like looking at sweet memories, but the only trip that is so damn nice is that nyte.... hurm...ah! go away sadness!

KTT, im tired to be at that land, the land of plastic. im confused all the tyme im there. its so weird when i have to wonder around searching for answer, searching for what did i do wrong coz usually, my faulty will haunted me, but why i cant see this tyme, even when the world crush on me? may be becoz i did nothing, or may be its fate, or most probably my pay for my sins in past. hurm... why everybody is faking?! weird..

physics! thats the only book i open since im home. but oklah, better than i didnt open any at all. later may be chemy!