Monday, October 19, 2009

i miss

maybe, de post is a bit emo, but dat is wat im feeling ryte now. 3 months n counting, my soul is screaming. i miss home, i miss wat i love, i miss being loved. exam is coming very2 soon, but i keep on loosing my focus.

i miss dad
one person dat i know i can always count on, lean on and depend on for everything insyaAllah. he is a jovial, happy man wif a lot of patience, de one dat always make me laugh and smile.

i miss mom
a woman whom holding herself strong for her kids. my mom, my friend, whom i never thought i can talk about boys wif :)

i miss everything at home
my bed, my airconditioned room, my pink pillow, my annoying brother, my noisy sisters, my fridge and kitchen, my oven, astro and unlimitted wifi, argh... it just too many

i miss food
food i love, divine choices, ice cube, strawberry, durian, my mom's cook, my dad's kelapa pandan, seafood.........

i miss de love.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


so long didnt update.. hehe.. not really busy, but not in de mood to update anything. anyhow, i am happy now, and maybe i wanna share de happiness b4 i dont hv it anymore.. for now, i am very2 happy. but i know i will loose it soon...... juz enjoying it now :)

exam is coming in 3 weeks. need to get ready now i guess.. there are tooooooo much thing need to memorize, and i dont know if i can do it.... haha.. Allahumma najjahna fil imtihan insyaAllah :D

very excited to go back msia even so far away still... :D and yeah, i think i will be an iron girl soon *lol, only zainal n Dennie knows wat i meant by dat :)*