Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Superman and Superwoman

at the first sight, you might think she is strict and serious. the truth, she is! :) but, on top of that, she is just a great woman :D she never fails to make us laugh, together, despite of whatever people might say. seeing her talking to that little kid, somehow i can see the love radiating so strongly. at times you might not see it, but the love and care she has for us, just sky high. the strength that she possess, won't give you any clue about the hidden back ache, or ear ache. within all the limitation, she always get things done, thoroughly.

I remember one time, we had hamsters as pets. she didnt really approve it. but she was the one who put the blanket on the hamsters when it was raining and cold outside.

she always make sure, however short or hectic my holiday is (even when she is not feeling well ) that I have all what I need and what I want. She asked me ' what else you want to eat before going back to India?' at that time, I became speechless, trying to swallow my tears. once, she wasn't feeling well and we arrived home very2 late (we barely had 3 hours sleep before I had to go to the airport for India ) and when I wake up, there it is, the thing I had been looking for all holiday, placed in my luggage.

she was so understanding when I told her about my feelings. supportive too :) i was so nervous before I told her, thinking too much as I always do, but when I told her and she is so open and understanding... :D and nowadays, I share with her, almost everything :) Alhamdulillah, nowadays the thought of having our so-called-gossip session make me smile, wide.

his patience, you will never know his worry, pain nor sadness in his face. he might be carrying 2-3 heavy luggage and yet, not a single word of complain came out of his mouth. masyaAllah I wish I have patience as much as he does. with his constant date with Him in the morning, I'm sure that is how he got it :)

he never stop putting smiles on us, even on her :) even years passed by, thinking about those moments, always bring back smile on my face. at times, other people might not understand why we are laughing, but who cares! we know and we laugh :)

his advices may be strict, he is very particular about our prayer and relationship with Allah, but when it comes to daily life, he always has fun with us. you can talk to him about anything, from opinion on what to present to my mad'u, marriage, to the latest gadget in the market.

regardless of his education or his occupation, I always see him 'backstage' at neighbors' walimah slumming. he also wasn't afraid nor shy ( like any of his kids will ) to do something, anything.

together, they perfectly complete each other. i cant even describe in words how they are meant for each other :)

one particular period of time, when my eyes were opened wide of their love to me, was when I was in Klang. ( yes, it might be a black history of me giving up on something, but that period of time made me who I am today )I  will never forget the daily call I made, daily letter I wrote and the almost-every-weekend trip they made for me, all the way. since then, alhamdulillah, I always see their love regardless of the situation.

im not saying all these because their are my parents. im saying this because they are truly my SUPERMAN and SUPERWOMAN. thanks Allah for giving me such wonderful parents, and thanks mom and dad, for loving me so much! im sorry if i were not the best kid, but i promise (to myself and to you) that i will always always try my best to be a solehah daughter.

p/s : cant forget the warmness of their hugs, the smiles on their face.
pp/s : still in that homesick phase