Sunday, November 15, 2009

love story

myself is not perfect, but yet, here, i want to express my disappointment to a place where nobody will ever feel hurt i believe. its my right and im not gonna mention any name.

stop, plz stop hurting girl. i dont get wat r u trying to do ever! i knew u for quite a long time and for wat i know, u never change at all. plz plz plz, we r all de same, we got feeling. stop enjoying hurting other and respect us for wat we worth. deep inside, i know u r a good man, but u need to grow up and try to be a man instead of a boy. ur history doesnt have to follow u, and nobody is asking for u to repeat de history. so, as a friend, i really hope u will change one day. be a better person, and insyaAllah wat u r looking for will be there.

im not angry, but im totally sad. i let u know wat u needed to know, but somehow u went to de different way, de way dat i told u not to. im not blaming u, im juz asking u to plz, sit down, and think diz all over again, then if u think it is de right way, then i wont stop u to continue to lead dat way. trust and friendship are wat i tried to hold u on to, but i guess its not here anymore..

to everyone,
i dedicated diz for only the person i meant to. to others, dont blame me if it does hurt u also. anything good, u can take as advice, but all de bad thing is from me, and im still trying myself. so everyone, lets try our best to be better, not for others, but for ourself insyaAllah!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

way beyond crazy

so long i didnt update. not becoz i dowan to, but i barely have time to sleep, so blogging is far more worse. been staying in library for 6-10 hours a day. so.....

alhamdulillah, theory exam juz finished!! after pushing myself over my own limit, at least i can have a rest tonyte. i owe myself a rest! but tomoro, i will be continuing going to library i guess, need to study for practical exam n viva! urrmmm... its never really end huh?!

thanks mom n dad for supporting me during my exam. i know, i was so down and depressed for these 2 weeks, and i cant do it widout ur support. love u much!!!

and to friends who helped me, u know i really appreciate it!! and pink bear! tears shed in front of u was a relieve process of a crazy girl. i know and u know im far too far passed crazy state dee. i will try to be a bit normal after diz k? :P

ok la, i hvta go to class.. i know, exam finish in de morning, got class in de evening! and im dead tired now!!