Sunday, May 20, 2012

midnight dotdot

 yesterday, skyped with opah, atuk, mak pa, mawar, sarah, daddy, picah, sarah, uncle danish

yup, more homesick, but I can't help but feel *Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah, thank You Allah for this blessing* :D

one thing that really hit *read : touch* me during that conversation is when my dad said to everyone there "oh, dia lagi sebulan balik. 24 atau 25 jun camtu smpai KL insyaAllah" *tearing* kerana, tarikh 24-25 tu, eventho sye gtau ayah ritu sbnrnya sbgai anggaran sahaja sbb jadual exam tak keluar lagi. tp sungguh, anak ini rasa sgt2 terharu when daddy remembers exactly that DATE. dont know about others, but saya, sang anak ini, terasa ayah sungguh tak sabar menanti sang anak ini pulang *deeply touched by my parents' love* (wlupun mungkin takdelah macam sye yg hari2 tgok kalender and kira berapa hari lagi nak balik, tapi.. boleh imagine tak, lebey kurang tu la) oh hati, sabarlah!

utk si dia, regardless of that drowsiness, the uncontrollable yawning, ehem2 *shyshy* I can feel the sweetness and happiness spending time with you ;) smbil membuat telur2 dinosaur itu ;)

p/s thanks kamu, kerana jadi temanku, duniya wal akhirah insyaAllah
pp/s tak tahu nape gambar ini mahu condong begitu

Tuesday, May 08, 2012


they are selling their car so they can send their kid to study abroad! the extend of what parents would do for their kids, MasyaAllah :)

yet, a lot of kids nowadays thank their parents by calling them once in 6 months, by being rude to them, or simply forgetting their root and behaving like anything they want!

p/s okay, makin homesick :S Allah..

Saturday, May 05, 2012

ukhuwah mereka

(this is a true story of a girl we shall call her M, and it is told from her point of view)

once upon a time, my mom and dad went to visit my grandma, since my grandma did fall in bathroom last weekend, but nothing serious. I stayed home to cook and take care of my little sisters who will come back from school in the afternoon. my sisters came home, and we didnt even get to have lunch yet when suddenly the phone rang, and it is our neighbour's mom, makcik J. She told me to get ready and pack for overnight stay for my sisters and parents in 15 minutes, as she will drive us to our grandma. with all the rush to get ready and pack, by the time I was sitting at the backseat of her car while his husband driving, my body still shaking from the information I barely had time to swallow. my grandma suddenly has spiking fever and gone unconscious.

we stopped at some restaurant for lunch, and nextdoor shop to buy toothbrushes (while rushing, i forgot everyone's toothbrush). the journey from our home to grandma's place is 2 hours drive. when we arrive at my grandma's house, my mom was waiting for us, since my dad had followed the ambulance to nearby private hospital (since government hospital didnt want to send their ambulance, for some reason i'm not sure of). my mom told makcik J about the situation and everything, then his husband drive us all to the hospital.

we had to wait till around 10pm before they allow us to see our grandma. by that time, she is half-awake with IV line and drugs attached to her wrist. I can see in my mom's and dad's face how tired and drained they are, i'm sure physically and emotionally as well. makcik J talked softly to my grandma for a while, i waited outside with my sisters.

I think it was around 11 something that makcik J and my parents discuss and decided that my parents will drive home to get some rest and bring us home, while makcik J and her husband will stay with my grandma. the next day, my dad went early in the morning to visit my grandma, alone, to arrange the transfer and everything. my mom brought us to grandma in the evening. alhamdulillah, after a week admitted in hospital, my grandma fully recover.