Sunday, June 28, 2009

malaysia tercinta

just came back to malaysia yesterday. felt like a long tiring vacation. i thought my vacation at the island will be relaxing and soothing, but since too many traveling been done, at last, i end up pretty tired. but i guess, its ok. Alhamdulillah, we all safely come back to Malaysia :)

now, my main focus is to settle everything b4 going to india. my flight to Bangalore is on July 12, 2009 at 2210 oclock.

1. arrange meeting wif scholar/ settle things regarding scholar
2. find suitable luggage!
3. sort and choose what things to buy and bring
4. make cookies
5. get immunization

so far, that is what i have in mind., need to settle it ASAP! any help is kindly appreciated :) x

Saturday, June 20, 2009


sooo many things to be written. last few days had been long days as i was rushing and so busy arranging and settling my leave from ktt, offer letter, and visa before i go back to perlis. and now i am in perlis. luckly, i manage to settle my visa, i guess i did.. my visa will be ready by this tuesday :)

oh, i have to give my tortoise to my cousin :( since im going to India very soon, 12th JULY 2009 to be exact, and i will be busy most of the time during my remaining 20 days in Malaysia, so i guess its not the time to have any pet, anymore.. so, no more pet.... its just me and myself (whateva that mean lol)

hah, and i realize how JPA now likes my second parents, if u know what i mean :) thanks JPA..

i will write back later. need to settle some more things..

Monday, June 08, 2009


so far so good. i still didnt kill anyone plus didnt crash my dad's car yet lol. hope i will never do such thing, ever!

so, im happy now. i manage to buy pen, pen refill, eraser, correction fluid and pencil leads :) thats better than nothing ryte? but im so sad to find out that the shoes that i like, the black shoes to be wear on departure day is out of stock. the biggest size they got today is 6 so i cant get it :((( will it be a new stock soon? plz.. i suppose to settle shoes shopping by today, but sadly, i didnt get my black shoes yet, and a sport shoes.. huhu..

next on my list, i think i wanna buy passport cover, and some present for my friends. oh, and some eating craze lol. i wanna eat sooo many things. can i? we'll see :D

write again soon!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

too long

i know its too long since i wrote here, but cant blame me.. no internet, so cant write anything... sad, confuse and not sure.. haha, becoz i dont really know what i had missed for the whole time im offline.. too many!

i was sick for a week last week. not the best experience.. but what to do.. skipped a lot of class coz of my health problem :( fever, cold and cough! alhamdulillah now im getting better :)

now im at home! enjoying so much, nothing can beat the feeling of being at home! and the internet! oh my gosh, its heaven! hehehehe.. so sad im going back to collage so soon :(( tomorrow im going to kangar! shopping again i guess.. so far i did went shopping wif my dad *can u believe it? i went shopping wif my dad!!* and did some of my own shopping. so far i manage to find mini umbrella, my PJ pant, shoes ( flats and wedges ), black slack pant, soap, leave-on lotion, perfume.. i think thats all i manage to get for now.. will go find some more thing tomoro! :)

alot to do for now. update later! :)) now i need to figure out also when to go check my immunity level.. hurm...