Monday, November 17, 2008

SleEp hEad

A2 is hard. but me believe me senior warn me aedy about that... now me understand... super depressing.. but bcoz of that, im much lazy to study.. so, last weekend me went back, what me manage to do :
1. read (read only) application topics
2. do 2 past year papers
3. play lots of computer game
4. eat lots of food
5. sleep almost 12 hours everyday
6. watch madagascar 2 (thats the cause of me using 'me' to represent 'i, mine, me') hehehe
7. went shopping at low yat and sg. wang

see? how i wasted me time? huhu.. now me need to cover back for all the time me wasted, coz me forgot most of biology facts aedy.. huhu... cant wait to finish biology exams...coz of the stay up me did most of the night, me having 'a swollen eye', i mean AN EYE only, wierd but only my right eye have that problem... huhu...

me so mad looking at someone so spoilt but didnt realize that and demands more... super annoying and making me damn jelous... huhu.. what to do...

btw, 13th November, happy 20th birthday to panda.. u know what u meant to me and not much word i can write here to show that. moga panda yg kukirim ke sana ituh dpt mengukir senyumanmu ituh... hehe. may Allah bless ur venture and my wish for u is the best in ur life :) actually, i got another present for u, but it seem like forever for me to complete it before i email it for u.. hehe..

Monday, November 10, 2008

beautiful disaster..

why why why? this time, its super hard.. i mean physics paper 4... extreme one... i dont know how to answer lots of Qs and not enuff time aso... huaa... everyone aso said it was hard, but how far its true, i dont know.. coz some people said its hard and they cant answer it but then they did pretty well actually.... just hope and pray for the best....

back to collage today, for the psycho test... heh. gonna be a honest girl later.. ngeh3.... my test is at 1230 i think...

chemy paper 4 this wednesday... i dont like paper 4... u study much but still, the paper will dissapoint u, hard... wua... dont like, dont like....

Ya Allah, gimme courage, gimme success, gimme Ur guide...

10 days to freedom~

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Chemy 5

alhamdulillah, finished another paper... was quite hard and not enuff time to complete it, so i just answer it blankly.... hehe... tawakal 'alallah...

been sorting out some more of my stuff here at collage... toooo many la... hurm... but reducing now, some i put in the recycle bin, some i sent to my aunty place aedy.. thanks to her! :)

ok lah, really busy today. lots more to cover for physics.. tomoro paper 4 physics! hope will be ok...

write again later~

i miss......

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


hehe... statistics paper, alhamdulillah, was ok, better than pure math.. now, i finish one subject, 3 subjects to go, 6 more papers.. :)

tomorrow got another paper, but somehow, i donnow what to study.. so i end up sleeping. hehehe.. siap mimpi2 lagik... kinda sweet and scary. ;)

cant wait for everything to finish... but not really aso, coz gonna be soooo pack wif plans and arrangement to settle everything before go back...

now going thro a rough time, wif emo unbalance... huhu.. been crying several time a day for no reason... hehe. no worry, its nothing i think. coz i was crying for nothing.

write later.. i miss....~