Saturday, January 26, 2008


Something horrible happen yesterday, n i even cant believe, the impact, i cant sleep. the thing happen is out of sudden n i was awake all nite to think, i tried to figure out what did i do wrong but styll, i cant manage to find it coz i didnt do, i didnt sleep at all last nite n now here i am still awake..but feel so blurry now... otak pun dh tak berapa betul....kejap lagi nak kena tido nih....

today got exam briefing which mostly is the 'warning' from en razib since the result of As n A level is worse this tyme... i aso quite shock n scared when i heard, 20+ people cant fly coz didnt have enought cut-off point.. then the one-year student As result, lots of them have to repeat paper. plus, he is so mad coz his students wear jeans n tshirt to classes...then lots of the students wrote at friendster about how KTT is bad la, KTT is not nice n so on....i wonder how he find out that one.... hehehe...

plus, my midsem exam is next day more to prepare myself.. waa..sooooo many thing have to memorise, remember and understand..n i hope this midsem result will be better than the final exam before, InsyaAllah.. i need to be better!!

Ya Allah, plz give me courage and strength to continue my journey here despite the obstacles and fitnah (dear reader, if u really understand what fitnah mean k! dont go salah faham...) being put on me, and plz give me an excellent memory, and give me success throught my life. i hope the ujian U give to me will give me strength and prepare me for another bright day, InsyaAllah.... without U, i will collapse anytime and lose my way...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


another exam is coming n now after 3 months, im losing my perspective... huhu... now too lazy to study, sad~ how am i gonna perform in this exam.. pluz, it will include almost all the syllabus of AS Level exam!! waaa.. i got less that one week, wif no study week, n the lazy feeling too study! plz, help me!!!!

my best friend came to KTT and spend a day wif me!!! wa, so happy.. she came, we share a lot of story, n so many things.... i feel a lil cheer up coz i can tell all my feeling to her, coz telling to someone who doesnt care really annoying -but trust me, that person didnt care at all- hurm, thanks Honey!!! we went uphill, even during rain. play the rain together ma.. hehe. suddenly the hill got so many air terjun, since its raining... until almost mgrb, we went back to collage.. then that nite we chat until 3 am! lots of catch up to do.. hehe.. the best part, both of us got cold -main sgt hujan!- hahaha. i aso brought her to me ****a* and ****a*. then a tour around the KTT, but the place she ask to see twice is Student representative board.. why?~ should ask her herself la!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Lab semester, suddenly got a lot of experiment.. but this morning, the most unforgotten. we were doing chemistry experiment. one of the test involve warming the substance, damn it produce ammonia gas.. yeah it turn the red litmus paper to blue, but i believe it also turn myself to blue. the smeel is so horrible, causing me to go dizzy, then got headache!!! after that, the whole tyme in the lab, i was in a bad mood since my head is killing me.. hurm... Amonnia gas!

then when i returned to my room, the first thing i do is do my prayer, that take a bath! wif a hope it will reduce my headache..after the bath, i feel so cool... i only can pray that im not gonna get fever, thanks God i didnt! then when my head is getting better, ****a* sms me n ask me to go n have dinner wif her..huhu, as a friend, i said sure..luckly by the tyme i went down to meet her, i had recovered fully.. Thanks Allah!

im tired, coz today i have to do lots of homework as other can do it this, chemy, english, math...

Thursday, January 03, 2008


now, im living my life g among girlfriends... eh, im a straight person k! just making friends.. n i got two great new friends actually..

she is a nice girl, cute also.. really sweet, so very sweet. the nice thing is, im sharing the same feeling wif her, i mean our probs r kinda the same, so, we r in the same boat. she is a good listener, and good friend aso. i can cry in front of her, and share tear wif her..

she aso a nice girl, very talkative one! we can spend whole day n she will never run out of story, of coz its aso becoz im also talkative, i guess.. my friend said i look alike like ****a* but i donnow..dont think so... she is a great company, really enjoy myself n her when we go out. she is really nice, she is encouraging me to forget my probs n so we can chat until 1 am in the morning, the distance between the place im standing n she is, like 5 metres (pretty weird ryte?), until one of us is sleepy..never did that one before wif other friend, so its kinda weird and sweet.

thanks to both k! i really2 love u pals! they r really nice friends, trust me!