Saturday, April 10, 2010

black bird

item : shoes
colors : black and grey
brand : Sembonia
price : RM1++
shop : Sembonia, MidValley Megamall
status : bought

bought this before fly to india. the only formal black shoes that i like that day. it was a very last minute shopping but luckly i manage to find one that i like :) it is nice and comfy :) until now i still wear it, once in a blue moon lol. but suddenly i feel like the shoes had shrink (not going to admit my feet getting bigger lol) winkwink

Thursday, April 01, 2010

a little too much

item : sandal (i think lol)
colors : ecru and dark olive green
brand : Clark
price : RM2++
shop : Clark, MidValley Megamall
status : bought

yeah, i know, it looks simple. but trust me, so worth every single dime. it is so comfortable! :) not exaggerating, it really does feel like walking on a pillow :D