Saturday, August 25, 2007


going home tomorrow... n just now someone told me terminal one ( the place i will be arriving at) are 10 minutes walk from ktm seremban.. now i wonder how the hell im bringing all thos stuff alone, walking that far! i wanna cry!!! i dont want to go back.. if this is the troubles i have to go thro.. its so not nice k! can i just didnt go back?! hehe.. i dont want to go thro all these....... plz........ kill me!

back to KTT, means limited access to internet, back to study n so on.. i dont like that kind of life style.. but i think i got no choice.. my mind keep asking the same question, n i cant stop it.. did i made the right decision????

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

tHe sToRe

suddenly, the store seem so interesting! hehe.. i went to Kangar today, my dad drop me there. even my mom wondered why i want to go to Kangar. hehe.. KL, kinda complicated i guess. but its nice there, as long as i got money wif me.. so, what did i get today?!
  • stupidly cute tshirt!!! i love it n i regret didnt buy more than one, coz 'adik-beradik' tshirt tu pun sume cute2..
  • pilot refill ink! hehe..

i think thats all.. hehe.. i bought plastic to wrap my books later, then there is veil, and.... nothing else.. hehe.. but i do love that t shirt!!! n i guess i cant go back to Kangar to get another tshirt as my mom will start asking.. hehe..

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


first question, canoe and kayak, is it the same thing?? hehe.. this evening, i went to UiTM, kayak! hehe.. i love water, but the water in that pond is not so nice.. the color is like tea.. much worse.. my mom had booked for us to gof the house, taking my previous post at home.. hehe.. tomorrow, im going out!!! haho kayak this evening. it had been a while since i join any outdoor activity, so, kinda tired paddling that thing. i gave my phone to my mom before i get into the kayak, so i didnt take any pic.

ok, today i have to cook again.. i think this week i will be the cook aha..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

juSt ArRivEd..

actually, i just arrived from KL, n i cant sleep thro the whole damn way to Perlis. now im so so sleepy but i have to wait for subuh prayer 1st, then only i can sleep. i want to transfer all my pic into the Pc, but too lazy to go down n take my handphone..may be after subuh prayer k? haha.. but, a BIG thanks to my companion, a person who is so important and closed to me, who stay up all nite just to accompany me thro phone from 1030p.m. until 430a.m. its so sweet, what u did, sesungguhnya, jasa dan pengorbananmu sangat ku hargai. tak terbalas dengan hanya ucapan terima kasih! ok..let me start the story from the beggining...

lepas je abis exam kat ktt, my aunty call and said she already waiting for me at the main gate. she didnt tell me earlier! so, kelam kabut sikit nak pack barang sebab sepatutnya nak bertolak kul 12 by van kolej. heh, dah alang2 awal, i call my grandpa to pick my stuff up at KTM kepong, then i went to SHOPPING!!! so i bought quite a lot actually.. hehe.. then the day after that, another shopping, next day, some more shopping, so i think i dont need to tell u coz u might get shocekd wif the amount that i had spend in two hours shopping..hehe

now im home!!!! but i need to sleep now..i'll upload photo later k..tata.. nite! even its morning actually! haha.. whateva..

ok, after subuh, i tried to sleep, but guess how long the sleep i manage to get? just around 3 hours coz the house also full of eyes hurt a lot! so, now i cant i guess, just upload photo then..

my study table.. semak giler.. exam week, tak sempat a nak kemas..

inilah jadinya bila dh terpengaruh dgn geek2 sedunia..haha