Monday, May 31, 2010


Israel attacks Gaza aid fleet

yes I am a Muslim, but one thing I will highlight, this is on humanity cry. yesterday, you may say Islam is a terrorist, you may hate us for those rumors you heard and mentality created.

but world, open your eyes and mind, see what is happening today. yes, I am no one to teach anyone anything, but I am someone with humanity, and if you are also a human, rise up, together we can make a different

hearing, how Israeli is killing and attacking a flotilla of aid-carrying ships aiming to break the country's siege on Gaza, made me think a lot. the ship carries nothing but help, yet Israeli carry their snipers and bullets.

there is baby on board, as well as elderly. they are just human trying to deliver supply of helps, medication, food to another human. what is wrong with that? what so terrorizing about that, that they deserved to be attacked and shot? even blind and deaf human can SEE and HEAR how inhumane Israeli to start holding guns and shoot those who has nothing in hand but pure intention to deliver helps.

tell me, who is the terrorist now? where is humanity in this? stop judging Islam, and start seeing us as another human being. can't you see??

rise now world. dont be another doll who snobbishly say you are human. human is those with humanity. being inhumane, you are just one more doll walking around without soul. look at yourself and see. and if you are human, lets together make a different. dont let Israeli stomp around on this world, crushing others. i beg you all, please...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

pink is back

item : wedges
colors : bright maroon, light pink, white
brand : Vincci
price : 4+
shop : Vincci, Suria KLCC
status : bought

memory behind this shoes, went to shop with my bestfriend, Husna! oh, how i miss that time!!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

4000 total

the view after the sun came out the very first morning we were in Mangalore :)

pink water bottle

pink t-shirt
Westside, City Center

pink night gowns
Westside, City Center

Sony headphones
Sony, Empire Mall

SPAR, City Center

SPAR, City Center

and meet my panda!!! :D