Friday, February 27, 2009

si kumbang...

very sad....

ok, start from de beginning..
evrynyte i always sleep late. and evrynyte, this cute tiny creature accompany me till late nyte.. stay on my laptop keyboard.. at 1st, i hate it. keep on throwing that lil creature off my laptop...and the bug keep on coming to me on my bed.. i even almost kill it when i crushed it when i lean on the wall.. *i didnt see it* luckly it was ok after that.. but soon, i keep on waiting for it to come to me.. and it always did... sitting there next to me... nyte after nyte.... one day it even come to me during the day when i was sitting outside of my room, i was doing some art thingy at the table *dining table that we never use to dine*.. :)

one day, the bug didnt come to me at all... i said to myself 'it just found another bug, so they go stay outside my house... the bug didnt come the next day, and the next also.... until i found the bug, laying on the floor.. dead already... so sad.. my very only 'pet'.... *crying*.........

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


oh, i change my blog picture!! its a panda... thanks to the owner of the original pic, i took it but i forgot the link, so sorry... then i edit it.. :) i love panda so much.. haha.. they r so cute i think... i dont really know what trigger this interest, but for sure, some thanks shud go to 'panda'.. :) ganbatte on ur next 5 papers!!

so, i made some cookies last week.. due to too much free time at home.. haha.. but too lazy to add picture here.. later may be.. o may be at facebook only... hehe.. it was nice i think... hehe..

actually, i had sooo many things to write here, but somehow, when i hv too many to write, you know what happen, i dont write any of it.. haha.. thats the problem....

ok, last weekend i went to a programme, im not sure what should i call it.... got a game, treasure hunt... somehow, now i hate it.. sorry Kak Najah, but i really dont like it nemore.. i was sooo tired by the end of the day, had no mood to talk to anyone, and i even cried! huhu... whats wrong wif me....

my friends are flying soon to manipal.. next week to be exact.. hope will get a chance to meet then b4 they fly.. prepared something to give to Wenxin, if im gonna meet here b4 6th march..

my driving lesson going on smoothly i think... i few mistake here and there.... im a beginner.. met some of my secondary school junior.. but somwhow they didnt seem to recognize me.. i guess im too unpopular at school.. haha... i dont mind actually... :)

oh, and its raining now... at least once a day.. after a long hot summer.. hehe...

thats all im gonna write this time....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tagged luv

maaf bnyk2 buat Ihsan, sudah lama sbnrnya tertangguh nak wat tag ni... bukan apa, dh lama sgt tak buat tag, so rasa cam malas lak.. hehee.. neway, here is my promise to u honey :)

a. do you think you're HOT?
= 37 degree celcius isnt hot enuff izit? i think im hot enuff, dowan get fever aso.. hehe =

b. upload favorite picture of you!

c. Why do you like that picture?
= i love water sooo much.. a candid pic by my sister yg asyik memegang my cellphone.. taken at Swiss Garden Kuantan, a very nice watery place.. hahaha =

d. When is your last time you ate your pizza?
= i think last week, made by my mom specially for me coz sye puasa hari tu.. thanks mommy!! =

e. The last song you listen to?
= Michael Heart - Song For Gaza. i luv this song. touching..... =

f. What are you doing right now beside this?
= chatting wif my friend about....... haha! =

g. What name would you prefer beside yours?
= name?? i luv my name, i luv my parents' names, i luv my siblings's names, i luv my bestfriends' names.... n more *secret* ;) =

h. people i tag?
do i have to tag anyone?? adoila....
1. Sir Addie
2. Kak Najah
3. Yannur
4. kaka Wana

i. Who is number 1?
= my beloved bio lecturer. tought me for my last semester. thanks sir ;) =

j. Number 3 is having relationship with ...?
= someone..... rahsia org, tak baik gtau la.. hahaha* =

k. Say something about number 4..
= my beloved friend... rindu sama kaka la.. hehe =

l. Number 2 is having relationship with?
= she's married la! =

there. Ihsan syg, this is for u ;)

Monday, February 09, 2009

bila saya kena marah =(

sbnrnya, kemalasan nak menulis... hehehe... tag Ihsan pun belum buat... esok insyaAllah k Ihsan syg! hehehe....

on thursday, i bake choc cake for my sister's birthday.. hahaha.. i never try do choc cake using cooking chocolate, usually i use cocoa powder. so i doubted the cake taste nice... pity my sister.. hehehe.. then i did mashed potato again, coz i was bored n my dad just bought potato.. hehehe.. n the baskin robbins ice cream was at BayView hotel... yummy!

then, on friday, i wake up sooo early, coz my dad asked me to cook aso even im going to penang. so i wake up at 6! and cook lunch.. hahahaha.. i cook ayam masak kicap *like ayam utk nasi ayam itu*, then udang masak cili, and aso cabbage. finished, i get ready and by 830, my dad sent me to bus station. i took bus from kangar to alor setar, then to butterworth. arrive at butterworth, took the ferry, then take rapid penang.. hahaha.. then, that awesome bus made me walk like 30 minutes to Gurney Plaze.. may be it was my mistake aso, coz i donnow how rapid penang network are. hahaha.. i arrived at last at Gurney at 200pm, sweating and tired. met Sherlyn and we hv Sushi King for lunch. sooo nice, then window shopping there. the shops there so nice!!i wan to go again n do a proper shopping.... after than, Sherlyn sent me to hotel. Sherlyn, a big thanks to u for the day!! after that, i stuck at the hotel for 3 days helping my mom wif her seminar.... but, the great thing is, i ate a lot.. its free, and the fud theree is soooo much.. i ate soo much, every time after every meal, i were bloated. ahahaha... n at the hotel, got the Revolving Restaurant. quite dizzy at first eating while spinning, but eating up in the air, was nice, coz hv the view over penang :)

came back, super tired. then today, i went for my first driving after i got my L. so sad, the teacher marah me alot of time.. feel like wanna cry aso.... why!!!!! n my teacher is a female! i donnow shud i say im lucky or unlucky.....

Sunday, February 01, 2009

everywhere i go........

was a long long vacation.. i think... its not that long in duration, but its quite a journey...

1st day -it was an early start. have to wake up and get ready by 8 am... huhu... super hectic. have to pack stuff, arrange bags in the boot, heat the pizza, scold my sisters, fight for a seat and blablabla.. hahahaha... *im a good sister what =P* we stop at Kuala Kedah for breakfast, it was actually a brunch i think, coz quite heavy... then, our journey began..... from Perlis till Genting... ngeee... arrived there, soo cold.. then check in into an apartment, then me n my sisters went for cable car ride uphill..... but didnt go in theme park o anything, coz was late d, and bored aso.. since it was CNY break, can see mostly Chinese s there, oni several Malay people.. hehehe.. spend the nite there..

2nd day - check out from the apartment, and head off to Kuantan. Check in at Swiss Garden. the hotel was superb.. i like... coz the theme is water, i think... but can see lotsa water around... my 1st time there, but all my other siblings went there d before... the swimming pool is cute, but too many people, so cannot join... got to go online for a while at the hotel coz got wifi.. ngeee....

3rd day - have a bad start, i start vomiting suddenly.. luckly just for a while.. but was suffering and uncomfortable.. hehe.. that morning aso, i went to hv a walk along the beach.. was nice coz been long since i go to beach.. hehe... wearing jeans to beach is bad idea. after a while oni, my jeans wet d... then get ready, check out, move to De Rhu hotel, i think.... but in Kuantan aso... the swimming pool is very very large... i think there is a noticeboard about largest lagun o something.... the temptation of the water is so strong, so that evening, i went for a swim.. ngeee =D

4th day - early start, check out from the hotel, start our long journey to Kuala Besut... wasnt a pleasent journey as the road is curvy, hilly and........... stop at Kuala Terengganu to buy keropok lekor coz everyone starving d.. hehe.. arrived at Kuala Besut around 2 pm, hv our lunch, then take a speedboat to Pulau Perhentian.. the boat ride was quite scary. haha.. so fast, wif the wave and so on, its like riding a roller coaster.. check in at a resort there, cant remember the name aso. after settle down, we went to the beach, then snorkling.. was so nice but tiring.. i can see lots of things in there.. i mean, when u look in the ocean thro the snorkling goggles, its like a diff world... its like living the documentary shown in discovery channel.... saw a penyu *izit a turtle? hehehe*,i swam right above the penyu!! then i saw lotsa fish wif different color and shape, coral, batu karang, and aquatic lifes...sooo nice. but once u r out of the water, it was freezing cold.. hahaha...

5th day - get ready at 9 am to go for snorkling again. this time at another spot. was very nice aso.. i see NEMO and the friend DORIS *if im not mistaken, thats the name...*, my dad saw lil shark.. and i saw lots more big colourful fish.. was super exciting. went sooo far from the shore... then when i hv to swim back to the beach, i nearly gave up coz super tired and had 'drink' lotsa salt water.. haha... luckly i manage to arrive there... then pack our stuff and head back to main land at 12 noon. the journey back is more terrible.. the salt water splashed everywhere. i dont like..... arrived at mainland, hv lunch at Kota Bharu if im not mistaken, then head back to Perlis... was so tired, so i slept for half of the journey. hehe.. alhamdulillah, safely arrived home...

was a great vacation.. the states we covered Perlis-Kedah-Penang-Perak-Pahang-Selangor-Terengganu-Kelantan. see, its like almost around Malaysia. hehehe.. spending time wif my family, have lotsa fight wif my borthers and sisters, eat lotsa food and instant noodle!, done lotsa sudoku *so bored during the nyte....*,see lotsa new things, spend lotsa money.. hahah! overall, was a great week. =)