Friday, December 19, 2008

time fly, i grow

today i start thinking, its been one and half year! meaning, one and half year away from family, one and half year being a geek, one and half year of suffering, one and half year of hard life teacher, and one and half year growing....

its feel like yesterday, all that happen.. who would ever thought that i would come out of one-and-half-year alive..but i am, alive. alhamdulillah. thinking back, i manage to get good result for AS, but really worry bout my A2 result.. tawakkal 'alallah..

went to penang today. guess im really on a holiday... hehe.. just quite tiring and barely have time... weird huh? coz some of my friend said they donnow what to do, but me, i cant even finish one book in a week, too much other things to be done else than reading...

hehe.. tomoro got wedding ceremony for my mom's friend's daughter. most probably im gonna need to wake up early coz my mom said she gonna send me there before 9am... wuuuaaa....

till then, write later~

Sunday, December 14, 2008

wHat a wEek

These are very horrible.. I miss a proper food which I can eat and wont have to rush to the toilet… its really a disastrous week, even its raya haji, we particularly just celebrate it for the 1st day.. after that, we stay home for the whole week.. of coz, I cant even stay away from the toilet more than one hour…. Plus some other thing that bothering me….

I don’t know… after the trip, thing happen…. Which is so unexpected… I don’t know what should I do, until I did lots of things I know damn well that I suppose not do.. and now I really regret doing it. But things cant be undone…. Why why why.. why did I have to do that… truth, I suck in mostly everything..

Too good to be true
Too bad to be happening
Crying or devastating
Suffering or affliction
Things still doesn’t change
And still you have to go through
The same painful path
Till you found the strength

I wish I can change things… I wish things were like they were before.. but I’m not a god, I cant do anything, but pray… Allah, give the best for me, give me courage and strength. Coz rite now im losing everything im trying to built inside, again. Help me…

the chest pain is back again... wuaa.. i need air!!

u r not perfect nadia, but why, why u still hate other people? i cant help it.. when i hate someone, i simply hate that person.... astaghfirullah...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

lOng suMmarY

been really busy.. as i thought, once A2 finish, lots n lots of thing need to be done. So many event, feeling, picture.. smpai tahap malasnya nak update pape, blog, picture or anything coz too much… in my computer pun, picture dh sgt2 bnyk….

= ending of A2, beginning of shopping spree =

+ 201108-211108 +

Last paper was biology paper 4, wasn’t so good, but still Alhamdulillah, manage to answer it.. after that Mr. Zaini talk about hostel and so on, then Mr. Razib, then Madam Azian.. it seem like non stop.. at last, we were released at 1pm after we arrange the chair n so on… was rushing to get ready for the planned-shopping-spree, prayer, eat, kemas my stuff, send my blanket to laundry coz at 2pm there was suppose to be psychology test report or something. Was super angry becoz the people who suppose to give us the report didn’t arrive at the schedule time 2PM. They arrived at 1512, we have to wait for nothing for more than one hour… hurm.. most of us super mad coz we didn’t have time to eat lunch.. I’m not sure what should I say about this eventhough Malaysia is democratic country. Thus, our trip to KL which planned at 1500 became 1820.. huhu.. what to say.. may be they have their own reason for arriving late…

So, Wen Xin, Sushi and me arrive at KL at 7 something, late and very crowded.. as usual lah, time org balik kerja …so, agak rushing la… sempat pegi tiga tempat je.. but tak dpt beli bnyk sgt. Dpt beli memory card 1GB for my aunty kat low yat, pusing2 Sg. Wang then gi Times Square.. tak best langsung sbb sume kedai dh nak tutup time tu… huhu… sedey.. tp sempat beli bolero at KlSentral and silicon pad for my heels.. smpai rumah pun dh dekat kul 1, sbb gi makan dulu dgn my grandpa.. hehe

The next day, was super lazy to wake up coz super tired aso.. but then, thinking of our plan plus the previous day, so bangun la jugak.. started our day wif very delicious nasi lemak. Thanks Opah!! 9 something we head off to KlSentral to take bus to Sunway.. I don’t know why RapidKL always have problems wif me.. we wait about an hour but no bus to Sunway.. we found our bus but then the driver said the bus going in KL onli. Huh?!?! Hot and sweaty, lastly we decided to take KTM to subang… lastly arrived at Sunway Pyramid.. hehe. So, dapat la ice skating.. smpai sakit2 kaki la kiranya.. hehehe.. tak dpt shopping sgt kat Sunway sbb nak kena gi bnyk tempat lagi lepas tu.. so around 2 ktorg bertolak dati Sunway gi Jalan TAR. Rancang nak beli satu je tudung utk Grad Day, but lastly I bought 3 tudung.. hehehe.. then went to MidVal to buy the rest of the thing I need.. was rushing there, so it wasn’t an enjoyable shopping. Manage to buy present for my cousin, wrapper, tote bag, make up, present for my classmate and I cant remember more what I bought, but manage to buy all the thing I need before BTN lah… arrived at collage around 10 then I went to pick up my laundry. Bath, wash my cloth then sleep.. around 12 something jugaklah baru tidor… sgt penat n satu badan sakit.. hehehe..

= Graduation Day, Pan Pacific =

+ 221108-231108 +

Malas giler nak bangun sbb badan still sakit2 lagik.. lutut siap lebam sbb jatuh time ice skating. Hehe.. tp hari ni nak pakai heels.. giler ah.. agak kelam kabut bersiap la sbb siap mandi sume dh kul 10 pg. baju tak iron lagik, nak bersiap, makeup lagik… hehehe… not me, my neighbour semangat n seronok main makeup on my face.. so redha je la.. hehe. Kul 12 kena naik bas, tp at 12, im still in my tshirt.. belum pakai baju lagik.. hehehe.. was ok la.. enjoyful except that dpt makan lambat.. dh la tak sempat lunch, kul 4 baru dpt makan… naseb baik agak sedap food dia… tp by 6 pm, my legs and foot sgt2 sakit… huhu.. tak de la pape sgt, bnyk tangkap2 gambar dgn kawan2, lecturers and so on… balik dh penat sgt, tp malam tu jugak ada jamuan kelas… turun la jugak walaupun dh sgt malas… kira ok la.. best jgk… dkt kul 1 baru dpt tido… huhu.. esok for sure la qada’ tidur.. hehehe.. pastu kemas2 barang sume… giler bnyk.. then my aunty dtg amik brg… penat giler naik turun tangga 2 tingkat… then pack barang2 utk BTN sume.. penat tp kira ok la…

= kursus BTN =

+ 241108 – 281108 +

Was super tiring and boring… especially the paper work presentation. Bukan apa, sbb pembentang tu baca slide tu je… so sgt2 ngantuk.. jadual pack, tido tak cukup, handphone kena amik, sakit badan… tah la… sepanjang program ngantuk je sbb tido yg tak cukup itu.. cam lawak lak bila piker balik, sbb dlm LDK pun nak tertdo… naseb baik sye masih kuat menahan nafsu mataku itu.. haha.. I don’t know why, but again, I don’t know what to talk to people around me, instead I went and mingle wif people next door… hanya org yg kenal diriku mengetahui apa maksudku itu..

Arrive back at collage around 5, rushing to take my things, sijil2, grad CD, then naik tren balik Kepong…. Arrive at home around 9 pm… so tired.. I slept at 12 until 9 am I think.. coz I promised to go out wif my bestfriends…

= bestie outing =

+ 291108 +

but happenly, Husna cannot go out, so I just went out wif Hanisah… went to MidVal again coz I need to find lots of thing aso, especially presents for my sisters… watched TWILIGHT wif HAnisah! and met Hamie and Farah there, unexpected reunion..hehehe.aso I bought a new pair of sneaker and perfume..*actually, Hanisah was the one looking for new shoes, but i end up buying one..hehe *went aso to the Garden… super exclusive place.. *rm5 for toilet, so me and hanisah end up sneaking in the lif for mirror.. haha!* haha… didn’t buy anything there… thanks Honey for the lunch and the great company! We had a very great time… went back around 6 pm… tired again but was awesome coz got spend time wif my dearest BFF :)

= away from Malaysia =

+ 011208 – 051208 +

I enjoy the holiday wif my family… quite tiring coz traveling a lot, but it was ok… bought a lot of thing aso… most of it my parents paid for me… thanks a lot mummy n daddy for this holiday.. I know it cost them tone of money. I really appreciate it :) experienced a lot, seen a lot and learnt a lot...

Im back to home at last..all my things sgt2 bersepah, tp sgt2 malas nak sort things coz terlalu bnyk… hehehe.. so baik main computer.. ngeh3… ok lah, wanna watch movie lak… hehehe… update or touch up this post later la.. coz I know this post sgt2 berterabur sbb sye kemalasan nak tulis bnyk2 sgt.. hehehe.. btw, Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha, salami erti pengorbanan yg sebenarnya, insyaAllah sama2 raikan semua sacrifies yg kita telah lakukan dalam kehidupan seharian kita kerana Allah s.w.t.