Friday, April 24, 2009

i know i know

i know i should write something since a long time already... but i had been very busy *not really, to be exact, no internet at my collage!!* so, thats why i cant really update.... and now, i cant really remember what had happen for the past two weeks.. i think i can write something briefly..

April 8
we went to UKM, KL to the faculty of dentistry there, its like an exposure trip for us.. it was exciting yet tiring. but i've learnt a lot during the trip. we had been explain and brought for a tour around the faculty. so now, i can say that i know a bit of every dentistry specialist. but i cant decide which one suit me yet. and i saw how dentistry clinical, the lab and so on. it was so informative, and advantadge for us who went there for the first trip, everything is fresh and ready for us. bcoz for the second trip, they were rushed to finish the tour and everything. so lucky us. :) we arrived back at collage around 3pm. i was sooo tired and sad. tired coz of the walking around the big faculty, sad bcoz i want to go shopping so bad, KLCC was soooo near to the UKM yet so far coz i have to stick wif the trip :( hurm...

April 11
Port Dickson! after like 2 years i didnt go there. the journey started at 730am, wearing the very odd green KI shirt *lol*. we all look likes kindergarden student, seriously. we had our breakfast there, then we start the 1st activity, Aerobic. its according to class. it was fun! and our class got 3rd place i think.. hehe.. then 2nd activity - Amazing Race and sandcastle competition. i joined the Amazing Race, and we got 1st place!! hehe... for sandcastle, we got 2nd place. overall, we got 2nd place :) its was a joyful day, tiring and frustrating. we have to wait like 2 hours for our bus!! and, nasty sunburn!! im still a zebra, even after more than one week now :((

April 18
its like a new thing to me. FUTSAL! never tried be4, but since nobody in our class wanna participate it, so we have to join it.. but honestly, we had loads of fun! even my leg very painful the day after, but i still feel happy that i at least tried futsal :) and we got 2nd place!! yeay me..

i think thats about everything, coz im tired, sleepy and blurry. hehehe... oh, i got tortoises! sooo cute, a boy and a girl, still no name yet.. will be named soon!! ok, im off to bed now. any weird spelling or grammatically terrible sentence, my appology *its 135 in morning!*

Friday, April 03, 2009

thanks friends

thanks to all that help me during my moody stressful phase.. haha. and most likely the phase will be longer than i expected... lol..

so, here it is, big hugz and thanks to Fiona Yuen, Xiao Chien, Gayathri, Zainal, Dennie, Cecil, Claire, and lotsa more i think... thanks thanks thanks.

now im trying to readjust myself to my old schedule when i was in KTT last year.. kinda hard, wif the staying up. not enjoying it now.. haha.. but i did stay up for three time already since i came to KTT last week.

and internet, please please please. very frustrating. the connection keep on lost untracable.. i feel like crying when i was happily chatting or talking on phone online, suddenly it just drop and i cant reconnect again until after around 12 hours. i think u got what i mean... :((((