Friday, January 15, 2010


uh oh, i'm officially a braces girl!! i didnt expect it to be this soon, and yeah, i was soooo shocked when my dentist put it lol!

can't say i enjoy it, but it is okay..

p/s : he is just so quiet, i want my previous dentist!!!

Friday, January 01, 2010

i love u

sitting in de noise of my siblings fighting, wif scratch marks on my arm after fighting wif one of them, i start screaming to them saying plz stop fighting. to be true, i wud rather trade all these screaming wif all those silent moment i had in india.

my mom asked me dat day ' apa lagi makanan yang kamu teringin, tak makan lagi?' i was so stunned. but i told my mom n dad wat i want. and dat lunch, they brought me out to eat wat i want. i love u so very much.. Allah, thanks for lovely parents U give me. people, plz tell me i am wrong for not wanting to go back to india....

oh, kak najah, thanks very much for de cupcakes!! so cute n yummy!! love u.. later i'll upload de pic k :)

1 last day at home b4 i go back india....