Sunday, November 25, 2007


im going back to kl.. reluctantly.. my holiday end next week, but since all of my family are going, i have no choice... sad what.. have to be back in that kind of world.. huhu.. im so stress out.. wif study, wif life, wif friends, wif everything. im willing to kill people.. hurm.. nak kena pack barang balik.. baru dua malam seyh aku tidur dekat rumah.. sedey je...huhu.. i have to undergo this study things for about 12 more months n i only went thro this for about 4 months...huhu..

i really want to pull myself away..i cant do it anymore.... i dont know how im gonna get 4 A in AS n A2, when all my internal exams, i suck really bad at it. ALONE!!