Friday, April 27, 2012

let's count His blessings

"     know that Allah is with u. kdg2 Allah sengaja menjadikan kita sedih sooo easily supaya hati kita syg sgt sgt sgt pada Allah shj. He loves u, more than others do. subhanallah     "

subhanallah alhamdulillah Allahuakbar

started my day with confusion, climate at the sadness, and then go way beyond AMAZEMENT by the time when the length of the shadow of an object exceeds the length of the object.

astaghfirullah astaghfirullah astaghfirullah. my ignorance blinded me from His LOVE, His LOVE for me THAT big, THAT deep.

truly, human WILL disappoint you, abandon you, hurt you, betray you, forget you and dismiss you. and Allah never ever disappoint, abandon, hurt, betray, forget nor dismiss you.

p/s thanks Allah for LOVING me, and thanks for sending me true friends (duniya wal akhirat insyaAllah)
pp/s Syifaa and Raihaana, mari berpimpin tangan ke syurgaNya :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


'sebelum kita teruskan dgn pengisian hari ni, mari sama2 kita perbetulkan niat kenapa kita berada di sini Lillahi Ta'ala' *rolling eyes* do you all still remember those moments at the very beginning of each usrah, or daurah, or katibah, or simple sharing? have you ever wonder why people keep on saying that? (to be honest, I used to. alhamdulillah Allah made me wonder no more :) )

when you really ponder on that, then only you will know the big meaning behind it. before I share anything about that, here a short story (very very short) for us :)

remember how Saidina Umar always always refresh his niat with his every step? the end (told ya it is a short story)

why is that? why the need of refreshing your niat every moment? BECAUSE our qalb is never still, whatever within it is easily changed. had experience one moment you want to eat banana, the next you settle for a big bucket of ice cream? with everything happening around us, our qalb can be flipped back and forth upon anything! thus it is a NEED to always recheck our niat.

honestly, it is very hard to make a firm niat Lillahi Taa'a, agree? what i mean by that is, our intention easily deviated from that ULTIMATE AIM - ALLAH. maybe your niat is not totally against that. for example I want to drive my sister to school. my niat that time could be to help my parents, or to ease my sister's journey, or to spend my free time with something better, who knows. to quote a friend 'semua niat tuh, niat second class'. don't forget our uttermost PURPOSE of creation, for HIM :)

Imam Nawawi placed hadith regarding niat as the first hadith in the book. everything BEGIN with niat. it is a total lost if we do anything not because of Him. He wants to reward us with our doing, but we neglect that opportunity by forgetting that most important part - NIAT. if at the very beginning, our intention is already messed up, the rest wont be a smooth sailing. until and unless you have a correct map, you will be totally lost in the sea. and every now and then, check and recheck your map so that you know you are heading to the right direction.

in whatever we do, be it just a shower, or putting on our hijab, or our daily sleep, Lillahi Taa'la. we lose nothing, and gain a lot insyaAllah. 

alhamdulillah for His tarbiyah. and this post is mostly to remind myself :) when my niat was deviated, He withheld what i want so that I recheck and reflect my truly intention. Allahuakbar. Allah, guide me to stay in this right path, and please protect me from syaitan's distraction.

Lets place our niat toward Allah!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

paradise jannah

dan, Allah atur dalam kekelamkabutan dan kesegeraan bersiap utk musafir mengejut itu, Allah sediakan tarbiyah yang teratur utk kami..

started from early in the morning, I asked around if anyone is free to accompany me to go there. and happenly, no one is free that very evening. I tried to plan a way around it, a way to still go there eventhough no one is free.. but by 4 pm, I finally accepted the fact that it is not meant to be. so showered and just resting in my room, suddenly my friend came to take her containers. and everything happen so quickly. Jannah want to accompany me after asking me for a good reason why I want to go there, and Fatin encouraging us to come in the background (laptop).by 630 we called the car, and by 7pm, the car was here!

like she said 'tarbiyah Allah di mana2, berbeza2 pada setiap individu'.

situation I : while both of us staring at the same windmills, one which stand still, and another one which all the blades are turning at full speed.
N1 : jika semua orang berlari ke arah Allah, semua akan mendapat fikrah yang sama :)
N2 : even angin pun tunduk dan patuh pada Allah, bila Allah arah jangan bertiup, takde satu pun bilah yg bergerak, and bila Allah suruh bertiup, berputar2 sang kipas2 gergasi. malu dengan angin..

situation II : one fine morning, suddenly two long consecutive vibrations.. (earthquake felt in Karad..)
N1 : jika lah ketika itu, kita sibuk melakukan atau memikirkan selain Allah, alangkah ruginya kita, tambahan jika Allah memilih utk menarik nyawa kita ketika itu.
N2 : terasa bagai Allah menggoncang qalb itu utk kembali kepadaNya

just want to share 99:1

anyhow, moga ibrah2 yg dikutip menjadi tarbiyah diri insyaAllah

p/s jazakillah buat Fatin dan Jannah ;)
pp/s had a great time in Karad with her :))

Monday, April 09, 2012

A for Allah

in the middle of memorizing medicine facts and drugs prior to exam, when books are everywhere and everything is ......

suddenly spontaneously I wrote that in between my exam-note. and happenly my friend is there and she read that and start smiling.. ngeee

truly, today I feel it, that feeling. that LOVE :)


thanks my friend for sharing that ayat with me ;)