Tuesday, December 29, 2009

one day..

one day, love comes knocking on de door. i hesitate but i answer the door. i let love in, and let love linger around for a few. after a while, i ask love to leave. and love leaves sadly.

no comment on dat

day by day, im coming closer to January 3rd. hurm.. im not ready to leave yet..... and im still having trouble to figure out wat to get for someone in india....... ;)

still lot to do, more to buy, and people to meet.....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

shop n fud

more shopping n more food.. hahaha.. im loving it..

its very easy to summarize diz holiday. as my friend said, im ' scaring drivers on the roads and devouring the fridge' :) and shop a lot :D more shopping yesterday n today. one more week to go and my luggages r full dee.. :)

i love being at home. spending time wif my family... its heaven!

Friday, December 25, 2009


wat can i say, Malaysia is hot! :) but, regardless de countless sweat and de burning heat, its good to be back home!!

did mega shopping in Bangalore and KL, and spent a lot!! haha, i have to save up after this, coz im officially broke now (: thanks so much to Along, for taking leave to bring me to midval, plus ur patience to walk around de mall wid me ( i know he was so tired but he still follow me to shop. well, cant blame me, shoppaholic have prob to stop wink2 ) and thanks also so Mak Wa who also took leave from work specially for me, and brought me to IKEA. more shopping! to Opah and Atuk who cook my fav food, and for sending me to KL Sentral. not to forget, Hanisah, thanks beary much for coming all de way to my Opah's place juz so we can meet each other eventho it was late nite aedy. gal, i love u much! i wish i can spend more time in KL but my loves r in perlis, so... (:

so far, i ate so much :) i love being home. de love, de joy... RM1400 is so worth it :D ok, got to go sleep now, need to wake up early tomoro. my uncle from KL is here, spending the night wif his wife.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


well, im sooooo excited... 2 more weeks, and i will be back home, place where i belong :D

lot to plan, lot to do, lot to share....

meanwhile, stuck at belgaum, im too lazy to study... hurm.. i know, it is so unusual of me coz i love studying... but wat to do, de excitement make me lazy... hurm.. no prob! im starting to study tomoro... yeah2, i know it sounds like juz another promise, but i wish i can start today, but im stuck wif journal tonyte... huhu.. so, tomoro insyaAllah :D

till then ;)