Wednesday, February 29, 2012

first extraction!

alhamdulillah, was a great experience i must say.

didnt expect to even be doing anything in the posting today. i almost didnt put my instruments for sterilization thinking my turn is far in the future. suddenly the lecturer say 'okay do restoration. then do extraction'. when i heard that, i think my jaw was on the floor lol! (we never really finish discussion on exodontia in Pedodontics nor in Oral Surgery!)

regardless of the shaky hands, and clumsy needles, it was a successful extraction alhamdulillah. and thanks to Shreekar for being so cooperative. not as hard as i thought it would be (but the shaky hands sure do make it hard lol). so there you go, my first extraction : primary mandibular lateral incisor, with a lot of adrenalin pumping thro my blood now :D

p/s he is 8 years old!
p p/s should i be feeling like a real dentist now? :P

Thursday, February 16, 2012

the epiphany

It has been days since the tab of 'New Post' was opened and I see it every day yet I couldn’t bring myself to write anything. To be honest, I felt like I lost myself somehow. Every day I would be sitting there studying and put up a brave act, and still, go to bed with tears.

Pray everyday for strength and guidance, for hikmah and patience. And He knows best. He didn’t create human to be alone as He knows we human need each other. So after a week, and a lot of tears, I dialled their numbers. Talked to my dad, talked to my mom. When I finally told them about the hole in my heart, the longing feeling that I had, I felt relieve. Not to say everything is better by the second, but half of it went away. The one particular thing that stuck on my mind is

the harder the journey is, the greater reward He will grant.

O Allah, forgive me for the time I were away from You, forgive me forgive me forgive me. And Lord, thanks for giving me such great parents to guide me to You.

‘ And for those who fear Allah. He (ever) prepares a way out. And He provides for him from (sources) he never could imagine. And if anyone puts his trust in Allah, sufficient is (Allah) for him. For Allah will surely accomplish His purpose; verily, for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion’

(65: 2-3)

p/s daddy, happy happy birthday to you. Words can’t describe what I have in my mind and in my heart. Love you mommy and daddy!