Thursday, November 29, 2012

seasonal friendship

my heart is overwhelmed by this urging and longing
and sometimes my mind is fooled by this friendship
thinking I can count on the reflection
but the crystal drops ripple out the promises you carved
with pain and disappointment
I let go of your hand

truly, Allah is THE BEST Listener and Helper!


as much as we are laden unhappy by those seasonal friends who come when they need us and immediately ditch us when they are happy, take that as a lesson. lets not make our prayer, support, boycott and fight for our brothers and sisters in Palestine seasonal. I repeat, DO NOT MAKE THEM YOUR SEASONAL PRIORITY! do not just pray for them when the bomb is falling right down, do not stop buying the boycott products just when the issue is highly published. Always always always strive hard for their freedom, for Islam's glory insyaAllah (:

Sunday, November 11, 2012

dented denture

throughout these 3 months, I had gone thro a lot. with the pressure of posting, the depressing mountain of books, and unexplainable mental stress. but I have to say, prosthodontics posting marks the worst yet.

how would I ever imagine that making of a denture could squeeze that much tears and sweats out of me right? Subhanallah!

Allah really wants to test me on my patience, my perseverance and my humbleness.

a lot more happened before and after that, and I must say, final year is a true testify of your physical and mental strength, and most of all, your faith in Him.

that moment, when I felt so hopeless and have nothing more in me, all i can think of is Him.

"When is the help of Allah ?" Unquestionably, the help of Allah is near (2:214)

and subhanallah, it is very near, indeed. alhamdulillah, All Praise to Allah, all went smoothly and the denture is almost ready!

a lot of tears shed. a lot of rushing to go back and pray and rush back again to class, a lot class missed, and a lot of lunch skipped. these weeks taught me, I am truly nothing without Allah. He is the one who hold me up, and make it possible for me to keep on going. I know the road is long, and a lot more will be coming in my way, but insyaAllah, Allah always always here with me (:

p/s thanks umi ayah for being here for me, always <3 br="br">