Sunday, November 27, 2011

life lesson

have you ever wonder
when you look up to the sky
tracing the fluffy cloud
what is there beyond?

sometimes, we are too occupied with our so-called the biggest problem in this world. but once you take time out from your own shell, and look around. you will be shocked. and then you will feel that ache in your heart for you had realized how selfish you are.

spend a day with those unfortunates. you'll realize that your problems will just melt away seeing their struggle to pay for a pint of milk. you will feel you have nothing to complain when you start doing math in your head for 6 people yet there is only one bed in the house. you can't remember what you were so envious about when you remember the 2 clothes they wore for those 5 times you met them, are all hanged on the wall.

let them teach you the meaning of life, and the meaning of living the life. and let those hardship and hunger be the tarbiyah you need, the tarbiyah you ought to be taking in. don't count the tears you shed put of self-pity, but try to count the smiles you impart on them

be thankful of what you have, be grateful of what you had been given and be gracious to those in need.

p/s angin berzikir kencang-kencang. mari jealous kepada si angin.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

just no

no listening to my dad's takbir
no trying to figure out what is the menu for the day
no helping my mommy in the kitchen
no staying up late to iron all 10 sets of baju raya
no waking up early and lining up for shower
no rushing to get ready in time for mosque
no shaking hands, hugging and apologizing
no walking together for prayer
no praying in the same saff
no familiar faces of neighbors
no arguing whether to stay home or follow my parents to raya around the kampung
no sweating serving people and handing duit raya for kids
no hassling to pack everything for journey to Kedah and KL
no fighting for the middle seat with sisters
no staying awake throughout the journey accompanying my dad driving
no stopping at R&R as family and have that yummy ikan patin
no long tiring journey against the traffic flow
no excitement to meet aunties and uncles
no counting and comparing our duit raya totals
no eating yummy food until can barely walk
no reluctant feeling to leave KL and go back to Perlis
no joy, laughter and love with them..

just tears on the 6th eid away from home....
O Allah, protect them with Your Love and shower them with Your Grace ♥

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

irritated to inanimates

what a day. i know i know. it sounds so spoilt, but honestly He holds my feeling and im sure He has a great plan by putting that feeling in me :)

was very congested in the classroom, and the lecturer been teaching exceeding his time limit. at one point i felt like vomiting because of the closed space. the heat starting to suffocate me and trigger that 'irritate-switch' within me. anything touching my face starting to raise my anger, my normal sandals starting to feel too tight, my arm socks making me so mad.
sound a bit crazy right? hihi.

right after he went out of class, i rushed out to go back to my room. everything i saw along the way is boiling my head. dash into my room, start taking off the sandal, the arm socks, the labcoat at an instance!

but the great part is, as i sit by my window, open it wide, then sitting by the awesome green tree, with His love-letter, the sakinah comes overwhelm me and i feel so connected to His creations. masyaAllah, even i didn't hear their zikr literally, but somehow felt it :)

note to self : make sure to take time to listen to the zikr around (59:1)

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar!