Sunday, December 30, 2007


the allowance for the new sem had been in!! 2500, extra 80 dollar per month. quite ok i guess..huhu..
i went out wif farah n nad..
got a new bag, cost me 90 dollars- the most expensive bag i ever get, but its a standard price i guess for the size of bag, and after all, i bought the brand, not the bag i guess...
then two pair of shoes, cute!
i want to go home.....

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


im back at this land.. what am i doing here? i donnow.. after physics lecture just now, my head like wanna blow off and suddenly im out of my mood. coz of that, here i am, in front of the comp, too lazy too study anything ryte now! hurm.. damn!

Sunday, December 23, 2007


im doing good actually. that day, may be tgh emo lebey kot..haha..
but after all, im okay..

n aku beraya kat cameron seyh.tak ke pelik? budak2 zaman sekarang! wakakaka..
best gak beraya kat cameron..i got my strawberry!!! mcm kanak-kanak ribena dah bila dpt strawberry, plus whipped cream! even the smell of strawberry is nice, i love it!
then i got my tomatoes. i donnow but thanks to Hami, now i love tomatoes, i even can eat it raw. before this, i cant stand wonderful! and cameron is quite cool, even not as cool as before.. each tyme i went there, its getting warmer and warmer..

2 days to go before i have to go back to collage. im surprise, coz i missed jogging, studying, and of coz, i want to go to more SYS's class coz my physics lecture, all these 3 weeks, only got one class. im getting worry....

tomorrow im going out to kangar.. cant wait!