Friday, July 20, 2007


it has been a while since i got fever, but last two days, i got bad fever! so bad la..then got cold n cough too!! then i still went to all class n lecture. and all the place has aircond, wow, freezing cool.. one hour, i was shaking n trembelling out of cool. huhu.. and everyone else like didnt care about my condition.. huhu.but now, im quite ok, a lil fever, cold, n a lil cough.. hehe.. miss my home........ wah, this week, so hectic wif classes n many. i got a chemistry quiz last wednesday. n it was a disaster.. so hard la..night before the quiz, i studied, while revised the topic, i cried, coz so difficult.. huhu..all my roomate pelik tgok i nangis wktu study.. haha..

i wonder now, DO I DID THE RIGHT DECISION?? coz i think i made the wrong one..huhu...

Sunday, July 15, 2007


i start my a level at KTT!! the second i arrived there, i wanna cry!! n i didnt get the apartment, instead i got the home, off-campus. climbing the hill everyday under the sun!! 2 weeks there, no internet!! now im at my uncle's house, so thats y i can come online..huu..1st nite, i cant even sleep coz the humidity n hot!!! the next day, my uncle bring a fan for me, just for my bed, so, now, its quite ok la.. now i got sunburn coz the walk to collage everyday. hua.. n now i started my class.. God, in english..i already forgot most of the thing i learned in form 5, so now, its so hard to recall everything. a level is just like spm, but in english n advance.. is the hardest subject now. huhu... and almost everyday, my class start at 8 am.. sleep!!

so tension you know when everyone study like everytime. nothing but study..owh, im not a geek!! i cant do this..wuaa....TENSION..