Friday, August 14, 2009


i know, dog is not really a nice thing to refer to, but since i see dogs everyday during my walk to college, so im simply taking one of the dogs as my topic.

there is a dog, one of his legs is hurting, i think something wrong with it socket or something ( i dont know, im not a vet lol). so, he is walking and moving around with 3 legs only. sometimes i see him walk a few step then lay back on the ground, very hard to stand. but other time, he is running around with his 3 legs.

so, dats life. sometime, u feel so down, u barely can breath, but u need to stand up and be strong. life arent bad all de time, so cheer up and think positive :)

lol, that reminder is for me :)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

the best of worse

went to had lunch at Adarsh Hotel!! then BASKIN ROBBINS!! so worth it...

since im so excited after i had my BR i decide to cheer up my blog with pics of the happiest moment ( or things or food) i had in India :) (after so long i never upload pics in here lol)

actually, the board was dark maroon.. hehe. diz crazy gal sanggup buy cloth to wrap the board lol. tried very hard to wrap the board tightly, but the cloth keep on stretching into other directions... so dats de best i can do... and the table mat, pink pooh! i love my table!!

sorry, i dont know why the pic terbalik, when i check it in my laptop, it doesnt, but when i upload.... anyhow, its what i carved during my 1st carving class.. hehehe.. nothing much.. :) but i like it..

argh, another bengong pic. it suppose to be the other way!! huhu... this is the drink i had at Adarsh hotel. Sweetheart, very thick mango drink. i like!!

1st time at Adarsh hotel. it was nice! but too much herbs i think. but, still nice. dats y i went for second time today!! i had chicken lasagna diz time :) (but forgot to take pics)

diz was the time when En Khai came to meet all of us. very very nice . a full course meal which i melantak like hyper. haha.. En Khai, its our secret ni k!

its not very nice, but at least it was something different. haha.. i didnt manage to eat much tho, bcoz my wisdom tooth is bugging me! huhu. but i guess my roomate enjoy it much :)

last but not least, my baby! i love baskin robbins now.. haha.. it is the best thing i can get here, to make up for the other down side.. haha. i hope it will be sufficient to keep me going for 5 years. and the good thing is, its so cheap here, compared to at malaysia :) and the taste is great! :D

so, thats all for today, i got to study now. lol.. getting sleepy even just start reading like 5 minutes ago... see ya!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

freedom of choice

class had started, some, but some still leave us hanging. i hate dissection class. guess why? we sit around cadaver for 2 hours doing nothing. bila ktorg sembang, prof marah lak.. aijo..... its not a pleasant view, let alone smell.....

i miss home, and everything there. talk to my dad again last nyte, yeay!! miss u dad, a lot! mummy, miss u too...... hope i can go back diz december :) even some din wanna go back coz its only 6 months since we are here, i mean by december lol, but i still wanna go back. lots to do, lots to bring back here :)

so far, thats all i want to say. and, FREEDOM OF CHOICE, i hope i have it.....